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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Eyeborg


Once again humans are fascinated and tempted by technology while disregarding the responsibility of such power. So often the more sinister motives that are natural to humans are not considered.

Getting people to talk un self conshusly is not fascinating, its manipulative, controlling and deceptive. Also like most normal artists, this man cannot resist the idea of god like power or doing anything for art's sake. Artists are like scientists in this way, needing to see the results and getting results at any cost.

Technology offers artists and alot of other people for that matter what seems like carte blanche to be unethical and get away with things utilizing tech which would usually not be acceptable otherwise.

We KNOW better than this. My parents taught us the opposite of this and Gen X was fighting to make this kind of society a thing of the past. Then tech became this excuse to behave in such ways once again.

This is NOT ok and this spying and torture as a normal part of society is not a necessary by product of progress.

There could easily be laws implemented to prevent this kind of behavior.

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  1. I know some people would sell out to get better opportunities, but... this is ridiculous. No matter where I go, there is guaranteed to be something set up there in advance. It really is that widespread. Think of it as like the fads we had, like the Cabbage Patch Dolls. From my point of view, it looks like the curent obsession is... me, and other targets. Of course, maybe operatives are very numerous, and are working in the background to spread the word to any possible avenue I may cross. Hence, every possible destination and avenue I may cross has already been figured out in advance, and the agents are there getting the people there involved in the harassment.

    In this day and age, most people's entire existence seems to revolve around harassing targets or playing some role. It is more widespread than you think. I don't agree that it appears everyone is in on it. While everyone is NOT in on it, it seems that MOST people are in on it. Why? It must be the mass mind control, and also contributing to the ruination of a target is the current craze.