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Friday, April 5, 2013

Altering Humanity As Part Of The NWO

Note the destruction of anything Native American or folk European in our culture. Its now all Anglo-Saxon or the mock bullshit versions of European cultures like 'Italian' restaurants that arent genuine, nor is there any true Italianness left anywhere either. Its WASP, African American specifically the most negative aspects of that being established by corporate culture, Jewish, Mexican and new waves of immigrant cultures.

Its ALL corporate. All the cities Ive visited over the last few years are either corporate waste lands or corporate wonderlands-both of which have replaced what this country once was.

Its harder to live alternatively or be a Traveler so humans become dependant on this corporate structure, which is interconnected nation wide and repeats itself in every location one goes to. They are trying to make everyone tired, without hope and confused so people give up trying to find their way out (the truth) and go with the structure put around them or they've been led into. Isn't this what is done to cattle, albeit with a lot less effort?

If you are gang stalked and have made it this far with your true, genuine self intact, your memories, your history and your Will it may then be time to leave this place and establish a new life or even colony somewhere else.

The destruction of indigenous cultures, even the remnants of European pre Christian ones, seems key to creating this new order. This explains why anything 'folkish' or related to whites Germanic-ness if you will, has been phased out, extracted or wiped out in American culture. How much remains of what was once signs of Celtic, Germanic, Norse, Mediterranean or even Native American in this country's common areas, outside of specific areas where those cultures dominate?

Even in those locations such as Boston where I am from, corporate culture has done what it can to wipe out, cover, subvert and replace any such signs or symbols of the aforementioned cultures. From Colonial to Native American and all the dominant Euro folk in between that settled eastern MA, its mostly been subverted and replaced by corporate or YUPpie which I consider being rooted in low WASP cultures. White Anglo Saxon Protestants do NOT register as what is pre Christian European culture. Actually what remains of High WASP in places like Cambridge and Cape Cod are one of the only small sources of comfort left.

The only solace has been traveling for so long especially in places where humans havent conquered the land like Cali or the southwest and having learned to imagine the earthscape around me as it was BEFORE man built on it or at least with just Natives living there.

It's THE ONLY WAY to keep any sanity with the sprawling of the corporate cancer all around this country. Just totally disregard the new structures as completely invalid, unreal and as more of a disease on the land as opposed to agreeing any of it is acceptable.

It seems that the elite fear the European folk or the pre.Christian roots of Europe as much as they seem to fear Middle Eastern Aryans, Zoroastrianism, Mongolian prehistoric rooted cultures (Native Americans, Sami etc) or numerous other indigenous, pre Abrahamic religious cultures.

Thats becuz if the Abrahamic religions can no longer oppress people, the internet cures ignorance and lack of data and psychiatry doesnt work to fool everyone TECHNOMANCY must be utilized. In the form of using technologies in a web over humanity to destroy and repress human beings' natural energies or 'magick' if you will which is common and accepted in all the cultures I mentioned. Even when such peoples are oppressed by religions there still lies the possibility of the DNA expressing itself. Thus controls must be present, heavy handed ones that leave nothing in secret. That even invade a human being's inner life, mind, heart and spirit so that no rebellion remains nor no space on earth unaccounted for by the system.

Their are theories coming out about man's origns being more varied than imagined. Different kinds of humans co existed on earth such as Neanderthal etc and 'races' may indeed exist due to different ancestors (but not divided up as the racial divides we now understand-and PCer's dismiss as racist ignorance.)

Its logical to assume that the scientific comminity per usual knows alot more than it is telling and is manipulating what it knows about the population according to this information.

The real reason academia doesnt want people understanding 'race' if you will could be so that people dont find out the truth(s) about where they come from respectively and rediscover ancient powers, dormant within all human life.

This could also be why there's a New Age movement and its allegedly a creation of the disinfo machine.
Ive experienced that the intelligence and deception system like GS always provides a holding area for anyone who discovers whats going on and runs to expose it-enters an alternative area other than the system most normal people live in. New Age never sat right with me. There was always this lack of finding anything substantial that would last or that would propel one to another level of being.

I think all along these powers are to be found within the human body itself. And like any true power one can only gain access by alteration so abuse of such power by is less likely. Which is probably why its not tapped into by buying New Age books at some store.

The system seems determined not only to rip out the wiring not just of Survivors of programming, whos natural intergenerational psychic powers were being utilized under programming-but all of humanity, wherever humans still hang onto earth's natural environment.

If you were the elite-Rockefeller etc, wouldn't you want domination over humanity? Many of us, having that power, would behave just as the elite are behaving now. Historically this IS what absolute power does to the populace, the technologies and advances probably were never as advanced or available as today. If they were-like the college experiment done by students which proved that The Covenant in the Bible was merely a radio transmitter-we were moreso the victims not perpetrators as well as such tech was long forgotten throughout history.

Its laughable to think humans would be as gullible nowadays to believe the god of Abraham was 'talking' to them. (Btw, if this is truly what religion claims why isnt it condemed and removed by psychiatry? Becuz they dont dare interfere with established institutions of power as well that provide a good portion of social control over humans, thats why. Think of psychiatry as a supplement to today's social control system-for those who would like to believe in science for their well being and not religion. Unfortunately, it utter bullsh*t. Not totally but hey, all good mind controlling disinfo contains truth. Its the turn offs into lies and deceptions ya gotta watch out for.)

Yet many people are still this gullible. Especially during Bush if you notice this was common (big surprise).

For young people these problems might not be so relevant. I think Gen X has it very rough as we were born into whats essentially the pre-electromagnetic era, the end of the 20th century, and have reached adulthood just as the technologies such as cell towers (microwave spectrum) etc were becoming common in the environment as well as other pollution became very damaging to the environment.

Older people might have beennmore removed from the transition and younger kids were born native. It might even be more damaging to us not being born native to the current environment-our systems may not easily handle the noise, tech and heavier pollution.
However I see alot of kids who are messed up by this environment as well. Another thought is that its sensitives or empaths who are being most damaged. It would stand to reason that destroying people who are born strong in that natural energy I wrote of from birth would be desirable in this NWO plan.

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