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Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrities Careers May Be Utilizing Advanced Military Grade Technology To Sustain or Further Careers

The technologies being used on Targets as well as the masses seems to be being used to further select celebrities careers.

It has been experienced that a specifc celebrity will be thought of in the mind when passing by a specific lon. This is not a singular experience-this is a repeated experience which involves the exact same locations and the same celeb each time it occurs.

In Vegas there's frequent Trump moments where Donald Trump's image seems to float into one's consciousness. However theres no logical string of thoughts beforehand that would lead one to have such a thought be the next thing one would think of. The image and idea of Trump and his identity dont 'pop' into one's mind so much as float into the consciousness, like a on a wave. (!)

When passing Ceasar's Palace one gets sudden thoughts of Elton John and Rod Stewart moreso Elton John.
Upon passing that area today i noted that these two celebs had large headshots on the front of one of the major buildings. Celine Dion was also featured there but that celebrity image was never found to come to mind.

When passing by a large billboard before the Travelodge Ambassador Strip Inn across from the airport-every single time passing that billboard on the same.side of street before the hotel an impression of Rod Stewart is gotten-the EXACT same thought, the EXACT same location EVERY single time.

Ive seen ads on LED boards (lit up billboards with ads like a TV ad) for his performances being in town soon but this occurrence keeps happening-a pattern of repeat thought and location.

It almost feels like its something to do with the billboard. I saw no electromag or microwave equipment therein.

This is similar to an image of Aerosmith guitarist Perry painted some years ago on the side of a bar in Alston MA. On Brighton/Allston line.Other artists are muraled on as well.
The 66 bus makes a u-turn at this spot, has for many years. When it.does not only does one see this painted image but right beforehand one gets a strangely random 'thought' of Perry's image and identity. Character may be a better term.

This has been experienced in the SAME exact location the same way with the exact same image for years-upon its being painted there while I lived down the street in 2005 or upon returning to this location various times over years of being a Traveler.

It seems select celebrities to ensure their careers stay profitable or to further their ambitions or revive/sustain public interest in their image, character or marketed identity.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like a major part of the psy-ops is getting us to accept that we aren't or will never be strong or smart or young, gifted, or anything special. The second part is getting us immersed in humiliation tactics, to get us used to the idea that we will constantly be laughed at, mocked, or derided until we learn to "accept" that we are "lessors".