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Monday, March 18, 2013

Buses In Tempe/Mesa Area Causing Sleepiness

Whats compelling about this is its EVERY single bus ride no matter what time of day or duration of ride. And the sleepiness is only occuring during rides on buses.

Theres a nodding out effect thats according to a pattern.
I timed it and its every 14-21 seconds, one or the other with some mixing up of that timing for a cycle. Like it could be two 21 second cycles then a fourteen twice, then back to 21.

Its a nodding into deep sleepiness then being jerked out of it all within a 14 or 21 second cycle.

My body jerks or tics upon being in the deepest part of this nod into sleep and right before coming out of it. If I am driven to nap on the bus my body will jerk during the nap.

I guessing this is either tech or the use of chemical influence through the vent system on a cycle. Due to the jerking I would say its more tech. But how is it done on a bus?

Mesa AZ has been very difficult. I could get alot done here but this sleepiness effect and a constant interface daily in the area has made it impossible, even though there is a computer opportunity here available. Forgetfulness is at an all time high here.

Interestingly, our Ride Share ride off Craigslist from Kingman AZ (perps I later realized-former military and one foreigner..Craigslist is sooooo infiltrated. Its been horrible especially during Bush) was very quick to explain away our sleepiness upon entering the Phoenix  area as my companion and I noted a quick and defined sleepiness.
He quickly said it was probably from walking around all day in the sun in Kingman, which is, to anyone trained in picking up slights or mind games, an insult concerning us being houseless first of all, and secondly we werent outside all day in Kingman and when we were during our time there, no such sleepiness occurred.

I have been very naive as to how big this thing is across the country. I suppose I only focused on what happened to ME not my having to exist in a country thats under mass mind control.  Its gotten really bad since this first started in 2003. The past few years have been increasingly worse.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, very familiar stuff, being jerked out of a sleep. Also, do you get dreams about being awake and not being able to sleep? I get that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

..this type of altered state is used here (NYC) also, since big cities are awash w/rhythmic, repeating, harmonic waves that can have an "add-on" effect to unsuspecting targets who have been long conditioned thru V2K & other forms of EH .. vehicle motors, refrigeration & a/c compressors are a convenient & low-tech source that I've been aware of for a long time, but many targets still downplay the influence of it ..peace hope & strength ..