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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Radio Frequency/ Abuse of TECH seen as paranoia in current society culture


Medical uses of RF:

Future medical uses:

Consumer and corporate use of RF:

The problem with all of this, in fact with all new technologies is that the public are given minimal information about how technologies can be used by criminals and that includes oppression from ANY state actor or private entity. They are told about 'hackers' who will steal thier identities- it always revolves around thier MONEY and what is THIERS not thier freedoms or mental, emotional, spiritual assets, which TIs are living proof that these things can be interfered with if not destroyed by the use of technologies in unison with other methods- essentially to destroy a human being.

This means essentially that human beings are being trained to define themselves soley by thier posessions and thier part in society as consumers. When we stop considering the very things it means to be human as important enough to protect or even worth considering at all, we start to either fuse with such tech on subtle levels and become what the powers that be want us to be, not what we are by birthright or by nature.


The power of religion, bigotry and all other systems of divide and conquer will seem like nothing compared to the power of technologies along with 'brainwashing' techniques out in society to imprison mankind.

When you cant even think straight nor be left alone in your own mind to reflect or form your own Self according to who you are, a combo of DNA and environment- then how are you supposed to even consider going against an oppressive power structure to begin with?


I am not clear on the technologies, other Targets specialize in this. Eleanor White and others who have engineering backrounds or science backrounds would be best to read up on. But I can tell you one thing:
these systems work. They also harm, destroy, kill, maime, torture and create a literal living Hell for human beings.
You have to understand that ALL WE ARE is elemental. Electromagnetic fields and all the things we cant see make up those parts of what humans ARE, along with what we can see- our physical bodies.

In American culture things like mind control, brainwashing and psychic phenomena such as parapsychology are ignored even banned from the public. In recent years there has been a leaning towards science, logic etc and abondoning the very 70's and turn of the century dabbling or considering spiritual content or occult. This is especially suspect considering that these technologies are nothing but raw science. They are only dangerous when misused by humans. They are documented to exist plainly in our world.

The trend now is to hide these crimes by constantly intimating that the powers that be would never misuse such technologies on human populations, great or small. That that is an impossibility in our current society.

This is a result of brainwashing and propaganda that markets America as 'good' due to anti terror in recent years and cleaning up of SOME VERY SELECT government corruption as well as seeing technology as good and clean and god like where actually like every thing else its subjective: its how it is used.


Anonymous said...

Was just researching alternative energy sources. Came across Wave Power as one.

Looks interesting, but doesn't it require to be located close to an ocean, with waves?

Also, Solar Updraft Tower:

Tidal Power:

Oops, I forgot to add Nuclear to the list of Green Energy power sources. LOL!!

Interesting that most of these aren't widely used, and very few are used in the US. Well, when you figure, the tech behind Nuclear came from the Manhattan Project, it's not surprising so many are pushing this as a "clean" energy source. (What about all the Nuclear Waste gunk they have to store underground? Yuck! Not healthy, either.)

Kevin R said...

This post and your previous post are very well written and would be helpful to anyone going through this. Is your email working now?

Anonymous said...

The abuse of technology on civilians
is real. The reasons given, activist or whistleblower, are false. The intergenerational aspect is real. All
sites dealing with these topics on the
intertubes are fake, with fake victims,
fake moderators, and, most of all, fake comments...("stay strong" or "fight the power" and blah blah blah). All you who happen upon these sites who are curious and sane leave all hope behind. You will come up against professional PR BS artists who can state something resembling the truth and then surround that truth with a wall of BS designed to make you dismiss everything on the site including the 10% that is factual.
If you are familiar with military PR/ propaganda you can see right through it.