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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Its Of Utmost Importance TIs Become Active Against Electromagnetic Pollution

Targeted Individuals are effected by electromagnetic and microwave pollution just as we are also targeted specifically utilizing these means.

However, that remains an area where the public remain either in disbelief or ignorant. While TIs are exposed to these forces purposely multitudes of people are being made sick by these same forces. Many TIs have experienced so much and done research that many of us now sincerely believe that the people of the USA and perhaps abroad are now living under a form of mass mind control via advances in military grade technologies, originated for use in warfare overseas but we believe being used domestically by very powerful entities to further their interests and those they consider the business interests of the United States.

Since the mass mind control theory or claim as well as the claims of being targeted dissidents within a Democratic country are viewed with disbelief and suspicion it seems practical for Targets to appeal to what is believable as well as effects the general public but also effects us as well.

These two cases show that the public in other countries are becoming aware and active:

If the public can get electromag pollution reduced people like Targeted Individuals who have been sensitized to it will also benefit, greatly.

Remember Big Pharma and psychiatry are making a mint off of humans being made sick from electromag pollution. Its not going to be easy to fight this and skirting around the politics of what I just mentioned without losing sight of those parties' special interest in the matter is going to be very important to the issue.

Its also a way TIs can become active to benefit themselves without focusing on being in our small and marginalized community, being able to join something more broad where mentioning our status is not necessary.

The numbers of people on this front are much more in number-just watch out for typical perps and infiltrators in any activist group. Either ignore them or play them good and win.

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Medawar said...

The current UK government is selling off the right to use huge chunks of the radio spectrum, mostly to cellphone and internet companies.

This means that bands which used to have the occasional military message on, mostly in remote training areas, now buzzing with signals. Almost every non-telecoms user is being squeezed into a smaller and smaller box of frequencies, too.

There are very few quiet parts of the spectrum left for emergencies, or for astronomers to use to study what's going on out there. As a civilization, we are being blinded and deafened.