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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Again The E-Harassment or 'Mind Control' Brainwash Streaming Is Altered By A Police Presence Showing Up N The Area

Once again if there comes a police emergency like cops show up or a police man or woman the tech harassment changes considerably even ceases.

Ive been being subdued in Berkeley CA over these past weeks. I am becoming increasingly very depressed and non funtional becuz of it. More worried about what others think and dwelling on not fitting in.

I am overeating also another red flag.

The weather doesnt help as its now too hot midday and cold, windy in evenings. That's a typical SoCal weather pattern which I loathed-hot sun and cold wind. Its intolerable for some reason and it wasn't this way when we arrived. I am told if its hot in the Bay area daytime then the water heats up and fog rolls in for nite and morning. All I know is its inconsistent and it sucks and its contributing to my being miserable in this location.

Other than the weather, there's been a constant streaming of low level negativity in the background. Same content I posted before utilizing insecurities about aging, looks, human and social value, credibility etc.

Its slowly worn me down. I only get relief from this torment in public spaces when I am in say, a public rest room made of concrete in a parking garage. Of course my companion mentioned he doesn't get 3 G when he's in there.

Same conditions, same actions and reactions repeatedly in differing locations. Microwaves and these technologies cannot flow underground, have difficulty through water and trees or through certain man made structures.

When legit law enforcement appears in the area I've experienced the tech subsiding, lessening or changing in nature.
This is also the case if there's a state emergency such as a natural disaster.

Todau a UC Berkeley lady cop pulled a car over on Telegraph Ave. Soon after she had backup but what happened before that was the stream of negativity I was experiencing died down considerably.

Perhaps its becuz the powers behind GS are connected to org crime or even the banking systems and powers and/or corporate America.

It could also be that the authorities dont want such tormented mindsets interfering with police business at a specific location so it gets 'turned off' in such situations.
May also be to prevent the person being dealt with by law enforcement from reacting badly to a police interrogation or police contact.

It was really obvious that the 'signal' if you will got altered due to a police presence conducting police business.


mej313 said...

Hi. I experience extreme discomfort in heat and in cold (wet) weather due to the poisoning. I hope you are not allowing any single person to prepare your food or give you food, not even anyone you trust. You must also try to buy food in a random way at stores and not pick up the first item. They know what you want to buy before hand and can poison the food at a store and leave it sitting out for you to take, also. Due to synthetic telepathy.

I think the reduction you mention in electronic interference when the cops are around may be so they are not incapacitated by it in any way.

Wishing you well

mej313 said...

This is my 3rd attempt to send this, so if you have 2 other ones--this is BS but my internet is hacked into by my stalker neighbors. So here goes again, I'll see if this works and hope it helps you.

If you can afford Senna,I advise it because it's very good for removing poisons. I also get poisons out drinking Safflower tea.

be well

Anonymous said...

California is also highly radioactive. I believe it's in most of the American food and water at significant levels, already. That could be a factor in how you feel. Radiation will make anyone depressed if their brain is affected by it. (I tried to email you about it but got no response.)

There is a huge coverup to not let us know how much Fukushima (and our own recent nuclear leaks) is affecting people's health worldwide and especially on the west coast of the U.S..

Not saying I don't believe the gangstalking is happening to you. I do. For all I know, maybe the radiation makes e-harassment easier to do.

I'm glad to see you are keeping up the blog and videos!