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Friday, March 29, 2013

Newtown, CT Known Satanic Hub, Supposedly The COS Center For The Region

There's some things posted about Newtown being the Church Of Satan's recruiting area for that region.

The sign of the horns from the blonde girl- twice? The second pic with Obama it looks totally rehearsed and unatural. Black and red?

I now believe the info on the internet about them being actors is just a disinfo and diversionary tactic.  This info is what needs to be looked at.


Daniel said...

ur analysis about the American justice system is spot on. i personally have seen the system putting everybody on parole/probation/jail. every1 either has a probo officer or is somehow involved in the court system nowadays. the cops are coming down hard on people. also i have known TIs who ended up on "probation" for dumb shit and were told that they would wind up in jail if they didn't stop - well, they didn't and they revoked their probation for bullshit reasons and now they are back in the prison industirial complex so they can be controlled and stifled

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing things like drill sergeants in the Marines are still beating the shit out of young recruits. I have been hearing for the past 10 years and more that they aren't allowed to do that now. But I heard from somebody that they are still punching, slapping, and kicking recruits, just like R. Lee Ermey portrayed in Full Metal Jacket.

I'm sure the gangstalking and mind control is used to deflect public opinion away from these abuses. They obviously want to break peoples' will and make them slaves who are robots who will kill or attack on the slightest cue. That's why gangstalking involves trigger words: they are orders to self-destruct or to take out people around the target. They do this by having gangstalkers and perps fuck with the target and his or her emotions and sense of pride/space and other things.