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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sick Of Being Blocked From Finishing My Mission, Gaining Closure

I am so sick of all this bullsh*t.

Why can't people just admit to the existence and validity of ritual abuse, programming and mind control? Instead of persecuting the Survivors?

People in this country will believe anything about a Targeted person as long as they can avoid dealing with the truth. I cannot believe how hard and long Ive been persecuted, targeted and gang stalked here in north America. Its been six years living on the road. And nine years since this campaign began 24-7.
And America hasnt changed-its simply gone completely flat. Its like a dead body now. Everywhere I go is devoid of the spirit of life that once existed, not just for Travelers but for the populations in these locations generally.

Leaving the US is the only way it seems to escqpe going any further down the tunnel if you will of this false time line.
Its come a time now to turn back around and go the other way, to try to escape where this line is going within the United States.

I now believe fully that even though gang stalking was and is cruel and f*cked up, its purpose partially is to lead the more intelligent, awakened peoples OUT of the United States before the culture closes in on itself completely.
We are people who would've been cast aside anyway and not fit in or we would've been such inconsistent forces or chinks in the newly woven fabric that we had to be removed, lest we wouldve simply been rubbed out some other way.

Thats why being Targeted is so lonely-not because TIs are mentally ill or crazy but becuz we have been removed from the time line in our culture and location that the majority of the population have been indoctrinated into. When you are shown how the trick is done there is now way you are going to be fooled-thus you dont fit in.

Its become really bad lately, with how severe the brainwashing of the public is now in this culture. People dont seem to recall anything about real world history nor is using critical thinking really popular anymore.

It feels like a ghost town, for those of you who've been to the south west or walked through the much abandoned mid western business districts in certain areas.

Everyone seems to be existing in a matrix or virtual world now. One which Targeted Individuals, especially Surviors of high level programming, have been pulled out of.

For me its gone from a nightmare to a sort of muted lobotomy. Those funny pics posted on the internet of Bush with the caption "Miss me yet?" say it all.
I'd rather the intensity of a nightmare than the state of dead calm Obama's era seems to keep me in. Most useless president in history. Its been like an anti-existence. The energy is terrible.
I feel much of the population is running on a different current and I can't connect. I can't plug in, I am cut off from any and all energies.

Its worse than a walking death-its an ultimate non existence. One that I can't tolerate much longer. It is the single most horrible experience in my life's history including even being tortured under Bush's administration. I'd rather fire than fog anyday.

The country's in a direction that cannot be stopped now. No matter what TIs do there's no changing whats been started. They are fully immersed and will now never reawaken again-not anytime soon.

Its so sad-an evolution was so close. Perhaps it was simply that in the 90's we were young and it simply seemed that way to our generation. Yet, there is something about Bush coming in and the false timeline being fully brought into existence-or rather humanity being pulled into it. As long as no one admits the truth or deals with the war crime status of the leaders of that era, we as a nation will always be living in a falsehood. And some of us can't forget and refuse to return to normal society without what was taken from us during all this time period.

Becuz that's what they want remember-is to keep all the energies and whatever else that was taken from countless peoples during the Bush era as well as before and now after.

I feel like there is a reality I can connect into like returning back home but it would require me to lie and say that I was temporarily crazy either from mental illness, drug use or both. Which of course I will never do. Ever. Becuz I'm greedy, territorial and attached to my true Self qnd want back simply what was mine to begin with, and will settle for nothing less than getting it all back or satisfying the debt by taking from those who took. Since this is being made unavailable to me, leaving is the only option.

Remember the perp in NM who told me that I would be very lonely if I told the truth? Well here now is the full meaning of what was meant. However, much of what I am feeling is being pumped out by whatever brainwashing is in the environment. One thin about Bush, at least you could fight back. This n*gger's administration is making it impossible to have any Willpower, rebellion, force or thought possible at all.
Its like having to drink luke warm, soapy dirty dishwater day after day after day and nothing else. Its worse than torture, much more uneventful and a hell of alot more mean spirited-becuz it does not allow man to suffer. To feel his own suffering but demands this be put aside in the interest of world peace, cooperation and 'social responsibility'.

It is so utterly horrible it is beyond description. Its worse than being dead. Its spiritual socialism or communism, where a (wo)man no longer has a right to his own mind, emotions or spirit.

Its obvious the goal is to break down individuals to get humans into some sort of interconnected system or network-spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
Perhaps this excludes the elite/those valued higher than average people or Targets or they are afforded more freedom.

It could also be that those of us who are Survivors of high level internal mind control programming were considered especially uncontrollable and a threat to such a system due to never having normal societal controls established within us to begin with like 'normal' or average people. So we had to be broken down -our internal worlds destroyed and shaped by the outside forces of behavior modification programs.

Thus for us, America is no longer a free country and never will be. Which may explain why emigrating seems like the only logical decision remaining.

Becuz there is no way in hell this country is going to admit their true history nor give Targets any sort of comfort for what they've taken.

What's so frightening about now is that resistance or fighting this system or interconnected network FROM WITHIN ONE'S SELF mentally, spiritually or emotionally is being taken away. Not just discouraged but outright denied.
This is the ultimate denial of freedom and liberty. Perhaps this explains the urge to go abroad.

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