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Friday, September 30, 2011

Bush Was Being Sued Over 9-11 In 2004...Its time to wake up now

Gee you dont hear about this much anymore. What happened eh?

And no, not everyone's vote was based on fear.
On election day, 2004, a number of American citizens were preparing to go to the polls to vote and on that day, in a specific moment, they either decided to not vote at all or they voted Republican, both actions against their original intentions to vote Democrat or anything but for Bush.

Many of us simply chose not to vote as the best action possible.

George Bush won that election partially do to fear and that entire mess, but George Bush was ensured to win in 2004 by the use of technologies to sway the public's action. I heard it said on the radio as well as in public, on oddity it seemed, just another strange disturbing occurrence of many during this administration.

The entire eight years was taken by such means. Recall we were going to impeach him after the first election, then something blew up and a war began..a hallmark of everytime a Bush in this line gets into the presidency.

If Romney gets in , due to him being in that little group of people in office in key states during Bush- McCain, Romney, Giuliani, brother Bush, as well as he being basically touted by Bush as a preference in the 2012 elections, I shudder to think what will happen next.

Perhaps this will be the Republican that saves the country and sets things right.
Anything can be done with enough manipulation.

Survivor of programming Cathy O'Brien stated in an early video that this would occur, except alot of details were variable it seems. She said she overheard this basically being planned years ago, that the public would be manipulated in such a way.

Of all the posts I make where I am confused, pained, overtired or targeted heavily where I am beligerant, self absorbed angry etc etc, THIS I am not confused about.

George W. Bush won the 2004 election by means of the same technologies that are used in psy ops by the military, that Michael Aquino of the US Army psy ops proposed in his paper MIND WAR be used to shape and form society via mass mind control as well as target individual dissidents.
During his administration human experimentation was done hidden under the guise of war, anti terror and law and order. The parading as a right wing Christian is nothing but a good front as the country experienced what can only be described as an extreme of evil.

All of this was done to rob the public. Of their money, their pride, their freedom and even their very life energy, some of us have lost our very life essence to these actions. Essentially, we are no more, just as the country is no more.

As long as the public are still confused about what happened or asleep at the wheel, America and perhaps the world will remain in this purgatory so very close to Hell that it has been lifted into by these actions.

It isnt magic, though there is ritual isnt God it isnt a mystery.
Mind control technologies exist which can produce these results when used in unison with chemicals, propaganda and psychology and the Will of the designers.

By seeing the truth, even considering this as a possibility, can we regain our freedom and solace.

I feel I am speaking to a loved one in a coma:
Please wake up.

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Anonymous said...

Most people aren't going to want to wake up. They figure, we live in America, right? Stuff like this only happens in communist countries. Hitler is long dead, and so are the Nazis. Also, they likely are thinking along the lines of why would a president, who was elected by a democratic system, be this evil and full of powerlust? I have just accepted that yes, there are some people that want such as system installed. Most people can't conceive of a modern-day madman existing, because the evil ones Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, etc., have all been done away with. With these deaths, a New Age was ushered in, where people would truly be free. (Maybe they were taking advantage of the public's false sense of security because these tyrants were dead?)

Also, I didn't think of it this way, but the Challenger disaster occured when Bush Sr. was vice president. Sure he wasn't president, but maybe he had more power than the people thougt (while vice pres. and not president)? And also, the Reagan assassination attempt is starting to make sense (hint: who would have become President had he died?). And when the Columbia disaster occured, the other Bush was president. I have suspected since Bush Jr. got elected for his first term, that it was no coincidence there is a major Shuttle disaster every time a Bush is in the White House. What purpose would that serve, I wonder? Oh yeah, to shift the emphasis of the space program to where Bush and his dream regime wanted it. By having a disaster of this magnitude occur, the public starts to grieve and get filled with "they were so brave, we should spend more/less (depending on what the agenda wants) time with the space shuttle program". So it could be a plot to manipulate the public into accepting various phases of military/space exploration/spending/research.

It could very well be that Bush Jr. is way more vile and villaneous than all three of these tyrants combined, but he is even more dangerous because he is going under the cover of doing good things for America.