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Saturday, September 24, 2011

NYC Police Contain And Mace Female Protesters

I personally have experienced up close and personal the arrogance and sexism of this part of the East Coast establishment.

And it makes me feel a whole lot more validated in my decision to leave and never return to the northeast again.

Nice job once again guys. They get off on this shit, I can tell you from experience that they do. To them its as good as f*cking these broads even better.

They are the guard dogs of the rich and its all they know.

Keep in mind at all times that there are decent cops left out there, these sites focus on corruption which needs a focus becuz this aint gonna make it onto the news or interrupt the nations obsession with insular bs like American Idol, which of course makes them feel safe and approved of by authority. Which of course is natural for The People to be seeking like beaten down dogs becuz as one can see, going up against authority in public places isnt ending favorably these days.



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After looking at the full video on youtube, I take the first post back, these women did nothing that warranted that macing, they were only concerned with someone else getting beat down by the cops. It's a damn shame where this country is, and it's getting worse. These cops need a lesson in courtesy, and respect, RESPECT learn it you police state loving evil enforcers.