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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Interviews In Media From Boston Authorities Reflect The Total Expected Amount Of Bullshit Concerning Bombings

Listened to internet radio broadcast from Britain by chance interviewing Boston cop about terrorists and bombing.

The accent from Boston made me feel at home but I also am fully aware of how full of shit that area is.

Basically they profiled the attack as done by lone wolf terrorists and listed off everything that made them reach that criteria.

So basically the perps in Boston and Cambridge etc in all likelihood gang stalked the shit out of these two and isolated them marginalizing them from society so that they acted out.

Probably with the assistance of local fed connected scum who egged them on or gave them connections-or at least ideas.

You see the.value of the agitators in forums and TI conference calls in this type situation-get someone to deal with their.situation through violence.

Thats why exposing this system is important to society not just individual Targets.

We are the real peacekeepers, trying to prevent such actions. Legit law enforcement only act on what shadow government causes creating a controlled cycle and a very profitable one.

I now realize that those nitwits back.home were trying to frame me up as a lone terrorist threat and most likely make me react.

Its certainly a good strategy to make someone 'manageable' as I was told. It gives them the excuse of watching you for life as well as constantly interrigating you wherever u go even though the real reason you are in that situation is becuz you know too much about something or can testify against someone valuable.

Boston and Cambridge have a huge covert presence as well as an intense gang stalking system in place.

They created this problem be sure of it.

I will never go back there nor forgive what that sleazy area did to me. They are scum and don't deserve any of what they have. It's all based in dirty slave money to begin with -slaves for rum and bibles all that old money crap. That's the way they still think. Its the way America thinks at the top levels.
Americans also think this way if the demographic is okay'd by authority to be abused.

The problem with America isn't the human faults as thats everywhere. Its the purposefully keeping its citizens in this mentality and on these lower spiritual realms. Its bullshit.

I cannot wait to get out of the US and disappear never again having to be abused by this disgusting culture and its arrogant people.

And I wont be accused of any terrorist acts from abroad either so dont even try it.

When are people going to realize that alot of what has happened to me is due to being stalked by a total serial killer psycho whos obviously in some authority like intelligence or military etc? Some of the stuff that comes through the media psy ops shows that clearly.

And I still could care less.


  1. I have had a chance to look over some of the things you have on here and I truly believe you are delusional and a danger to the public's welfare. I am absolutely not kidding you. In fact, I am so concerned about some of the things I am seeing on here, that I will be filing a complaint with the F.B.I. because I believe you are a threat. You truly do need to seek help.

  2. I find that as a target, it's necessary to leave the area at least for a while in order to escape what seems like a large percentage of the city going along with the harassment. I do get relief from in person stalking when I leave for a while. When I get back, they compensate by putting even more perps in a group when they send them out to stalk/harass/hound me.