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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Americans.Choose To Focus On Scandal Instead Of Freedom Fight-Deception: America's Lovin' It

There's a very real threat to liberty justice and freedom not just of Americans but nations around the world from advancements in 21 century technologies, chemicals and psychological warfare and all the public can focus on is a fucking sex tape.

That is just about what I should  expect from these animals.

I cannot WAIT to get out of here and  work against American policy and fight for Anti Americansim. The cesspool America has become not what it once was. (I know it never was perfect or ideal but the induced internal rot-the chaos produced in order to create false order thats far too restrictive is just ridiculous).    

Americans prefer bad food, foolishness, being.treated badly in daily life and being denied good quality lives.

However I am confused becuz even.the most oppressed slaves eventually grow out of slavery and.attempt escape-but not Americans. They resign claiming this is just the way things are. The perps actually have told me.straight to my face that gang stalking IS the way the world works, arrogantly of course.

Not my world. Let me tell you how this is gonna fuckin work.

You are a nation of people I no longer respect or want to deal with. The gang stalking system is oppressive power monger's ATTEMPTS to get things to work the way they want it to. Which means any idiot with self respect or inner power basically tells them to fuck off, unconditionallly.

The resistors keep not giving in and the oppressor keeps trying to.keep us down. THIS is the way the world.has always worked not some fantasy of absolute power by elite assholes, lower level.wannabes and the public who serve sheep.


Anonymous said...

That's it. They focus on the little things going on, the tiniest insignificant things, and ignore the vast oppression going on around them. They also focus on the tiniest sliver of faults the TI has, yet ignore the massive faults and stupidity they have.

Why is everyone so obsessed with TI's and their lives? Is it because all the TV shows and music is so bad, they have revert to the next best thing, which is cheap drama? That's what they thrive on --- creating drama by picking on targets with the rest of their flock.

if we are such nobodies and nothings, then why are they so mob-obsessed with us then? Why would they care about our lives? Why bother having a stupid directed conversation around us if we are so insignificant compared to them? And they tell me that my life is sad and pathetic. And you know what? Then why do they CARE one iota about me then?

Two young girls got in my face and started saying "meow" repeatedly. So what is the message there? Are they rebelling against my calling their herd of mass murderers sheep?

Anonymous said...

To me, right now it looks like Acquino was a pawn, a frontman. Maybe his purpose was to be the focus of any blame in case the perps or the system were exposed. I also think his Mind War is nothing more than a rehash or formal write-up of what had already been in use for many years prior. Those techniques were used in WWII and had been used in many other wars. There was always a psychological warfare component to compliment the hand-to-hand combat and other physical aspects of wars. Even Vlad Tepes used Psych warfare; that was the purpose of the impalings: to cause the enemy to get all in Shock and Awe and increase the chances of surrender. Also, I know that impalings may have been common in that time period.

It's just that in different time periods, there will be different flavors or fronts used.