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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Attempted Mind Twisting MAIL CALL!! For April 9, 2013

And as a bonus I will include a 'Nice Try!' comment by  a reader. Nice Try! at mind f*cking with this one, but sorry, its a bit obvious:
"Oh well, there's no convincing them. They will forever be hopeless sheep until (when/if) the powers decide to end this, which they probably never will. There's no convincing them. I'd concentrate on living my life rather than fighting them. After all, you can't fight the mob, and you can't argue with a sick mind. It's like a person with schizophrenia: they don't think or know they are mentally ill, so it's like convincing this person till the end of time they are crazy. It just doesn't work. The sheep and certain perps will similarly never see reality and that they just live in a fake ridiculous reality that we aren't interested in sharing with them. on AZ Another Example of Whats wrong with this shithole country

Anonymous on 3/22/13"

If you are a Targeted Individual or Survivor of programming, cult mind control or RA you would know enough to question the very validity of schizophrenia as a diagnosis for certain behaviors and situations. An honest investigation by authorities would turn up enough evidence to clear many people of the diagnoses and an honest research project by medical science would show that much of 'mental illness' is caused by various organic brain diseases like parasites, bacteria even lesions.(They've documented lesions causing impulsive violent behavior).  There has been such research done and its always rejected by the establishment. Interestingly, the same drug that works for anti-psychotic medication also kills certain smaller parasites in the brain.
Toxiplasmosis has been an issue since feline ownership became popular in the late 1800's in Britain and the USA. All they do is warn pregnant women not to touch cat litter boxes during thier second trimester due to the progesterone in thier bodies making them more susceptible to parasitic infection.

Yet, what about females taking synthetic progesterone- progestin, that mimics the same phase of pregnancy in the body in order to provide birth control? I was on such a medication called Ovrette for years, and one of my research projects was to study how this drug's effects resembled steroid abuse in males, including verbal and reading skills being effected and learning ability and of course aggression- as well as the possibility of women being more susceptible to parasitic infection and other conditions.

Of course this is during my blooming period in Brighton, where I came up with such good ideas and theories, and its one of the things they came after me for I am certain of it. Needless to say that drug went off the market in 2004 or 5. I had depended on it for years and it had made me very aggressive which I also came to depend on.

I was warned by well-to-do people in Narcotics Anonymous basically that anyone who stumbles upon, figures out or is a doctor or scientist- exactly how f*cked up America is and the things they are doing to our bodies with drugs etc- is GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. I was being told stories about a doc who cured this rich guy's Hep C and he had to go to Mexico becuz the guy had been chased out of the country becuz his cure works and rivals the depression inducing, painful, long term treatment of Interferon. Which doesnt have a 100% success rate depending on the strain you have its less than a good outcome.

Its been documented that parasitic disease is prevalent among Americans especially poorer populations where its been proven that this class level, specifically certain races, have common Third World 'tropical' diseases living in the USA. Poor African Americans are one such community. I believe this is the real reason why Euro-Americans had separate facilities for them as well as they were forced to live in poor conditions during slavery and were most likely kept sickly.

No one ever deals with the realities of the diseases people bring with them from Africa, the Orient (I refuse to call it Asia as that's many different countries. Asia is a damn continent making up Russia and Oriental countries. This new way of including India is racist, ridiculous and only benefits investors into the NWO.), the Middle East, South America and Mexico. And what of any such diseases Native Americans had?

It may have been possible decades ago to be separated in your own community from such things but now with so much 'diversity' and many foriegn people living among each other its ridiculous to have the same standards as 40 plus years ago.

It stands to reason that parasitic diseases feed the psychiatric field, Big Pharma as well as the food industry and of course the medical field.

After the amount of dishonesty and outright disregard, even murderous intent from the medical field with gang stalking activity- why wouldn't they be capable of such a deception to generate money?

Again people believe that a certain field or profession makes humans divine by default- moral and beyond reproach.

Taking care of your health is the number one priority for TI's and Survivors. Especially if you become houseless.

They want homelessness to take care of thier 'problem' for them.
The more depressed you become or aged or sickly the less you may shower. The less you shower, the more chem trail materials and pollutants get on your hair and skin and make you even more depressed, compliant and emotionally screwed up. I wonder just how many of the people we see out here have been targeted into being so messed up.(It doesnt surprise me that in San Diego and  surrounding area there is only the worst area of homelessness to get a shower referred to as 'The Bottoms'. In an area that big with various neighborhoods there's no other homeless drop in's or shower programs? You'll start to experience all kinds of problems there, you're mental and emotional condition will suffer- yet if you do get a shower you feel 100% better. Strange how that works eh? Phoenix, AZ area is just the same set up.)

Their theories of 'chemical imbalances' have to go further to explain to the public the CAUSES of  the electrical or structural problems with the human brain causing people to not be sane or reasonable first of all. Secondly, when there is an entire system working out in society that causes people to appear to be insane and unreasonable and there is no official recognition of that- I would doubt thier theory of 'mental illness' generally until they can prove that a certain portion of it isnt caused by the 'gang stalking' system- the results of being targeted as well as the trials of recovering from programming, RA or cult mind control. And remember all my scientific minds out there- you cant DISprove, you can only prove. As is my understanding. Which means 'dis' proving has to consist of media blackouts, denying information, selecting info to pay attention to, oppression etc etc. Becuz proving there is a significant amount of people in society who become Targeted Individuals would be not be difficult, at least having some indication there is indeed some such plot of evil design present in our society and other societies.

They wanna f*ck our theories? Then f*ck thiers' then. I dont trust the medical profession nor psychiatry after what I've experienced. In my experience they are fully aware of organized stalking as well as continued unethical human experimentation classifed and 'black' projects. They are aware and they take part.

Until thier roles in classified or 'black' projects and covert activity are fully understood by law enforcement and the public, nothing they say or claim can be trusted. Simply becuz their reasoning and theory do not disclose certain information, so how can it be true?

There was a man from Russia, a Jew who solved math's most unsolvable problem some years ago. I posted about it. He came to the USA and when he reviewed his peers mathematics as well as saw the intellectual scene as it is, he stated to the press his revelation that the intellectuals and acedemics in the West were misusing math and statistics etc- fudging results if you will and misrepresenting- in order to benefit thier own agendas, especially to the public.

He got disgusted, left America and now seems very uncomfortable with his having the status of the smartest mathematician in the world. He's probably targeted for being smart enough to uncover the truth.

Being over educated, smart and rich isnt enough. You have to decide what side you want to be on. And in that, those people are just like the rest of us, so dont get confused about people you think are superior to you in society. I am from Cambridge and Boston. Ive seen those people privately and on thier worst days. They may be more interesting, or have more money to hide behind but they are human animals. Dont forget that.

Psychiatry is very dangerous.  Dr Cameron was a prized psychiatrist regardless of all the pain and suffering his work caused people. That should set a precedent of how we percieve the psychiatric community today.

Psychiatry has basically become social control for those who no longer fall under the power of religion or get out of the world of recreational drug use.  Their worst nightmare are people who have experimented with drugs- becuz you know your own consciousness and have tested your mettle.  I believe this is one of the biggest motives for the War On Drugs- other than to make money by playing both sides as well as the Corporate Prison Industrial Complex. You can control a populous alot better with the tech and chemicals out there now IF THEY DONT KNOW WHAT BEING DRUGGED OR INFLUENCED IS LIKE.  If they are humans who have never experienced consciousnesses shift.

Also primitive humans took natural drugs to have communal experiences with gods or inner gods. If the powers that be can also deny or control that themselves they have a very ancient power over human beings. Note the 'magickal' experiences in our modern society consist of entertainment from well as the Xanax  your psychiatrist gives you along with your psych  meds- an added bonus for going along with the system.

This is ALL ABOUT control of information and thats it. If the public understood how these tricks were done or that this system existed they would be all over thier asses, just as they have been with the drone situation.


Anonymous said...

Very well, but I'm starting to see evidence of my first being perped/targeted hard during early Clinton. In fact, it seemed to start when Clinton started his first term. I don't have enough evidence that I was targeted during Bush Sr.'s term. It seemed to start picking up some steam only when Clinton first took office in Jan. 1993. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Where is your proof to any of this stuff that you claim? I want to see the documents. I want to see all the evidence. I want sworn affidavits of witnesses. I want pictures. I want videos. Put it out there. Oh wait, you don't have any real info. Did you ever think maybe you're just a nutcase Rachel? Maybe you really should just go away for a while and try to get some help. It would make your mother so much happy to know you were being taken care of.

mej313 said...

But people do understand this "red or blue pill" dichotomy from the movie The Matrix; they understand that they are being drugged and lied to, The Matrix is one of the movies used by fake conspiracy theorists and fake TI's to promote their agenda, by the way...but as for people who go along and let it all happen to other people or participate in the violence and torture of TI's, who even though they can watch the trilogy of The Matrix they won't dare step out-of-line in the "real world" that they can only fantasize about defying in the "drug" of a movie.

The evolution of mass population mind control has gone step-by-step with increased legal protections, i.e.. the Magna Carter, the Declaration of Independence, human rights, etc etc and before that ripping, tearing, dismembering and hanging burning and torture were state-sponsored mind control techniques used by Church and State. Like evolution of species, the evolution of mind control has had to go under the radar of the sight of the masses, but the same apparatus and ritual of scapegoating and torture remains in the consciousness of society. People remain blind, deaf and dumb to the suffering of people obviously being tortured in the system, you can easily see how little people care about homelessness in America, and as you know that is the venue by which targets become tortured without having much recourse to any pretended legal protections.

As for bacteria, internal parasites and brain dysfunction, here in Thailand and in other parts of "Asia" the food is left out fermenting and rotting in the hot open air markets, but the hot chilis used in their food (even for breakfast, they don't eat eggs bacon doughnuts pancakes and that shit) but spicy Asian food will kill bacteria and parasites. Tumeric in curry is an anti-oxident--these people who eat these spicy foods are relatively very very healthy and extremely strong. I have never had such strong massages from these Thai massage women, who never work out but sit around eating hot spices all day.

You wrote such an excellent post and you should be published and not sitting around crying for help while people sit around doing nothing. As I have said, I lay around all day sick, shitting black rotting poisons and chemicals that have been stored in my body that I have miraculously survived. If I had remained in America I would be paralyzed or dead by now, due to absolute lack of health care and the extremely high cost of herbs, which I can buy here in Thailand very inexpensively (I take Senna, Tumeric, and other Thai herbs you cannot get in America which suck the poisons out of my body, in addition to many very inexpensive massages that you can't get the equivalent of in America). I also drink Safflower Tea, it's extremely powerful for cleaning the blood.

So another one of the problems in America is that natural remedies are extremely expensive, which is really what people need to cleanse out their bodies and avoid all the mental diseases you mentioned from parasites and environmental factors.

As for spiritual darkness or malaise, I still have not found a "cure" for that even in the healthiest people who eat the right foods and have a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

I worked so hard for this. I fiercely protect every inch of my psyche from these people and the system, and I will not let them take it away from me. The amount of people IN CARS out there playing games with me as well as mind games was incredible. In addition, they were playing mind games, like these two rough-looking kids who stopped their SUV in the middle of the road and acted like they were going to get out or come after me. And it was all set up by drive-by perps who do something real minor to get me provoked, and the rest of the vehicular perps used my reactions as an excuse to start their mind games.

A lot of people involved tell me things like, "you take these things too seriously", or that since they are basically messing with me, that I am taking it all too seriously. yeah, but there are many more perps who are part of the slice who are doing things to rip me apart, and I just guard every little part of me from them, because they are just not worth it. I am not losing one Angstrom to THEM, because they are not worthy of having even a microscopic slice of what is rightfully mine.

Can you imagine them telling you that you are too hard on yourself, or you take things to seriously? The "things", of course, are mind games and harassment. Yeah, I will guard every inch of me from those things which perps are saying are harmless, but I don't care if they are harmless, I am not LOSING ANY SLICE OF ME TO THEM BECAUSE THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT.

And they are telling me today to "fight nice". Actually, I felt like going after that midget who was harassing me in a drive-by with a river rock, and bashing it into the side of his head through his car window. Seriously, I had this huge grudge all day against whomever that is, and I was going to wait until 3:00 tomorrow, wait for his car, and then do something to him.