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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Long History Of African American Spying Proves Blacks Heavily Connected To Covert Ops In USA

Black Spy's Contribution Long Forgotten:

Black Patriots Of The American Revolution:

African American's In Early American Military History:

The British had African American spies in "..places like New York.."? Interestingly a woman named Tina at a women's drop in center in Cambridge MA calles On The Rise once made sure she was heard bragging about her friend in MI6.

What makes people think these connections have ceased? Seems most modern Americans don't know about them existing to begin with.

The 'Slaves' Who Were Spies- African Americans Who Risked Their Lives During Civil War:

"Confederate officers thought slaves were powerless and oblivious - they were dead wrong.
Leaders in the South would openly discuss troop movements and battle plans and leave important documents right under their noses, without any fear they would comprehend and relay the information.
Who would they tell? They were just butlers, deckhands on a rebel sympathiser's steamboat, or field workers."

Americans are still kept in this perception as the elite utilize this population to keep the US tightly controlled and monitored, even for domestic psychological warfare on US citizens and social engineering.

The Black Dispatches-Intelligence During The Civil War:

In this current PC environment we are expected to accept African Americans on sight with fairness, equality and sympathy even though black gang activity and hip hop culture are negative, destructive and overshadowing other cultures in the USA.

We know the realities and the risk but are taught compartmentalization-ignore the realities and submit to Political Correctness.
No longer exercise caution, only have fear.

Most Americans don't even know about this history and I wonder if such historical figures and their deeds are being 'forgotten' on purpose. It certainly makes pulling off such a deception alot easier.

In my experience African Americans make up a large, vast network that assists the powers that be in running the nation and keeping threats to Th Big House in check.

Ive personally experienced their being a large part of continued MK Ultra experimentation.

Also their harassment of TIs is meant to cause the Target to become racist so as to discredit them on yet one more level to the American public.

COINTELPRO it seems was nothing new.


  1. Sexism is another big angle they work on, and it seems they work on pedophilia as well. For example, making it appear that preteens or 12 and under persons desire the TI, and further presenting the ideation that said 12 and unders are under mind control themselves. Hence, it becomes "OK" for the TI to desire those age groups.

    When I was going for a walk, this time they were imposing a very strong ideation that I was a pedo. It was coming from tech, and I was fighting it hard. I mean, there was nobody around me, so how could I have been fantasizing about fucking a child? Yet I was getting hammered with those notions, like I was being shamed and guilted via tech influence.

    And it could be because I mentioned it on my blog, about how child sex slaves are made and utilized by various factions. So of course, naturally, I could expect shaming content dealing with the guilt ideations of me being pedo. It was very strong, too. I kept fighting it internally. I was very neutral at the time sexual fantasy wise, and that includes children. But they kept hammering with the shaming content I mentioned.

    Then, they were working other angles too, that women were stronger and superior to me. Usually they work these little concepts in shifts. For example, 830PM and later, they stopped working the female superiority angle, and were using females to actually stalk me. Then they were doing the females were inferior to males angle. And it's so interesting how they work these ideations, these consistent shaming themes, but they always seem to be on a certain schedule, like someone is planning all of this.

    Naturally, the females being superior theme didn't last, and lasted a total of about an hour and a half precisely. I know they are trying to work and bend my psyche and test for certain weaknesses in character.

    They then had females working in this one hair salon in town doing the laughing at me thing and they were mouthing something at me, like I could tell they were part of the skit. The next time I walked past, I just flipped them off and told them to go fuck their dumb worthless loser boyfriends. I was outside though, and the chance of them hearing any of that was nil. I know they want male TI's to act out against women, to make them want to assault them for being mean and "bitches" and in on the harassment.

    Well, that in town hair salon was a complete joke anyways. They wouldn't take any of my family members, because they are in with the mob of losers here, and we aren't good enough for them. You have to be one of their culties in order to get service there. Fuck that. And I know men, they will try to get you to hate and attack women. Don't do it, resist, and realize it's all part of their plan to make you look like woman beaters.

  2. Also, one thing I have noticed over and over: after 11PM, like precisely 11:15PM, they sometimes started some very heavy vicious gangstalking around here in this area. It's been very consistent. It's interesting that you mentioned the tech influence stopping dead at 12AM, so it looks like they doing some look-ahead preparations with the in-person forces to coincide with the tech stopping right at 12AM.

    And also, you may have noticed that they try imposing various ideations on a schedule. Like for example, 4PM to 530PM, they will work you with a particular ideation via in person and tech influence. Then at 530PM to 7PM they will start changing it up to something different. It's like they have a TV Guide at their command center or something, where they follow a regular TV-like programming schedule.

  3. Yeah, another big part of the psych warfare is belittling us for being warriors and fighting the system. Seems like they want us to know sheep are being pampered and rewarded, and I think they really want us to see that to get us even more frustration. Thus, certain observations, like sheep are being rewarded while we are being punished and even MADE FUN OF (for christs sake) for being warriors is part of their design.

    I can see why they do it. They want to tempt us to going the easy way out and giving up and just becoming like the rest of the arrogant people who are involved in beating us and also the sheep as well. Eewwwww!!!! Can you imagine becoming one of them?!! Fuck that. I'd rather die doing something honorable than taking the easy way out joining like 2.2 million others beating up on 3 people.

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shock_and_awe

    One of the reasons they use such huge numbers. It just defeats ones will to fight, thinking one can't win.