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Sunday, September 25, 2011

All That Fat Anti Terror Money Cant Stop Gang Problem In USA

I have seen forces that exist in this country that allow this kind of activity to go on. Focusing the nation on outside threats from certain nations as terrorism yet ignoring many foriegn gangs infiltrating American soil was and is pretty clever.

And of course PC and denial work beautifully as psychological barriers to facing and revealing the truth.

Brainwashing people, especially whites, into giving up their natural human inclination to want to defend their territory is also working in favor of this problem.

Its also another reason that TIs testimonies of 'gang stalking' activity or organized stalking harassment by what seems to be intelligence factions doing covert ops, has to be continually denied as delusional or at least isolated incidents, that these campaigns only happen to select people who deserve it.

Becuz the public should start questioning exactly why community watch goons or black ops or whatever cant keep this nonsense from destroying a nation, yet they can follow and harass one person almost everywhere they go nationwide.

By the way dont get confused and take it personally that I featured one specific gang. I am worldly enough to understand that crime and human aggression are always going to exist.
Its simply how ridiculous this has gotten, when your macing young women protesting on Wall Street yet this can happen.

The message of the Wall Street macings are even more clear now: dont dare defend yourselves from anything. Not corporate criminals, war crimes from govt, the police nor the gang problem in the USA.

Dont question the current system or set up nor draw attention to it nor the mechanics of how it works.

Who decided that the American people were to be so intimidated and exploited?

THIS is part of making the world 'equal' for everyone? wtf is this? What, wealth redistribution to south America?

There is something wrong with a country where both a Republican president twenty years ago and recently a Democratic president both speak of a New World Order and this is what it consists of.

I think this is simply part of the grand scheme to enslave mankind. Becuz you know that certain classes of people are never going to have to deal with gangs like this, while the rest of the population is TERRORized by them.

In short from what I have experienced, these problems are allowed to exist its that simple.

And from growing up around crime to an extent, they are allowed to operate, piss off the wrong person or agency and your entire operation is done.

Why were there until recently, so many anti terror personell show boating dramatic Nazi like outfits with big automatic weapons and dogs etc in fairly safe areas like Boston, yet the cops who deal with this claim to be underfunded?

And then the public mistrusts and hates law enforcement so may more easily be swayed to trust the criminals.

All very well played really. But its getting a bit boring doncha think?

The most dangerous gang in the US cant even be defined. These people seem like they only mess with you if you're involved with them. Outside of the crimes they commit.

Which is worse? Losing your hands, perhaps your physical being or having your soul destroyed or memories of who you really are taken from you, even your defined Self and being told to go quietly and live on as if nothing happened.

The most dangerous gang is well hidden and anyone speaking of their existence is labeled nuts becuz humans cant deal with the reality of the beast within much less something even more frightening in nature.

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Anonymous said...

That's the problem: people can't accurately definite/pinpoint who the enemy is. And then there is the most dangerous gang: no one wants to take on the biggest bully, so they side with the bully and find easier victims to pick on. Or they don't know the bigger evil going on behind the scenes. Hence, the community watch perps and also the neighbors doing street theatre, thinking they're driving out some deviant or malevolent presence. Ironically, by doing these things, they're sucking in the malicious evil they are trying to get rid of.