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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Am Not Ivy League Educated Nor Mispell Words On Purpose

Uh, guys, I am not an Ivy League college grad. Please read more carefully. I come from Boston Cambridge MA where the underclasses are often encouraged to be smarter due to the environment. I personally only obtained my GED. I was trying to go to UMass Boston during Bush but the harassment as well as a moldy apartment that messed me up for life physically and mentally made that impossible.

I dont mis spell words purposefully, I am using a briwser on my smartphone where word correction doesnt work on the keyboard and I can't do a spell check for whatever reason.

Whoever wrote a comment saying I am an Ivy League grad and that my mis spelling of words is 'hip' has got to be a perp. Or really not paying attention. By now everyone should know that I have been houseless for many years, systematically kept down and denied education, healthcare etc and am writing this blog on bare bones tech and budget.

Its typical for perps to make the TI feel like people arent seeing thier situations or that no one cares or is paying attention. Its part of the constant brainwash to divert attention away from how serious this all really is.

Anything to keep the TI from getting justice or telling their story or suing. Fake smiles, gas lighting the person and not telling them whats going on with holding vital information. And the entire nation seems in on it. America does indeed suck and needs slave labor, exploitation and death to survive as a nation but gang stalking occurs overseas wherever the Target goes.

The people involved, mostly nobodies from the general public think they are hard or players but really the TI singularly is one of the hardest, the public gets the benefit of this illusion by being part of mobbing and gas lighting the targeted person when in reality, they are as peasants to royalty.

Especially if the Target is a Survivor of programming, then you are truly dealing with alters that are potentially dangerous. Trained and built that way from infancy.

I doubt if their house slave perps actually understand what they are dealing with most of the time. They have a wonderfully naive sense of tribe and a mob or gang suits them well. Yet when the TI thinks of what these individuals would be like without their 'peeps' especially at the hands of someone who is programmed who feels threatened, you just know they would never make it. Fail, like immediately.

The only thing lowly gang stalkers have usually is numbers on their side. And then there are people who think they are cool by gaining the TIs trust and exploiting them. Usually every single one of those types has a history of sexual molestation of some kind and this is a safe way for them to become the predator, with social approval and continue on NOT facing their own sh*t.

Every single person who was close to me who was key to betraying me had two things in common. They all had criminal activity they were trying to keep from being exposed or had been busted and needed to work with the system and they all had a sexual abuse history. They also were the kinds of people that would rather die than face their own issues and heal. They all also refused to face reality and then cut ties or get real with the families that were the perpetrators or protected the perpetrators.

These families usually will control yet coddle any victim who has dirt on them of this nature yet is so wounded needs the family's support.

None of the people close to me could have done what I am doing..none. They were always too weak and codependent on their immediate families. So basically the people who betrayed me not only did so out of jealousy but out of this idea that I am stronger and can afford to be beat down. Such people are simply acting as their own past perpetrators in a way that seems socially acceptable.

And they simply DIE for approval from male authority anyway, which is disgusting in itself to begin with.

These wimps are all still giving it up to their male sexual violators and our society has become very much like a sick dysfunctional family who needs to live in denial to survive, mostly due to what Bush did and also Hayden.

The powers that be in our society will not be satisfied until people like me are also beat down in such a way and trauma bonded to a malecentric authority.

This is one of the reasons that sexual arousal and abuse is used so heavily via psychoogical warfare and tech.

Its well known that teams are built and bonded through male aggression and sexual abuse-from the locker room to the barracks.

Typical of a militarized society I would say. But there is some element of control over our population way creepier than overt military rule. Something much more sinister than Rome, more damaging than overt force and bloodymindedness.

It was indeed amazing to experience just how easily human beings can be manipulated like mere human animals during Bush/Hayden eras.

The Observer part of me looks on and emotionlessly sees that the people around me changed so drastically. It just wasnt normal.

One day this WILL be set right but so much sacrifice is going into pushing back this false reality that these powers are trying to roll out..or have already and want to seal the deal if you will.

The TI is usually someone who is morally superior to ANYONE involved in gs or betrayal so its pretty aggrevating when a smear campaign makes that person out to be the opposite.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. I have walked and driven through some pretty bad places, with some harassment. But when I moved back here to this little town where nobody is really badass at all, well, it's interesting that I get more snooty and arrogant and rude types that think they're the shit. And I've been in some pretty bad places like Philly late at night. In fact, in Philly, some guy came out of nowhere and helped me fix a flat. He was homeless, and said he'd appreciate it if I could give him a little something to help me change my flat. Interesting, a skinny black guy. Very nice guy. But here in dinky dying Nowheresville, I get snooty families coming in snickering, kids saying things from their car windows, women who think they're uber-uber-super-duper hot as hell when they're probably just boring run of the mill average whores who fuck everyone in town, have 6 kids before the age of 25, and cheat on their men. Oh but they're sure good at beating me down with psy warfare.

I teach and help others for very little money, but I am kind and a very sexy man who is a gentleman. I got all kinds of creeps and wimpy types doing their open mouthing thing. And one teenage bully chick was beating up on a playground by the side of the road, making sure I saw here.

Now I am getting some pain jabs through my left side. I'll bet that fact make these 25+ year old whores with 6 kids really something, because I am mobbed by ne'er do wells who lead boring lives and just about everyone in Nowheresville.

I am getting some electrical vibrations in my lower left side, near my groin. Rejoice, wimps and REAL whores with 6 kids on welfare! Your savior has arrived! It's judgement day, and "they" are the Jesus Christ that has returned to collect their chosen ones and raise all the good and righteous from the dead. LOL.