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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mass Mind Control USA, Targeting of Individuals: China's Influence

This is not going to be a post where there is a link to reference or prove my point. Alot of what I have been doing over many years as well as some interesting reflections and the very nature of the way and style we are targeted keeps indicating that China or some other communist influence has alot to do with gang stalking. Perahps that is where they took thier inspiration from.

Something keeps saying 'China China..' as well as some influence from India. Asia generally. And believe me they are very good at staying quiet while the enemy blames the wrong people and bangs thier heads against the wall trying to figure things out.

I feel that China is going to be very dangerous in coming years and is already. We cannot afford thier kind of censorship, control and expertise in mind control.

And historically speaking, the Orient (forget PC re-mapping of the world. Orientals are different than Indians. And Russia used to be part of Asia for a reason. There is much Asian influence. There are Russians with Chinese features and vice versa. Screw the new maps. Always look at the LAND, the FLORA, the ANIMALS and the PEOPLE to understand how our world is truly mapped out- becuz that is how Nature mapped it out not man with his false borders and made up countries, which he keeps changing constantly anyway.)...Orientals can be extremely viscous and exacting in warfare as well as rulership. The Orient as well as India- all Eastern peoples deserve respect for much of thier culture being superior, thier intellect and thier sensitivity, sense of honor and spirituality, qualities terrorized out of Europeans to a great extent by 2000 years of oppression by Rome via the Church, plagues etc. An extremely oppressive culture.

However, Europeans have grown in ways that I dont see among Asians specifically Orientals. To me this makes them dangerous overlords. In a way they need to 'grow up' out of being rooted in thier native land becuz remember Indians and Orientals are native peoples.

There is no way that we should have to deal with oppression from quiet, calculating, stealth Asians taking over the country from unseen depths while we blame each other or the standard enemies. Even Afro Centrists who give speeches about infiltrating and taking over can be heard stating that trying to mind f*ck the Asians out of power is not going to work becuz "they are more viscous- they dont have this stance of political correctness that white folks have to show the world". And they are smart, they keep to themselves, to thier own kind but keep quiet and work hard so unlike Muslims or Africans they dont piss anyone off so no one complains about thier not assimilating.

I dont think Asians respect the US nor its people nor Europe either. India has a bone to pick with England for invading and oppressing them for so long and rightly so as does Hong Kong. But keep in mind then that England representing the WASP- the ultimate in 'white', the Anglo Saxon- is going to give many Asians something to resent. I am sure that many Europeans are dismissive of them as well and they know that PC allows America to be muscled nowadays.

We as Americans, maybe the last of any Americans who truly care about our culture, that has mostly abandoned us anyway- must consider the threat from such cultures. The country has been destroyed anyway and the culture altered so badly that only the whitest of whites in white areas or the richest whites in urban areas truly have any freedom or safety. That is now what America was about years ago. Multicultural has been turned into domestic terrorism and its used in a class war against lower and lower middle class whites.

If China has such strict censorship and Japan is so oppressive and corporate then we must consider where does that leave us with so many American companies overseas as well as we being indebted to them.

I have experienced much of the mind control and oppression going along with gang stalking as very Chinese in nature. Its cruelty and its disregard for human rights. I am also curious as to thier relationship with Germany.

We must also go back to the 80's. In the 70's much of America had been sold off to Arabs. In the 80's it was Japan. Then magically when 9-11 happened we were marketed a country that was as American as mom and apple pie. So what happened to all that foriegn influence?

What is going on most likely is that all these things are being used as diversions so the American and other public focuses on these things and does so from a new perception of what 'America' is. America is now perceived as some bizarre 1950
s like place, due to us sticking together and believing in ourselves in the face of 'foriegn' terrorists who are out to get us etc.

A false environment has been constructed, like a prison, for us to exist in while corporate culture and entities basically control the world at this point. The military industrial complex is expanding world wide.

People are asleep for good reason- mass mind control. Targeted Individuals have seen the worst of it first hand. People who see whats going on often run it down to me and then point out that the country's people are doing nothing about it. They let this all happen- I am sad to hear it and want to just tell them to look up at the towers- that its that simple. Technologies, chemicals in chem trails (proven) and psychological operations plus mass media. I want to let them know they are not wrong- they just dont have all the information to solve the question.

People are so hurt and confused. And the bastards behind this, they think that the public can be saved after this-that people can be fooled into forgetting about all this and move on to some happy NWO. Its totally unfair.

And if the truth is not told or known by the people never again will true freedom and liberty exist.

This is all bs so corporate culture can rule the masses. Its that simple. And old cultures like China's way of oppressing its people are being used to do just that.


Medawar said...

The dominant organised crime grouping in the United States is actually the German-American Mafia: it is high enough up the food chain not to figure in the public consciousness, mainly because they are never busted.

The German-American mafia had links to the Gestapo, SA and other Nazi intellgience agencies, the communist Stasi inherited all the files and a lot of the SA and Gestapo case officers, so the Stasi controlled a lot of American organized crime.

Since the fall of communism, in eastern Europe at least, the Stasi has become the Deutchsland Clan, which has a controlling interest in the German American Mafia as well as legitimate companies.

If Communist China wants control of America, the Deutchsland Clan is a natural ally, also open to business offers.

The Deuthchsland Clan doesn't really recognize the Austrian, Czech and Swiss borders, either, so there's quite a power block there, both inside and outside the EU.

Power bases of the German American mafia are Long Island and Central Texas.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, gangstalking is sanctioned and carried out at very high levels. I've found that some state cops are involved. Generally, state troopers are far more professional than town cops. But I believe "they" sent out one one night to harass me, just to prove that this is NOT just a local deal with losers or druggies looking to get their "rewards" (though that is the case a lot of times at local levels). We're talking IRAN CONTRA type organized crime here, somewhere inside the government.

I suspect another reason is to get me hating state cops. And of course they are generally a lot more competent and skilled than local cops, so by having me flip out on one one day could be a ploy to get me killed or jailed by one.

Generally, town cops are more lenient, especially if they know the target, despite going along with the harassment. But around here, I have had friends and former friends going along with it. It also could be a cop who is a friend of one of the local cops here. Funny how it never used to be this way, though. If a local cop got out of line, the state boys would come in and take care of things. Now, we have both state and local doing things to the target in parallel. It's like a synchronized swimming act around here: state and local cops, losers, winners, friends, strangers (I don't really have enemies) alike are doing all of this in parallel.

One TI who may actually be an operative says that each TI has a "handler" that prepares harassment scripts for various peoples, and they are "under orders to harass [the TI]". I have seen operatives going along with the harassment, but the look in their eyes shows that there is something wrong, that they don't really want to be going along with the harassment but "have to".

As far as "willing", I believe the only "willing" ones are the ignorant public who don't know any better. It seems like everyone in the world is a state actor, I believe there is a high percentage of people going along with this, and that the only people left are TI's, perps, the handler preparing the script, and everyone else, who obeys the Big Machine. It's like in the Book of Revelation, how everyone was forced to worship the False Prophet. But there is some debate as to what that account really refers to. Maybe people have debated what it is, but it could be that the author simply knew humans and their propensity for doing such things. More in the next comment.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking the same thing - that it's not worth living here anymore. It seems like everyone who harasses me has another perp or gangstalker who has their backs. Everyone sticks up for each other in this game. I can't even get away with thinking to myself "what an idiot" if some loser harasses me, because I get retaliatory harassment as though I said it out loud to someone with no justification. In fact, I would be justified in saying it out loud, and I am thinking it to myself.

What we have here is a bunch of lazy rats who stick up for the others as though they were heroes who saved someone's life.

What's up with that? We need a good set of international rules to keep these perps in line.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the connection Medawar talks about. Wow, international controlling interests who are allies woth each other in their covert control over the USA. Stuff like Iran-Contra are the beginnings of those types of international channels. There have been targets in Asian countries, that I have seen on YouTube and various blogs, who describe a lot of what we go through in the states. And yes, it does seem like a modern incarnation of ancient Oriental torture. Very good observation.