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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

American Life Now Officially Recognized By World Travelers As Boring


Yes others have noted this as well.

It became noticable and alarming, around 2008. I went back to Boston and really took a hard look at people on the train. They all looked uncharacteristically depressed and gloomy for that area of the country. The only people having fun were students to young to know any better and wealthy adults.

Another activist, a very long time female TI agreed and asked " They look like robots dont they?". She caused me to realize more quickly that what I was seeing was indeed abnormal.

When people complain about a nation of Americans who seemed to just 'let it happen'-the whole mess back to Bush being elected, then 9-11 and so on, I know what they are on about. They are usually akin to children, confused and abandoned as to why thier fellow tribe or family has not protected them nor there homeland from destruction.

I recently heard stories about sects of London where radical anti-American sentiment is so extreme it will get you killed.

Europeans in the past have inquired as to how an entire nation of people can be so stupid?

One answer: Mass Mind Control.

Basically a three point system used on everyone from the entire nation to individuals targeted as enemies of the agenda.

This is the twenty first century, the public are being held in a twentieth century mind set and thats on purpose.

This system is easily explained, can be tracked from its roots in Nazi human experimentation and much of it is actually documented to exist or prototypes of such technologies are patented so one can safely deduct that abuses of such tech could be possible especially on a classified level.

Why am I writing this, a contraversial homeless woman with no formal education nor employment, and not some credible academic?

Firstly, credible acaxemics have written on this subject but that information is often buried in favor of disinfo agents pushing crazy conspiracy theory. The job of the intelligence or psy ops units involved is to market you, the public out of seeing the truth and its as easy as marketing a product to you. Its a great PR campaign where the info they want ignored is buried though easily accessible and the info they contrive or find useful as sensational is pushed forward so that is what you focus on, as well much of this is easily debunked.

Second, credible academics dont want to get targeted or lose tenure or their careers. And they, unlike the rest of us, are smart enough to know that.

The kinds of people who are going to be able to come forward are those who have nothing to lose or have been stripped of everything and now have nothing left to lose. Often people with resources who understand they are targeted in time can retain some normalcy in life but often they have substantial losses and are shunned from society in some area.

Being a whistle blower doesnt come free.
Many human beings are going to crumble under the pressure, the idea of losing what they have and in addition to that, the system on top of allowing them to keep what they have offers them reward for co-operation.
Many people are cowardly and too morally weak to resist. This is where one must rethink a judgement of what makes value. In a situation such as this, an academic is actually more easily detered becuz they posess something valuable.
And the judgement of value in this situation is not measured by normal standards-it seems to be if one posesses moral strength and bravery to the point of stupidity.

Also realize that most Targeted persons posessing information about these issues are usually people who are kept down in society so they cant cause any trouble to begin with. Many TIs are highly intelligent people talented attractive etc. There are other factors involved like a faction of Targets actually can fight this mass mind control system better than average people becuz they themselves are Survivors of individual or group classified mind control projects.

If anyone in our society is truly serious about understanding why the country has undergone the changes that it has then one must consider mass mind control as the explaination.

Its easily mapped out and not at all difficult to comprehend.

The only problem for most people is the mental leap and moral I suppose, in accepting that authorities and powers that be could be so sinister.

One must remember that when dealing with very powerful deadly entities like the military, intelligence agencies as in their darker components and corporations that there exists a kind of success, control and power in which results are all that matter-at any cost. For example if the military industrial complex makes its money off of the loss of human life then why is it outside the realm of possibility that securing power and control or gaining new knowledge for advanced weapons systems wouldnt require loss of life and this would be an acceptable loss? My own predicament was described to me by an informant once :" Expendable people are factored or budgeted into businesses; like budgeting how many construcion workers are projected to die on a job site constructing a large building". It was being intimated that I was one of those kinds of people, which of course is simply more cruelty, a hallmark of all the people involved in harassing people who are targeted.

The public are usually aware of the Dirty Tricks Dept through multiple media types but usually one doesnt end up dealing with that system directly.
Targeted Individuals have fallen into this world seemingly by accident yet its found usually by design.
There is a great difference between an individual who can articulate their experience and make a case that seems legit and someone who is either disordered or hysterical. There is such a thing in our society as people who are targeted becuz they know too much or they are being exploited still or both.

These people, whos lives become wrapped up in the world of covert ops and warfare can attest to the absolute power sought by authority.

There are hints, whispers and even moments of clear stated intent concerning a New World Order but targeted persons can often furnish the details concerning the mechanics of such an undertaking.

Discrediting a whistleblower on this level is usually a preoccupation of the powers that be, if not an obsession.
There are people who for whatever reason are obsessed with order and believe that creating a psycho civilized society will be the ultimate answer, realizing such concepts as world peace.
However Survivors of mind control projects can attest to the reality which is that this kind of peace is false, an illusion. As programming Survivor Cathy Obrien once stated with Mid Western simplicity "There is no peace under mind control".

The evolution of human beings with technology is simply being guided and dictated by special interests as opposed to forming freely or at least to its most possible positive end.

This is a common occurence and can be shown throughout history repeatedly from so many inventors usually mysteriously aquiring 'bad luck', losing their patents and then dying penniless and insane to the work of Tesla and other such people, which actually shows that the earth itself can provide energy for human existence and all our production for consumerist culture as it is now is unnecessary.

Another danger of the internet is that anyone who is brilliant by birth can now be seen, heard and find that in themselves. This is a great threat to the social order. Believe it or not, a family member of one of the 2012 Republican presidential runners was involved in my harassment campaign and her boyfriend stated plainly to me that people from the lower classes who have imagination, soul, spirit and intelligence are a major problem for the upper class. He mentioned Tupac Shakur as example, further implicating as far as Im concerned, conspiracy by hidden forces in his death.

Yet the system of the elite and special interests have this time gone too far. Using technologies to mind control the masses and interfere with natural human development is a foul in the game. Its simply not allowed.

Oppression will always exist, evil, greed etc in human populations but creating a system of total population control of such magnitude is so outrageous and power hungry that someone has to do something about it. Its like hunting squirrels with an elephant gun. It leaves out most of the chance, risk, imagination and creativity that humans use to live out what it means to be human.

The only way to counter this is awareness. Anyone who is interested and can make those mental and moral leaps out of their comfort zone of what they thought they knew about their world can easily access the information necessary to understand how this system works. Then act accordingly. Consider the system of mass and individual mind control when trying to understand why things are the way they are, such as a nation of people just looking on in gloom busy fiddling with their gadgets while allowing their leaders to destroy their nation.

It may be the greatest freedom you will ever attain in the world aas its being set up now. To know the reason why things are so screwed up and people are inhuman.
Its also a refreshing opportunity to regain individuality in a culture seemingly obsessed with conformity in the interest of security.

Its the key to the NWO.

Its really that simple.

And you dont need to depend on groups leaders, experts, psychiatrists, or the normall usual sources of fixing things or setting things right.

As of now there have been attempts by some government and other political powers to make laws and limits on such technologies (proving thus, that they DO exist) but like everything else this is marketed out of focus and replaced with wild conspiracy fodder for the public to focus on.

If citizens care enough about their communities they will realize and then take action make laws etc . For now it seems limited to individuals and groups who know whats going on.

A good chunk of the population in the know is busy trying to entrap TIs and screw us over for pay offs anyway, so there is resistance and difficulty there to begin with.

The most beautiful part of this is that its up to the Will of the individual. No more feeling oppressed by power structureds.


  1. The "checking the wallet" tactics you describe, I don't get those, but something similar. I get a lot of gangstalker types putting both hands behind their backs, or walking with both hands clasped behind their backs. I suppose they are suggesting handcuffing, as in maybe some sort of prisoner ideation? I get this consistently. Sometimes I get the checking the wallet.

  2. 1. anonymous said "I get a lot of gangstalker types putting both hands behind their backs". Interesting, this sounds like a very legit gangstalking tactic. Observing the situation is important, people naturally tend to do this walking in an area where things are delicate or broken easily while looking at expensive items on display. Are they doing anything prior or after that would suggest it is a message to you? Are you facing them or their backs? You can turn the meaning around to define that they are around a precious, rare important valuable person (yourself). They'll be wondering why you are so apreciative of their gestures.