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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Safeway Security Guard Fired For Interrogating Four Year Old- Comment Left On Thread, Not Posted Of Course By Site, Posted Here

"SAFEWAY is actively involved in 'gang stalking' and organized harassment, sponsored by the military industrial-academic- intelligence complex. Their higher ups have been in trouble for screwing around with money and other things and this is a perfect way to get out of trouble. These people might be Targeted Individuals and not know it. Safeway in Cali is known as Von's supermarket. ALL MAJOR FOOD STORES ARE NOW INVOLVED IN GANG STALKING AND OTHER THINGS CONNECTED TO IT. Its amazing how only certain people get treated this way in a store. Yet I bet you these same people will find that thier 'bad luck' follows them everywhere. That they have  incidents like this all thier lives. Strange how other people simply dont encounter such troubles. Depending on the location you are in, the region, you will find major supermarket chains involved. In Cali its Safeway aka Vons, Albertsons and Smiths. Nationwide its Walmart and Target- two of the worst offenders in this system.

No corporation would ever gain dominance as a chain nationwide or even regionally unless they took part in this system. I am not making this up. Greyhound, THE nationwide bus company-unchallenged until recently by upstarts like Megabus- is the number one worst company for gang stalking programs connected to said parties, even taking part in continued unethical human experimentation connected to ongoing MK Ultra programs. It seems anything connected to transportation as well as the classic industrialist's domain like rail, steel etc are big in on involvement in these programs. ANY COMPANY THAT USES A LARGE SECURITY/SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM. Which is the main way that a Target is watched and then messed with my employees. And you can be local cops are in on it too. San Diego- the drone manufacturing capital of the USA is terrible on Targets being messed with in stores. ITS MAINLY THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX behind this but industry and major corporations seem to take part.
It looks as if companies can only succeed as chains if they take part in harassment of Targets. So these actions are possibly not random at all, as security guards are some of the most careless, rude, arrogant GS perps around due to thier lack of stealth from not being trained as heavily as real cops.
There is no excuse for such incidents and NO ONE IS THIS STUPID. The two kinds of harassment are aggressive and passive which means people can use the 'oops, we dropped the ball' excuse on a one time incident in one location thats ludicrous like the ones mentioned in comments above and in this article. Yet ask the person who suffered from the incident how many other odd or strange incidents where people act crazy and unreasonably and a percentage of them will realize that such insanity is frequent in thier lives compared to other people.

Ive been harassed by a Von's employee. One who misrepresented herself as security and acted inappropriately. The 2nd manager gave me a $10 gift card also. SHE HAS SINCE LEFT THAT STORE AND THAT JOB WITHIN A WEEK OF THE INCIDENT as she was the only witness other than the cameras- yet the offending employee was not fired.

I also believe that many sadistic, sick types are behind alot of this and they view these instances on the security tapes for entertainment becuz that is the way thier minds work- you would be surprised at whats out there for internet sites and satellite channels when you reach a certain level of wealth and being connected.

Watch your back and learn not to give the harassers nor the cameras what they want- a show and a reaction from you. ALWAYS prosecute the offenders from the store to the security company and stay on it. Call the media do whatever it takes to get them to make it right. IF YOU ARE A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL the store wont give a crap about you or what they did to you especially if you are discredited already so dont expect the same treatment like the families got above after ill treatment. There was a kid involved and that makes Americans listen so they had to be careful on this one. A lone adult, especially one without money or cred is going to be written off as thier PR dept doesnt have to care about you. And Targets get incidents like this so frequently that they pile up, leave you overwhelmed and you just stop reporting them or advocating for yourself. Bad idea. You've got to stay on top of things. Take the time to write corporate from a safe place where harassment is minimum and if necessary get a lawyer to keep track of incidents that will pile up and show a pattern of harassment. The security camera tapes are your best friend- they want to use them against you so you must use them to defend yourself.
There was one Albertson's where a bagging clerk attacked me and the crooked cops claimed it was after the camera's reach and it was too dark to see outside- then tried to talk me out of advocating for myself any further. San Diego of course, where this type of thing is a nightmare.  But always- always make sure you look at such incidents and be sure there isnt a pattern of this stuff happening in your life. If not, then it was just random stupidity- though it might still fall under the category of sick people behind the cameras who want incidents like this to goof on or even sell to people for entertainment but if you arent targeted, it wont KEEP HAPPENING.

If you DO see a pattern you need to quickly start learning about 'gang stalking' or organized stalking and related subjects as, unfortunately, there may be forces and parties at work that are actually trying to get you to commit suicide as an end result of what is actually a sophisticated psychological warfare campaign, possibly related to things you never realized you might be victimized by- things its going to take your mind a while to deal with.

There is NO reason that in a first world country this wealthy in this day and age such incidents need to occur so often. If you find that your life is becoming wrought with such happenings you need to act quickly and get connected to the Targeted Individual community or you are going to possibly lose your life after losing your material possessions. GS is used on ANYONE who knows too much about something or someone- its the ultimate victim witness intimidation. Sometimes people just piss off the wrong person who has powerful connections they did not know about. Gang Stalking is just like WORKPLACE MOBBING or BULLYING except its done in public spaces and follows the Target everywhere they go. YOU CAN SURVIVE, ADAPT AND EVEN LIVE NORMALLY as a Targeted person. You simply need to learn how the system works, how to defend yourself and then how to adapt.
When a person is targeted, death is usually the desired outcome of the perpetrators. Incidents like these are only a small portion of what the Target has to endure and many people in the public dont know that they simply see someone going crazy, slowly.

Deal with being Targeted or you may end up dead and the TI community does not want you dead we want you alive so that you too can bear witness to this system, how it works and how technology, anti terror programs/funds and abuse of power is being used to perpetrate this system in western societies around the globe.

Its usually used in democratic societies that want to appear freedom loving and human rights advocating. If you compare GS to whats used overtly in more oppressive countries, you'll see its the same thing. Its actually worse for Westerners, as citizens dont want to accept that America or Europe in this modern age has a system akin to East Germany or the USSR or modern day Iran, China etc.
For us it means having to live a double life as its not accepted in western societies as officially occurring. Psychiatry also does alot to cover for such a system, just as they did in the USSR, where it was known as 'punitive psychiatry'. The psychiatric community would cover for the oppression of targeted citizens by government or other entities in the power structure by labeling the person mentally ill for making such claims.
You will learn that going to police, being overt about gang stalking by mentioning it or talking about this with any professional in the USA is useless and might get you labeled. Its covert, so a Target must deal with it covertly also. BUT DONT PUT UP WITH THE ABUSE as you can see its people just doing really stupid stuff like above and acting like it was an accident or isolated incident. BTW, the jerks who do this stuff to people GET PAID for doing it or, if they are in trouble with the law or about to be in trouble, get a 'out of jail free' card basically. Good cops cant help you because they dont want to get targeted.

Please see my blog and all the others like it and live your life freely. The magic trick cant fool you anymore, once you know how the magician does it. Good Luck to all."

Safeway lot was location of Tucson AZ shooting.


Anonymous said...

Hello - I have been following your blog for some time now, and I am starting to believe I, in fact, may be a targeted individual. I guess it's hard to explain, but bad things seem to happen to me way more frequently than a normal person. People in my apartment complex give me bizarre looks, or make rude comments to me in the elevator. My parents house was broken into and most of MY belongings there were destroyed. Some of their stuff was taken, but it seems like more of my stuff was just flat out destroyed for the purpose of destroying it. Plus - my dad has a security system and deadbolt doors and watchful neighbors in a very nice community. It was very unlikely...

I guess i'm just starting to get very scared now, the more I learn about everything. I've had things done to my car as well. Also, a big one I've noticed is that I will be in the middle of a conversation with someone or trying to talk, and someone will completely interrupt me like I'm not even in the middle of speaking. Then, when I go to ask them why they interrupted, everyone looks at me funny. Also, little things and insecurities I have about my life are brought up right to my face, but indirectly in a way that doesn't really let me know it's about me, but kind of reminds me of those things... and it seems to happen more and more often. About 7 months ago, I was literally framed for a crime. A "friend" of mine walked out of my house, just like a normal night, as had happened many, many times before... and 30 minutes later the cops were at my door saying I was being arrested for aggravated assault for trying to strangle him. There are no witnesses, but he seems to claim that there are "marks." It would be one thing if this was true and we got in a fight... But we didn't! No one fought! Nothing was wrong between us and suddenly this happened. He had no money and was part-time at wallgreens and now suddenly I noticed he is driving fairly new (<5 yrs old) car. I was just taking all these incidents as isolated and not connecting the dots but I'm really starting to wonder, and actually, I'm getting terrified.
I'm not bsing all this either. I have the court documentation if you want to see it. The worst part of this is that instead of allowing these criminal charges to go to trial (I requested a JURY trial) is that the prosecution requests continuances 2 months each time. I object to every one with my pub. defender, but we are always continued and it is never actually allowed to go to trial.

Fortunately for the moment my family is sticking close to me and I am not homeless. Please help me because I am terrified

-jack s.

Anonymous said...

did u notice that in a lot of the gun ban bills, they are suggesting that psychiatrists will have the final say totally without a judge/jury to say you can or can't buy a gun... How convenient.. This way they can totally disarm those people they want to since they own the psychiatrist. So much for defending yourself in Amerika - or as I call it, the CCR - the corporate Christian reicht