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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The USA is a Sick Society, I Want To Leave But Dont Know How

Pretty soon we will not be able to be travelers or homeless. These scenes are being manipulated so that the mentally ill and other disruptive demographics of the houseless population bring chaos to society. This is so the homeless can remain a problem and then be destroyed altogether.

Squats in Europe are being attacked by the system there even though traditionally they function well within that society. More and more people who do not agree with the agenda are being targeted and driven into homelessness. At the same time its being made harder to be houseless, a traveler or alternatively housed so that anyone who is targeted for not going along with ANY part of the NWO is more easily handled and eventually destroyed.

There are people in the US who believe that doing away with privacy and harassing everyone into being part of an interconnected system of society is the way things should be. Framing someone like me is the perfect excuse to make it look like I need to be watched or I need to be cured or reformed or I need to stop wanting privacy and totally explain and connect to this system or society in order to be normal or reformed.

The comment that trucker made one day, the one named Steve who was in on the harassment I ended up remembering him from the early Bush years in AZ. This guy was the tylical sick woman hater who was part of this to get off on seeing a woman controlled as well as be in on the sick eroticized part of this so many people are into where I am kept as a slave of sorts and it appeals to people there is nothing I can do about it etc, all of which is of course part of the attempted campaign to beat me(and rape me) into becoming a depraved submissive most likely for sex films. Its very common testimony from other Survivors of high level programming who are expendable that when they are no longer useful in the capacity they were in their youth, they are isolated by this system and used for snuff films or whatever.

I asked if a specific community he mentioned minded their own business, which I asked refering to gang stalking of course but he responded as if I were asking that question becuz I was a child molester.
The assholes involved in this often pose as Cause Stalkers, trying to get women out of prostitution via organized stalking and harassment or to reform a child molester but if u r around them long enough they reveal that they are men who have been fucked over by women and want revenge or they are actually perverts who get turned on by the female Survivor being targeted and treated like a sex slave in some sick erotic story. Many of these people I now can testify to are actually themselves child molesters and total sick perverts with vendetta against women and with extreme insecurity to want to control women.

So most Cause Stalkers are full of shit and are actually part of the cult that handles sex slaves and abuses women.

Alot of Americans are into this kind of perversion simply by accepting what is going on without doing anything or disapproving.

This is wby the sex industry MUST stay unregulated and misunderstood. They coukd no longer abuse people easily if it were legal and regulated and could not hide programmed slaves in this industry, destroying such people easily behind the idea that this is what sex workers get in life.

American society is extremely corrupt and negligent in regards to sex slavery especially of women and children.

By marketing my character to the public's imagination as merely a prostitute, it is easy for this system to murder me or harass me into suicide or desfroying my life becjz in the popular imagination, that is what sex workers get. That is the way it goes, the way it is. Its something that is soley the responsibikity of corrupt police and organized crime, its their territory. It is percieved as having nothing to do with mainstream society-they have no part in it and no responsibility.

Even though I am targeted becuz of being programmed and obviously as part of my mother's MK Ultra connection, and this has more to do with war crimes, govt whistleblowing and unethical human experimentation, all this system has to do is keep the focus on the cover story and the American public will percieve me solely according to that image and not care if I live or die. They figure that is the way it goes with my kind of people and its none of their business but the business of the slave handlers.

America is a sick, childish country full of totally brainwashed willfully ignorant people.

It doesnt matter that this is essentially about Nazi human experimentation thats documented in Project Paperclip and MK Ultra. It doesnt matter that I moreso than any other high profile Survivor have more cred in claiming programming has a connection to MK Ultra experimentees as well as the sex industry is tied into this, via my mother being a documented radiation experimetee with both parents in the US Marines. Other Survivors all tell basic similar stories yet I have the actual documented connection to MK Ultra. Yet my being involved in adult entertainment is what is focused on, even though its really the least important issue at hand.

This is why America is so dangerous and murderous. Greedy criminal minded empire that, unlike Rome hides its brutality even from itself using Abrahamic religions to do so.

Its disgusting really. We focus on ancient Rome with shock and awe yet refuse to face our own crimes against humanity, perversions or madness as an empire.

As someone who has been kept down and destroyed simply to ensure the United States of America never has to admit to its war crimes I am sick and tired kissing ass to survive while living under duress being attacked by my own country and merely smiled at by other citizens while I am slowly destroyed and kept from expressing my potential.

I am tired of being enslaved by a nation that cant exist without slavery.

And being pjshed constantly to 'get honest' and become more open, social and connected to society is bullshit also. This is done as part of forced deprogramming so that I cannot have privacy, so I cannot work in secrecy so that I may never grow in power or have personal power.

I want nothing to do with a nation that has pirposefully destroyed me as an artist and writes me off as a mentally ill person so they dont have to deal with thier own shit as war criminals and perverts.

Fuck the US and their obsession with a Puritanical front to cover up thier crimes.

I want to leave but dont know how. The only thing stopping me is lack of money status and understanding travel outside the US due to lack of experience.

But to finally escape and perhaps die in a foriegn country is better than this.

What they are doing is trying to break me down via hard core brainwashing or behavior modification methods so that I accept what happened as normal and forget about it and take a place in society at this lowly level....hmph, as if far below average was where I would have ended up had I not been destroyed.

Fuck the US and this twisted new idealization of busting down the best to create equality. Strangely I have read this is done alot in Scandinavian countries, so the best are humbled, which makes the attitudes of Black Metal musicians there even more understandable. Flaunting being the best etc. This is America. I should have been able to take full advantage of my birthright as talented, beautiful and smart, taken it to its limits and then mellowed out with age or realized social responsibility as an elder. This sick idea of destroying talented people in the US is marketed to the Equality Diversity cult here but in reality is to ensure that corporate culture and dominance over peoples lives stays firmly in place.

There is no more America. The USA doesnt even exist anymore. Its all corporate now, it got sold off a long time ago. I dont want to live in a corporation I want to live in a legit human culture.

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