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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories Debunked-Too Bad No One's Asking The Right Questions

First of all the guy who bought the site domain needs to go f*ck off becuz there IS something going on thats totally deceptive, manipulative and criminal.

Boston and Cambridge are totally saturated with a covert presence its like the USSR, East Germany or something from a sci fi movie. The cops have been in cooperation with organized crime since forever and its a megalith of powerful people, institutions and private sector. In NA of Watertown and Newton all those wanna be biker rich trust fund kids and mafia people KNEW what was going on during Bush. "Oh ALOT of people are going crazy lately..." in regard to what was happening to me when living in Brighton, MA.

This is why I feel a moral obligation to write and publish what I've experienced. The gang stalking system keeps us victim witnesses so controlled its virtually impossible to get anything done.
But it has to be done. These bastards will keep a TI prisoner forever with what we know if given the chance and utilize it to slowly destroy the person.

Cambridge is packed with people who are in on GS, the NWO agenda and are generally evil greedy Liberal elitist pieces of sh*t who are part of the joint effort with other parties and ideologies to create a new version of the medieval feudal system. To enslave mankind basically.

There's also hella former military that turn against the system when they get exposed to enough of whats going on.

You would not believe how many rich kids from MA are aware of whats going on. GS runs rampant in MA especially Boston and its usually very brutal. The MBTA is involved extensively as well as store owners, citizens, college kids..

I've learned anywhere the Military Industrial Complex is strong gang stalking and covert ops are very strong.

Some horrible things happened in metro Boston during Bush. They in eastern MA especially are capable of great atrocities and abuse with total and complete heartlessness.
Ive experienced the most cruelty and cold heartedness from Boston, Cambridge, Brookline and their black communities south of there.

Its an area that one could call evil by nature. And very good at being deceptive about keeping up appearances to outsiders.

The northeast certainly does stick together as they like to brag is their mantra.

Yes the victims should be in people's thoughts but knowing the area like I do, being highly suspect of this event and the real motive(s) should always be on our minds.

Then again it could be that Boston is finally getting its commupence as well as its safety bubble burst. So much for perps during Bush playing with the dramatic idea of Al-Queda walking down THEIR street in order to terrorize a TI like myself with directed conversation.

Hows it feel now I wonder? Most likely those bitches and assholes who partake of such things arent worried at all. They know its all a controlled and methodical operation of continued false flag terror in order to further special interests and the NWO.

Thats fine for the little people for whom mobbing as part of a herd serving corrupt authority is enough in life but for those of us who are genuinely human that exist above the level of mere animals, we require truly clear consciences to continue living. And exposing these war crimes by telling what we know may be the only way to do that

Kooks dont ask sensible questions. Reasonable people of good conscience do.

Its disinfo agents who write unreasonable things....and buy up web site domains to block free speech.


Anonymous said...

I wrote about going for a doctorate and making it a focus of mine to do research focused on electromag radiation, health effects, etc. I went to see a former professor of mine on Monday to see about the possibility of resuming study to begin doctoral studies.

And he seemed to be "aware". First, when he first saw me, he got what looked like a someone scared look on my face. Odd, since I haven't seen him in 19.5 years, and he was my Master's thesis adviser. Well, he hinted that I may have to work without an assistantship like other Ph. D students have to work with. A hint that he knows people like me can't get funding, especially when we're targeted. And he seemed to be trying to discourage me from talking to other colleagues of his. Odd, since he told me he is going to be retiring in 2 years. So if he is going along with this, then why would he be discouraging me if he is going to be retiring soon? And I am so tired of fake arrogant troublemakers coming after me with conversational harassment. So I want to use my talents to try to do something about the health effects of electromagnetic pollution. And it looks like he is telling me I may have to go without the usual funding that other Ph. D. students get. I'm not sure. I expected that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that a Family Guy episode referred to it before the fact. I'm not surprised, though.

mej313 said...

I hate being in league with Alex Jones, but I had the same ideas as he announced, but my reactions were immediate and a day before he publicized his. I do not call what I believe was the planting of this terror device as a "false flag" operation, it's "state-sponsored terrorism" and that is the correct term. I also believe it will be used to justify killing machines aka drones hovering over US cities. But I think it's also been used to justify Homeland Security which sucks out billions of $$ each year, but seems to find no terrorist activity that is publicized. They claim they are thwarting attacks before the media can get any wind of potential attacks.

I know, and without doubt you know, how our gov and society will easily sacrifice citizens for an agenda. What is so scary is that white people in public places are targeted, which I think is the result of a bit of racial hostility on the part of our black president. He gets to push the race button but smile and pretend he's on the mainstream side of the fence. I think secretly he's always wanted to shoot and kill whites, now he's got the chance. I'm not condemning him for that at all, actually, but it's a point that conspiracy theorists I have read (not many I admit) have not brought up!