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Friday, April 5, 2013

You All Claim To Support The Troops-What About When The War Is Over? Homelessness Among Iraq Vets

Firstly its FORMER military not EX military. That would be used if you had a dishonorable discharge. As is my understanding.

So why doesnt the Pentagon use some of that 17 billion dollars they 'misplaced' some years ago to assist with this problem?

Perhaps skim a bit off the black projects eh? What about all the uppity normal s and YUPpie assholes in on gang stalking who would claim to support the troops if they thought thats what they were supposed to say and do to hide the fact they are actually disgusting, self serving greedy assholes who only care about how much a TI is worth? Where are they in this situation?

Actually I am very suspicious of the high suicide rate of veterans especially ones from this recent war era and specifically in places like AZ where I personally have experienced the harassment from actual persons as well as the technology and chemical influences in use to be one of the worst places in the country to deal with if targeted.

All the glitz and glamour and romanticizing soldiers yet this is the harsh reality.

Ive been in shelters and Ive also known many people in veteran's shelters. I've also been put through such brutalization myself and stress by this system that I now have PTSD. :. The only thing making my situation different is the trauma occured at a very late age, I understood what it was and that it was abusive not my duty or the norm and whatever internal programming was present to either prevent suicide or compartmentalize the damage so it didn't become as much of a danger to me as it might to others.

However, compartmentalization is exactly what vets have done with their experiences. Its the only way to function in the normal, civilian world.

These people were so young when this happened and in a mind controlled state the military puts them into to survive that these experiences shape them for life.

There should be therapies available. There should be help. Yet in my experience the systems part of gang stalking Targets could be used to actually make a human being's PTSD and re running memories so bad that it drives a person to suicide.


Citizens forget who they are dealing with in civilian time-the same viscous, merciless badasses who open cans of whoop ass on foreign nations and use drones to kill anyone in their way or find ways to get results at any cost are THE SAME people you are dealing with AFTER the war.

And its not so much about military anymore as it is about military industrial complex. The companies involved-it must be ridiculous how far corporate power has grown on this planet since fifty years ago-even just thirty. I probably can't even perceive exactly what a huge international corporation is at this point. What it is, how its set up or.what it 'looks like' on paper and in the physical world...but I'll tell you one thing I do know.

Some force or power out there now has the ability to play god with people's lives on a metaphysical level all the way down to emotionally, mentally even physically, by utilizing technologies and chemicals and through manipulating physical space via hired people in large numbers.

The tech seems to have originated with the military and civilian prison system.

The public first needs to be made aware of how corrupt the homeless industry is and completely overhaul the entire system and its funding. They also need to understand homeless culture as it is-not from a religious or political party perspective nor through campaigns for funding. I have yet to see or read any materials that accurately represent homelessness in the United States. Partially becuz the population is purposely oppressed and kept down as well as many homeless people either lie to please service providers or want to spare normals the realities of the culture.

Then people have to accept the military is a business and the complex is a monolithic giant nowadays. If construction used to budget in expendable workers on job sites building structures can you imagine what a business based on killing has for numbers?

I dare speculate that such a money making megalith which bases its profit on death would have no qualms about further deaths benefitting their industry and the government and tax payers that fund it.

Less money for the casualities means more for them and their friends businesses as well as the public won't begin to head towards the complete realization of what the complex is truly about. And how war shouldnt even be as frequent nor necessary in this day and age.

One thing about the former military being rural homeless at least they'll be able to survive. Still its no way to live.

This is why its important to have within our culture a real understanding of homeless culture as well as.some form of houseless culture that can become socially acceptable-that the country can coexist with.

Sweeping homelessness under the rug and allowing the social services people and corrupt homeless industry to represent is only allowing corruption and human/civil rights abuses to continue.

Homeless vets might be dealt with better becuz police understand and respect them and civilians accept that serving may have caused their plight but the lack of services for them as well as a true and clear understanding of why they are houseless seems non existent.

And if an effort is made for better public awareness of homeless culture lets be sure we are watchful of the disinfo machine taking on that task to yet again ensure the truth stay hidden.

In this social climate I cannot see such an exposure being made especially through media. If it were it would be drowned out by the Kardashians, the latest gadget and other diversions. Whats so disgusting are all the yellow ribbons everywhere.

Its easy to stick a magnet on your car. What about the problems of real life? And giving to shelters isn't enough. There needs to be policy change and an entirely new way of percieving the cultures homelessness and the military itself.

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Anonymous said...

And how many soldiers are unwitting experimentees during their service with the armed forces? That probably would explain some of them dying of cancer as well.