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Friday, March 22, 2013

Being Stalked By Uniformed cop in chandler.Az NOW waiting for.ride tomorrow

In Chandler AZ getting stalked by local cop car and locals in cars simply walking thw town to meet our ride tomorrow morning. Chandler seems especially uptight and paranoid of outsiders. Compared to the rest of Phoenix Mesa etc in the area. The cop is overt in stalking us.

There was an informant on the 72 bus saying his dad was.from Dorchester as my companion said we were from Boston.

I ignored him got my companion to stop giving any further info. He was obviously annoyed after we got off that he couldnt control and bait us.

What r they hiding in Chandler where they have t b so extreme?

Could it b that in Phoenix we asked a fireman about the safety of thw area and he had a partner who turned the nice advice od the first fireman into an interregation session? Then magically the community down near the mall has perps all over Target complete with manager ready for us on cue running ip to security guard upon our entry. We left that area and are now stalked by one cop and.locals in cars.

Call off the bs community watch crap or i start embarrassing people i am in no mood for this arrogant self indulgent bullshit.

After what Phoenix did to me the entire area owes me and every other life theyve ruined.

Keep it up and the fucking videocam comes out.

I can play this all fuckij nite.

Go home and go the fuck to bed. Do i need to start being curious and poking around Chandler for.dirt instead of leaving thw state tomorrow ? Is that what these pricks want? Becuz I'll fuckin do it.


  1. Chandler AZ -- that's where Motorola has a research facility, isn't it? Seems like a big research town for the complex. A friend of mine worked for Motorola in Chandlera about 20 years ago, doing design work.

  2. Why are you in Chandler in the first place? You might think Tempe is yuppie haven, but it's not violent like Chandler is. Tempe has some good music and student life. You are in the wrong wrong place in that part of Phoenix. My mother lives in Phoenix and I know what a sprawl it is. Tempe is much much better, although still uptight USA.

    Maybe it would be better in Canada, not sure though. It's bad everywhere in the world that I have been, but only in a few countries. Keep going, just please leave Chandler it's a dangerous area, so is Phoenix. Even Tuscon might be better.

  3. Dangerous?? I can clearly see that Chandler has money and even an LDS church. I was told that the harassment occured becuz Chandler is trying to be uppity.

    But there was something about that particular area of Chandler- that was very evil. You could feel it. I was actually disturbed by it and I am never afraid while traveling of an area.

    Something seriously wrong with that place- but then again there's something seriously fucked up about AZ anyway. Like you said, messed up kinds of people live here. And lots of land owned by LDS of course.