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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jesse Ventura Does Episodes On GS- Its Still Just Media Activism And Not The Legal Impact We Need

"I'm not sure if you know, but season 3, episode 7 of Jesse Ventura's show is on gang stalking. They actually talk about TIs. on Is This Why Kingman AZ Is So Pleasant Yet Somehow Creepy And Weird (Near The Airport)
Anonymous on 3/11/13"

I havent checked out his show at all, havent really had access to tv for long periods of time. Heard he was like Jones- working for the media as a diversion or mild disinfo agent yet I cant say. I'd have to see it.

Once again, people may talk alot about things, they may do blogs like this or other interent activism but as I once heard a person in politics/law say once- it doesnt really matter. Its not activism thats going to have any impact on laws etc. It has no weight, no power in the legal system- the oppressors know this.

All we are doing is making people aware. And the way Western society is now, with so much blips of info on the screen in a world of mass amounts of information, where the info the big media wants people to know about is focused on using thier money and power, most of the public will understand gs as simply an oddity, one that doesnt effect them.

If a show is done about GS that relates it to MK Ultra and other classified projects, war crime activity as well as the ritual abuse, drug and sex rings involved then it may have some effect. If the public comprehends that this is high level, sophisticated activity that is part of crime, corruption and denying humans thier basic rights, supposedly under international law then- and only then if they truly understand how important this is, will it have the effect we need it to have. But I doubt that will be the case becuz if that were happening, lawyers would be flocking to assist us or it would be easy to get help.

I think what is going on is that the people working on these classified projects want to get as much done as possible before they are exposed, by design of course. They want to keep us fighting as if our cause has meaning, they want to drag this on, waste our lives and all the while get as much research etc as they can. Then of course somewhere years from now it will all finally be revealed and the projects might be exposed and so on, and maybe a percentage of people will be given justice.

By then, the powers behind this will have gotten most of what they were looking for research wise and probably be on Mars by then or underground or whatever the hell they are looking for with these long term, intergenerational behavior modification experiments.

Again I bring up the question if the NWO is so great, in the interest of preserving humanity then why must technologies, the chemtrails and chemical influences and the psychological operations be used to control- literally enslave society? For our own good?

The elite are out of control. End of story. Their efforts to create a new fuedal type system must be stopped at all costs.

Bush should not have won the second election using mind control technologies. 9-11 is and will always be questionable. Anyone who knows too much or is active in questioning or exposing whats going on is targeted. Anyone who is an experimentee of many classified/black projects is targeted- perhaps as part of the experimentation itself.

If Ventura isnt going to go deep and the legal system isnt going to genuinely help TIs- the way Canada has done for so many MK Ultra victims or Spain is doing for electromagnetic


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ventura talks about being followed around by the CIA in the city, IIRC. Usually, it's not the CIA that follows targets around, but designated ordinary citizen stalkers.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a sentence on FB to Ventura about how no one is doing anything about gs. I got a response from radio host of The Morning Liberty Show, a Mr. Hender (fake, abusive, sexist, racist disinformation right-winger). The interview was on Aug 7, 2012--he attacked me on air, I was so drugged I could not adequately respond. These are the types that back Ventura and are his real source of inspiration and his intended audience. Gun advocates, racist white power types ready for "revolution" (murder or genocide).