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Monday, April 1, 2013

Immigration Is Part Of The NWO

"The latino people have never had a revolution - they are a submissive people. And will do the bidding for the powers that be for cents on the dollar. They are the modern day indentured servant - grateful for the scraps thrown from the table.

The dental and medical and law schools filled to the brim with Asian and Indian students are from a culture where (due to the powers that be - and no fault of their own) corruption is a rule of law and one must do whatever at anyone's expense in order survive.

The NewWorldOrder Agenda has misled the people into believing that the Mexican work ethic, the Indian resorcefulness, and the Asian intelligence is something we all should expire to be like. ..

that's true for the nations GDP , and good ol' fashion capitalism- but what are these countries quality of life like?

Non existent.

We need to stop looking at modern day immigration from a "america is changing because I'm white" and "dollars and cents" perspective - and view it for what it really is.

A Global Agenda."

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