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Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Happened Same Day as Drills

Boston is home to some of the country's most greedy viscous selfish and destructive people. These types are highly educated have connection to old money, institutions like Harvard and MIT , and the area is home to the military industrial complex via multiple contractors like Raytheon and lets not forget about multiple crime syndicates all working with the system to generate money and keep the area wealthy and powerful through any l kind of economic environment.

The bpd knows all. Its total bullshit that no one knows who did this.

In fact u can b sure these sadistic greedy bastards did it themselves for political reasons to generate some sort of effect that gains them more money and power in the global world economy. I cannot say i am sorry or sad or that i care.

Boston is a mean cold hearted place and has more covert presence since 9-1 than anywhere ive been except NYC.

I'm shedding no tears and i am sure they are all continuing to pretend i dont exist and shun me after betraying and exiling me for life.

I guess my opinions don't matter then anyways on the subject as to them i dont exist.

Like i said-i am not sad today surely.

Being from the area and having been targeted there I can tell everyone who's interested the truth about Boston and Cambridge.


mej313 said...

They suck for sure. I just learned about the Hegelian Dialectic, some 3-point way to brainwash people into following a political agenda--crisis, resolution, and policy something like that in that order. Sandypoint is another example. The result of this murder in Boston is going to legislation allowing drones hovering over cities to fight "terrorism" but they will install mind control technology along with the murder capabilities. They will lbegin to kill blacks and minorities running from police, and things like that as they use the drones to emit low frequencies and target larger masses of people with mind control technology.


If you don't like our government and think they are staging things like this just get the fuck out of our fucking country we don't want people like you here