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Saturday, September 10, 2011

harassment while traveling...tactics, gesturing

In a different part of the country now. just got some tactics i think cant be totally positive this instance. left GPS on smart phone woth long time phone number and by now every TI should now rhat brings perps to you inevitably.

i am in a part of the country where i pretty much feel superior to anyone who messes with me being from Boston and all.

i like this area, i respect this region...but gang stalkers here have traditionally gotten mild amusement from me thats all.
they wear pentagrams on their clothes here and bumper stickers on their cars and i al supposed to be stifled with fear by teenybopper satanists with a cartoonish existence. why dont you wear a sign on your head as well?

it would be so easy to counter their moves here...being from the northeast. it could be fun actually but i have leaned that these Satanic types are just religious Cause Stalkers equal to their Christian counter parts, thus neither can be taken seriously...or at face value.

i would like to believe these people are either brainwashed and performing psy ops or that tjey are in full knowledge of being involved in Psy Ops and the belief systems are always a front.

Either way thier peasants and hicks here , if they want to pull power or rank thats where they stsnd...so it doesnt really affect me. they were horribly unattractive as well. i will just look in the mirror and feel better about the situation. as for the rest of the people here they couldnt be nicer.


  1. Gangstalkers are very crude human beings. Kind of reminds me of the rest of the System. Bleah! So superficial and gross. I call them "talking dummies". When I get gangstalkers coming around saying insulting things, I think to myself, if they are so smart, then why can't they telepathically communicate their insults to me? And then the question becomes why are they saying the things they are just to get a reaction (obvious). So they are basically admitting they are lying (implicitly) when they are mumbling insults.

    And then there is the concept that this is like a football game, and the enemies (informants, perps, gangstalkers) are playing for "their team". They seem to treat it as such, like this is a game, and they are on the winning team, so they never actually see themselves as losers and nobodies.

    But how to fight this? There is like a million of them to one of us, and they have the added benefit of some concealed harassment/monitoring toys. We are classic stalking victims, yet the people involved see US as the losers and nobodies, because we are on the "losing team".

    But then I have never sold out to "them", the big they as you call them. If we are nobodies, we'd have joined them. But then, this is akin to a football game, and hence that makes us the losers.

    It seems the System just has a huge problem with us. However we will not make it an easy football game for them. We will not yield, just because we are down a few touchdowns. We will not lay down for them. So it's too goddamned bad if they are mad because we aren't accepting our situations. Why should we give up just for them? This is a democracy, not a football game. They see this as a football game, not as a democracy where according to law, all people are innocent until proven guilty, and every citizen is given due process. No, they have to heckle and insult us, because they see this as a game where we are getting routed and stomped all over.

    This must be mass brainwashing to accomplish this, to get the masses to think like this.

  2. Wow, perps saying "oh well" about something this serious? Well, why don't they sign up to be a target like us, then?

    And that is very illuminating what you said earlier, that certain shows are created solely with the one goal of getting to a target and nothing else. It seems there are numerous extremely stupid movies coming out, and I wonder why they go to these lengths to get to a target? Like this one:


    There are a whole bunch of movies that are just plain ridiculous like this one. But the public is used to this kind of crap, so I imagine they will be highly entertained. I watched this movie (mistake) at a friend's house, and I did laugh, as did he. But I was laughing because I knew I was being psy-opped badly in a number of scenes. I actually wanted to be pissed off intensely, but just had to laugh, because I see this sh*t so damned often. Well, I must be right, because I got a form of temporary mind wipe/blanking when posting about this right now.

    I was going to point out certain scenes, but I figured the entire point of having a TI blog is to harvest information from the TI and the TI's responding. I meant allowing the TI to have a blog. Of course, they will use it to gain feedback. I feel very confident they use blogs such as yours to get feedback so they can hone and refine and adjust certain parameters. Also, they love to have TI's let them know how they are doing, and blogs are a way of accomplishing this.

  3. Hey Its Jamie, thanks for sending me the subscription request for YouTube. The email on the blog, I sent you an email but no response.
    You are a strong woman, and very intelligent. I hope that we can meet someday. I am in an apartment complex and they have perps in surrounding apts on their noise campaign and electronics. They have toyed with the voice to skull or however that works, once they had me dozing off and yelled my name louder than the radio. Startled me but I just said "fuck you assholes" Where you are sounds like a bunch of backwoods people. Stay safe and know that all you do is appreciated, hope I get to return even more to you.

  4. I was just wondering, going by responses you get on your blogs and videos how many people would you say are on your side? My guess is that you get much moral support, and it may be helpful to think of that when it feels like the perps get the best of you. You got targets out there depending on you, cheering for you, on your side. No matter what illusions the perps try to make you think is real it is good to remember that. And even if what they rub in your face is real and hits your heart, still there are us who wouldn't mind whatever imperfections you have. You may say I'm just an outsider and what do I know about you anyways. I only know you from what you write, and that appears to be a person of truth who cares about other people who are suffering and you do what you can to help them in a courageous way.

  5. You're not in or near Lancaster, PA; are you? If so, I'd have to disagree with you about most of the people being nice. A lot of them are actually assholes. A large portion of them are also involved in gang-stalking.

    If you're not referring to anywhere near Lancaster, I would certainly love to know where this place is located.

  6. @Anonymous: I'm a TI with a blog myself and my Perps seem to retaliate every time I make a new entry to it. Some of this retaliation includes increased mobbing at work.