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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Police Harassment In Berekely CA While Staying Up All Night

The typical gang stalking group members are very pleased with themselves this morning becuz they think they did a stellar job all night long harassing me. City workers like garbage men etc this morning are very smug.

All I did was stay awake and walk around all night becuz that is what I planned to do to begin with. They simply provided gang stalking so that was a part of my experience as opposed to just walking around.

In on it last night were local police marked cars and cabs. Unmarked or civilian cars as well but thats harder to discern.

I find it very suspect that cops focus on me repeatedly in any city I go to as if I am a dangerous criminal. I am a single older female of 40 with health issues and has basically nothing as far as reslurces. I make sure I come to places like Berkeley sometimes that have high instances of mentally ill homeless so that it wjll appear odd that any one officer should focus on me comparex to anyome else kn the street.

However, time and time again I get focused on and stalked and watched as if I am a truly dangerous person. Like as if I was a scary danverous full grown man with a violent history.

These are GROWN MEN with beefed up cars and military grade tech toys as well as they are younger. Why must they insist on focusing on me like I am a dangerous wanted criminal?

Why is what I am doing any more interesting or severe than a truly scary crazy person late at night?

Last night I took a walk up Dwight St. to see whst was up the hill
I did a piece on the other blog. I then realized that this is where all the Fraternities and Sororities are as when I came down Dwight St hill I went down Piedmont St and discovered the college has alot of nice buildings tucked away up in the afore mentioned areas.

Naturally being from Boston I wanted to see their college area as well as have somerhing interesting to do walking through the night.

Not only did I begin to notice police stalking when I left the Telegraph area to go up the hill on Dwight as documented in other Targeted Survivor blog but when I came back down and turned on Piedmont I noted a male policeman driving by aggressively and frequently. There is a difference between watching out for a single female's safety and harassing a single female walking alone.

Of course this agitation led to my getting pissed off and verbal which was its purpose. This entire campaign has the eventual full blown discreditation of me as its purpose. Big surprise.

Eventually the stalking became overt and a police car actually passed me and then hid behind some cars in a parking lot.
I had enough and called the officer out from his hiding spot. I told him if he wanted to talk to me I was right here but be forwarned I have a recording device.
I then noted the car pulled out and as it did I actually called it out and gave the gesture to come out with my hands kind of like dealing with a hiding child. Never before had I experienced a time when police played dead like that. Obviously playing games.
Normally the officer would show authority over the situation. Creepy was the only way to describe it.

The car then faced me so I could not see who was driving. In the dark with its lights on. I know cop cars have cameras so I spoke plainly and simply, and throughout no officer shown a presence nor responded.
"I can go for a walk up there anytime I want. If not give me a ticket. There is a difference between watching out for a single females well being and harassing a single female walking alone."

No response. Upon walking away I said 'Understand?' in Italian probably from being so annoyed.

All I could picture was this little game was captured on video so more cops nationwide can watch it and once again get a laugh at my expense.

I spent the evening being annoyed instead of pleasantly walking or sitting quietly minding my own business.

Just now an Asian cop sat in his car to my right, looking at his computer doing his morning routine...or so it would seem.


  1. I noticed that if you do something to one of their group members, it's like an attack on the entire group. Like if you are a bit testy, like any decent human being would be, and happen to let them know you don't appreciate their crap, watch how they react. They act like you killed their best friend. They can't take that one bad moment you had. But meanwhile, you were tolerating at least one year of constant BS from said person. And now said person is uber destroyed because you dared retaliate?

    Myself, I've been through a whole lot of pressure my entire life. In college, I was very scared for my mental health, I really was. The kinds of pressure "they" put me through, I thought I would snap, like something would snap in my mind, and really didn't know what was going to happen to my mind, my soul. I was praying every night that I would stay sane. And that was years behind me. Now, I have to put up with a constant stream of psych. harassment from gangstalkers every night. And sometimes that involves them calling me a perp. That right there is the biggest insult.

    I've been walking through the fires of hell. I've walked with demons and evil spirits. And I came out of this a while ago. But now, it seems I am always surrounded by folks who are always trying to prove something, psyche me out, make me go crazy and lose it, whatever. A lot of people that I dare say who have not suffered any kind of adversity at all. They haven't been dragged through harsh cold winters, having to walk in -20 deg. F winters because their car wouldn't start, all the while bearing the cross I had to bear. Just a bunch of pampered people defending what they believe to be their turf.

    Then one woman was having a directed conversation about "I don't like how she looks at me all judgemental". Hmmm. Well! I think I am completely legit. I'm sorry our corrupt society doesn't feel like I belong in it unless I "change" and bend and reform to "their ways". No way. Uhh-uhh. That woman has a lot of nerve to say something like that. And listen to the tone of voice in which they have their "conversations". They sound so childish and pampered to me, like spoiled kids of a dad who brings them whatever they want.

  2. Hello. Awhile back I stumbled upon your YouTube account (searching for T.I.s after listening to an Alan Watt lecture on mp3) and was captivated by your lone video about being harassed and the toll it had taken on your entire life. Recently (like, an hour ago), I wondered what had become of you, so I searched YouTube and found your other videos, and also your blogs.

    I love it all - it seems as though you've put a lot of time and effort into getting the good word out. This is just a long way of saying that I'm a fan of your work.

    A friend of mine recently tried to tell me that they were being gang stalked, and instead of listening patiently and trying to offer some modicum of comfort to this person, I instead brushed them off and told them to "get real". I still feel like shit about that, even though this person has forgiven me and we remain good friends.

    The reason I'm writing is because I'm currently on the fifth or sixth incarnation of my blog (which you can access through my profile, if you like) and I wanted to see if you would give me your opinion on it, from one underground journalist to another. I've gone from being a (quote unquote) conspiracy theorist to someone who is trying to simply figure things out in a non-confrontational way. I have to admit that, most of the time, I'm an artist first and a journalist second.

    Also, your blogs are really cool. I especially liked the "homeless guide". I've been homeless before, on my own. The worst part about it was the silence, I think. One time I went almost two weeks without saying a single word, because nobody wants to talk to homeless people. It was beyond lonely, and ever since then I've been employed. I told myself, as long as I can help it, I will have a roof over my head and a constructive position in my society. I can force myself to be a part of the Machine for eight hours a day at some shitty, minimum wage job if it means that people will talk to me more often than once every two weeks.

    I hope that you're okay. I hope you find happiness in this life, somehow. Sometimes when I'm feeling down I remember that, like the Bible tells us, this life is just a shadow passing - it's over quick. Also, I try to remember that, at the end of the day, if the Powers That Be really wanted to hurt me for being a "conspiracy theorist", they would, and there would be nothing I could do about it - so why should I worry? Then I would just be hurt and worried at the same time, and the time-consuming stress of worry is arguably worse than being actually hurt. So I try to shrug it off, like it ain't no thang but a chicken wang on a strang at Burger Kang - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - some days are better than others.

    Is this the longest comment that anyone has ever left you? I'm currently studying Vortex Magic, and the possibility of Machine Elves orchastrating the construction of the dreaded Hadron Collider. Who knew that the Ultimate Fighting Championship was loosely connected to the creation of time portals and dimensional rifts? The underground keeps going mainstream, and every time it does I push my art even deeper underground, composing my prose on a subliminal level, well below the mainstream radar. I have an antogonistic streak that tends to slime its way into my writing (even when I really, really don't want it to), only now that intellectual scorn has shifted to the proletariat itself, as I honestly believe that the myriad horrors of this earth are mostly caused by the apathy of the average citizen. Also, I have a dark sense of humor (raised on horror movies and profane underground comedy), so sometimes my "journalism" can get rather surreal, even to me.

    Anyways. I thought it was cool that we were both on Blogger (props to Google, the Illuminati of the internet, for their free platforms) and decided to drop you a line. I didn't mean for it to turn out the size of a manifesto, but oh well.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Most cops who participate in Organized Stalking are either Freemasons or their pathetic lap dogs.
    The illustrious leaders of OS are trying to get your attention and send you a message.
    They're attempting to tell you how deprived, psychopathic, cruel, viscous, cold-blooded they are.
    They wish that you know they're devoid of any empathy or any basic, human decency.
    These poor creatures want you to join them because misery loves company. After all, vampires
    can't feed off each other. Who knows? Perhaps they need you to help'em unplug their
    life support machines, change their diapers, or to tie their shoe laces.

    Please stay strong and don't allow any idiotic distractions to divert you from your true path.


  4. Just watched the season premier of 2 and a Half Men. Noticed that Sheen wasn't in it. Very predictable: the plot had "Charlie" die, and his ashes get delivered to his brother.

    As bad as you think that show is, it paled in comparison to 2 Broke Girls. It seems like as a Survivor of High Level programming and mind control slavery, there really isn't too many shows such a person can watch.


    Horrible, just Horrible, and excruciating to watch. Male targets should definitely not see this, as I found it very sexist against guys, actually. It painted this slightly chubby but attractive actress as someone who is so overbearingly self-righteous, like so many female perps in the system.

    We all know these people are suffering from some massive form of narcissistic personality disorder, but I've never been a sexist and always been nice to every girl and guy all my life. So I feel I should spare myself of this agony.

    And when you're a guy, you will find that a lot of females treat you like you're some sort of violent unclean scumbag who crawled out of a sewer somewhere. So that's why I cringe at the thought of this show just overdoing the "guys are sexist pigs and deserve to be put in their place" angle. They really are overdoing that angle.

    But then, I'm sure those writers are trying to be "successful", which means going along with the narcissistic pig-headed asshole control freaks in harassing targets and pushing their agenda.

  5. Oh, I see: the 2 Broke Girls show is just spoofing your attitudes in your blog. I think that could be it. The main actress in this show seems to have your body type, and she is putting a lot of guys "in their place". One of her lines has her saying "Oh that's right, you don't have a job". And she gets in this guy's face who snapped his fingers at her, and was just going all off snapping her fingers in his face, like she was really being brutal with her retaliation.

    I believe now they are making fun of you, while harassing male targets who are not sexist by painting a picture of the typical male as a sexist pig. They use this angle throughout.

    And also, I've had state and local cops engaging in this behavior you describe. That's their modus operandi, to do something and then run and hide like a child. It seems like cowardice and childishness as well as a healthy dose of narcissism and "that's not me" type of denial and projection is overtaking our society.