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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Berkeley, CA Playing Same Games As Other Cities Wanting To Go Corporate, NWO and The Will Of The Business Associations

This explains why community watch was pissing themselves a few nights ago when I walked up to the hills at 2am to check out the Clairemont Hotel-just to see what it was. It looks like a really grand building from down below like a church or temple or something...important.

I couldn't sleep anyway and my companion wasn't with me again yet. I was afraid of being robbed for some reason even though i know people out here and know where to sleep in the groups.

I see now that i needed to walk up there, not just to see the architecture but to experience being circled by cars driven by civilians behaving like sharks after prey. Cops went by only twice and after I talked to a local who claimed to be walking home from a play rehearsal, we discussing the history of the hotel and area-much of the mobbing behavior seemed to stop.

Now, reading this, i just wonder if, knowing what i do about GS and the covert activities and classified projects across this country-were those people in cars serving as protection against intruders or were they a continued part of the black projects going on that keep continued pressure on Targeted Individuals -specifically Survivors of programming, cults, RA-all 'mind control' -to attempt to cause yet ANOTHER unfortunate incident?

Another excuse and opportunity to put pressure on a Targeted Individual. Maybe they'll snap, or appear mentally ill. And with such an incident so close in that area's past wouldn't that be just enough to perhaps bring on more pressure or even question the person perhaps worse?

It seems unlikely that, targeted as Ive been for years the locals on this level and authoeities dont know who i am.

It worked for them last time I was here. I screamed at a cop car at the top.of my lungs becuz i was being messed with constantly when all i wanted to do was look around the university area up the hill at night.

Didn't work this time. Ive had a caring companion for too long. Also the health issues i have and the medical procedures Ive been through made me realize this commitment to this cause and my exposé is life long-and at any cost.
And i am older...Ive lost everything from my youthful life energy to my looks ever since 2011 due to various circumstances.

Not only has there never been any fear there due to my RA and programming history, now there's no point in screaming at police cars or perp civilians-I've been doing this too long and theres a point u reach where they just repeat themselves. U adapt and become unbeatable.

Besides their cities are all being sold out to corporate by these business associations...always control is handed over to them after 'unfortunate incidents' like the one in Berkeley written about in the link above.

Basically a strong theory is that these business associations seem in cahoots with police who of course are in with organized crime. The gang stalking tech and methods of causing chaos are being utilized so that communities become so screwed up they probably feel that tight control or privatization is the only solution.

Many people in the community probably see these actions for what they really are: intimidation, blackmale, extortion. The same old games. 'Either go along with this new way or the mob's will (business association or whomever is really behind these associations) or you'll have murders, deaths, chaos, destruction and be overrun with crazies'.

More corporate control, especially one that appears to be curing concerns of safety and protection of property equals MORE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS-CAMERAS and that means more involvement of security companies.

Every TI can tell you from experience that one of the main sources of the GS system is through security systems and their surveillance cameras-its been that way ever since 2002. Certainly since Bush gained power over our society during that era, post 9-11.

Those houses up there aren't full of completely innocent people. One mansion was tall with two lions out front and white. It sit on the side of the road going up the hill, against a black backdrop. The second floor of the three high had a large triangular window in it, all lit up with a red light.

Another house buried in the darkness behind the road made me especially uneasy walking past.

Something tells me those two houses and their occupants wont be the victims of any such misfortunes any time soon.

People need to realize that these 'black ops' groups if you will, that cause an area utilizing the technologies, chemical controls and psychological warfare while traveling through an area for a time are not the only source of the problem.

Every community in the USA seems to be infiltrated or contains from their beginnings such people. People who work for this system, who are for this agenda.

Before looking at some puppet or pawn sent in to cause a disturbance, first look at your own community.

If you arent willing to do that, you wont solve these issues nor prevent being sucked into the NWO by way of the Eye In The Sky effect every damn where you go.

Literally what's behind those cameras and what eminates from the tech is INTENDED TO BE YOUR NEW GOD.

The system behaves and interfaces with humans very much like the Abrahamic god of the old testament or a similar figure.

Its up to each one of us if they want to live as a slave or truly free in the years to come-even now.

I know its closing in and time to leave the country even. Even places like Berkeley wont exist as they do soon enough.

Its a choice of free Will once you understand whats really going on. Then its on you.


Anonymous said...

I think the cars circling and watching are there to protect us, to make sure we are safe physically. But also they serve double-duty as psy-ops. Hence, you may experience some harassment, both outright, and more subtle forms that may be psy-ops. They like to ensure we are safe. Just like in a prison, they make sure their prisoners are safe.

Anonymous said...

unamerican loser

Anonymous said...

just because you bring up documented facts means nothing - nobody believes the facts anyways so you might as well be making it all up... if nobody believes a fact that makes it fiction. sucks for you.

Diane said...

Dear Rachel,

I came across your blog on the bus ride home tonight. I was wondering, have you considered leaving the U.S. and going to a country where there is very little tech/population? What do you think would happen if you went to an area where there were no perps (small village somewhere) and no tech to harass you?


mej313 said...

William Cooper said something like "the enemy is your mother, sister, cousin, niece..." etc etc on down the family tree, and as you wrote, if you want to find the root of the problem look at the existing members of your community. I thought he was speaking to me, because my entire family from every cousin to every sibling to every aunt uncle and surrounding limbs of the family tree are part of the MK ULTRA set-up. They are all victims but they aren't being murdered outright or stalked as I am. But when he said this in the lecture I felt chills. Cooper said this in this Lansing lecture. How I wish Cooper had not been murdered by the po-po, he warned people about what was to come, what is happening now