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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 NASCAR Yesterday: "We'll Be Watching"

"You Better Listen...Because We'll Be Watching".

And patriotism was pushed, a NYC cop sang the anthem and an African American minister gave an overzealous prayer for America.

There was something very intimidating about the entire event. That statement above should be a more overt example of what I am talking about.

We'll be watching too, TIswill be. There are things that went on during Bush that still need to be answered for.

And intimidation makes it all the moe obvious. What, that statement was for foriegn terrrorists?
Yeah right.


Anonymous said...

I was watching an NFL game last night, Dallas vs. New York Jets. The announcers clearly stated "He deserves it." They both said this, if I'm not mistaken. Of course, it was obviously harassment via on-air psy-ops. Interesting how in a democracy, there would be a need for someone to deserve a massive campaign of covert ops, psych. warfare, when we have a system of due process that works quite well when it is free of corruption or evidence tampering.

It seems they want us to get all mad. That could be one purpose. Another reason for these little statements is the system is full of crybabies who will pout and cry and whine about all of our strengths, and have their connected networks pretend like our strengths really don't exist at all, and in fact, each strength is exactly the opposite. They must put these psy-ops in there to make their many congregation members feel better about themselves, about being a vastly lesser being than the target.

And there is always a minor danger that we will be placated into thinking the system is getting even with anyone or any entity that is involved in keeping us down. I've seen that, and I will absolutely not trust the system, even if they are. I've seen "inverse psy-ops" in use where the system has me thinking that they are getting even with a source of harassment or psy-ops some where that caused me some psychological pain. I can not accept that, as it has to be false as well. I believe that as targets, we are indeed titans who rule the earth. Hence, there are people, maybe rich elite, freemasons, Illuminati, well-connected perp cells, covert CIA operatives, or whatever somewhere that don't like us and feel like they need to be justified in sending this massive campaign against us. I am getting this idea that said people are crying and screaming that we have strengths that they do not, and they thus pout like little babies, sending even more covert ops to keep us down. I can feel I am not liked, and that I am severely resented, and that others feel relieved every time I get beat down by some human operative somewhere, be it in person, commercials, movies, etc.

I get the feeling that I and other targets are intensely disliked, and hence these elite and participants alike are throwing a temper tantrum every time they see one of our many strengths as targets. I feel that they are just throwing this massive tantrum, that they hate every inch of our beings just because of our strengths, and they feel good every time one of their peasants goes and attacks those strengths with their usual superficial BS with their covert ops.

Can you sense "their" bitterness? I never knew anything about anyone being mad about me not accepting my situation. Just that those "elite", black ops, or whatever are just being crybaby little temper-tantrum jerks over any part of me I feel good about.

Too bad. This is a democracy, we have a constitution and due process, and they are the losers. They can not accept that. It seems the system can never accept the fact that they are not as strong as us, and that they are like sore loser fans that have to stalk and write letters to the football players threatening to kill them or harm their kids just because they are on a very good team that doesn't lose much. Loser system, loser people, but very huge in terms of operatives and machinery, I will give them that. But they are very much like losers who can and will not accept defeat.

I can not stand their superficial humans they send after me to teach me a lesson. What lesson do I have to learn, and what did I deserve? The fact that I will not let crybaby elite tell me to throw a football game (not literally but as a metaphor) because I am a winner and not one of them?

Anonymous said...

I also noted that pres. Bush somehow just happened to be in Florida the day these attacks happened. Somehow he must have known far enough ahead of time these attacks were going to happen. I've noted that the system has access to tools that can glimpse into the future. I've experienced situations where they knew of a particular dream I'd have in the future. So they can mind-read in the future? So far, I've seen that they can mind-read in the future up to one year, i.e., they showed me the content of a dream I'd have 9-12 months in the future.

So Bush would have known ahead of time the attacks would be coming. That much I am certain of. I am not certain as to his role in these attacks, if any. Right now, I believe there is a global terrorist network that thrives on ancient holy wars such as Israel vs. Egypt. But it's unknown how all of this connects to the covert warfare war and global enslavement. A lot of what has been going on since 2002 is very book of Revelation/Antichrist in nature, though.