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Saturday, March 16, 2013

CIA Returns To Campus And Resistance Begins Again By Philip Zwerling


Anonymous said...

Some sites on organized stalking.

Cops, attorneys, psychs, health care, and others professionals -- are "in on" the conspiracy -- to not discuss harassment or stalking. They must play dumb and act bewildered -- or risk losing their credentials -- for starters -- which can be followed by the threat to targeting of them self, and their family -- if they don't toe the mark.

I have witnessed that myself when discussing this with a police officer. He was the one who was like "Someone was stalking you? Why?" and basically making me feel like I'm a narcissist who thinks people are stalking me.

The people who are lied to -- are immediately gagged -- and instructed not to advise the TI -- of what was said -- or who said it. At that point in time, they become a Gagged Person (GP). Targeted Individuals are thus unable to defend their own character. Following the gagging, the GP is recruited -- to participate in the administration of secret vigilante justice and harassment of the TI -- all of which is justified by the Perp's secret slander.

So that is why TI's can't really defend themselves, as nobody is willing to talk about it or discuss it. And those who do know about a TI's situation are unwilling to tell the TI things they know or they make excuses or keep changing the subject.

The definitions that accompany the site are interesting as well.

Another site:

Yet another:

Anonymous said...

Here's a strange site, may be disinfo, but there is some interesting stuff here.

When the 2 World Trade Towers collapsed, and building 7 which was never hit with a plane collapsed, wouldn't everyone be claiming it was an inside job? It really wouldn't be difficult for people to conclude that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was headed to building 7 with this scenario
This led me to a video about Building 7:

Anonymous said...

I've been considering that those Al Quaeda terrorists involved in planning the WTC attacks on 9/11 may have been under the influence of some worldwide mind control network. Targets have witnessed firsthand the influence the weapons have on them, e.g., things like being bombarded with brainwashing notions that celebrities are involved in their campaigns, etc. So maybe intelligence agencies in other nations were colluding with our own to have mind control remote influence bombard them with certain notions, e.g., to start planning an attack against the US. It's very similar to what I've been getting, i.e. notions that I should go back to school and get another degree. So why can't other countries be doing it, or why can't our intel agencies collude with theirs to plant notions to plan an attack against us?

Then, to make it work, the intel agencies would passively allow the attacks by looking the other way while these cells were at work getting flight training in order to bring down the towers. Of course, their logic would be fallacious, as jet fuel is likely to melt the upper levels or just explode and take off the tops of the towers, while a controlled demolition was going on to be the ultimate cause of the collapse. Then, the planes hitting the towers leaking jet fuel with extreme heat would be the cover story, something to have the public focusing on, like a magic act where the audience's attention is deflected so you never notice him hiding the coins in his sleeve.

I know people like this aren't stupid, and they know how to pull off a deception. Also suspicious is Bush using this as an excuse to go after another "terrorist" where his actions are no where related to Al Quaeda.

Some girls here were calling 9/11 truthers "idiots" for saying flight 93 was shot down. They obvious have some smarts or inside info that truthers do not. Oh wait, it's those bratty young women who know everything that goes on in the world... you know, the same ones who post harassment on their social networking sites potentially aimed at targets. Yeah, they always get the young stupid brats to help cover their asses. What are they gonna get in return? While they're out worshiping Bieber, I'm sure Bieber would never touch any common ordinary young brats living in a redneck town. Even he is out fighting photogs and reports harassing him, LOL. Maybe even Bieber could be a target as well. I think we all are to some extent.

Anonymous said...

Also, what's creepy and telling is the way witnesses said Muhammad Atta, one of the key terrorist in the suicide bombing of the towers, was so emotionless and cold and machinelike with the way he acted. It's almost like he was broken and hollowed out and mind controlled, much like an ordinary gangstalking perp or a completely broken target.