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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dangers Of Giving Personal Info To Stores For Databases/ MC Through SD Card

Being targeted often we live in society through alters or lead 'double lives'. For those of us who are Survivors of programming its useful but with all the harassment and attempted brainwashing its hard to remian fully cautious as a TI while livng in society pretending everything is ok. Keeping up a good front isnt always practical. We slip into our alter, our front wanting desperately for a life where everything would truly be normal and ok. So obvious things may slip past us. Knowing damn well that a store like MICROCENTER is involved in targeting TIs not only with remote influence but with overt gang stalking in stores, why the hell would I give them my personal info at the register? Its not easy to play this role in society while constantly being controlled by an abusive entity. Its very much like being in a relationship with a severe controlling abusive partner and having no choice other than to put on a good front to survive. Those relationships involve alot of mind control as well and of course American and western society in general are kept from understanding the realities of mind control so many people in those relationships end up having to hide thier horrible predicaments becuz people simply do NOT understand why the person cant get out of it. Try having such a situation being victim to that by a huge well funded entity with connections to government and state actors. Its no surprise that the wheel chart used to explain domestic violence is exactly what TIs live with being Targeted Individuals:Power and Control.

Not only doesnt society understand, they dont believe becuz they simply dont want to. They want to believe America is what you see you get. TIs know better.

I have noticed that mini sd cards that i had given my name address etc to MICROCENTER have played a part in remote influence. It was hard to accept, to want to believe. Yet the difference can be felt when the card is removed from the smart phone. It could be info given upon purchase or i could be simply via whatever device is put into a computer and associated with the TI. Unbelievable? Sure, but with what I have seen and experienced its actually feasable. The classified tech capabilities seem to be much more advanced that what is openly known to the public.

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Anonymous said...

Private. I wish to maintain a low profile.

Each SD card has a unique CID. I would not be surprised if a unique ID for every hardware device is required by US law.

Barcodes, credit card numbers, radio communication, etc. I think you get it by now. I would be surprised if there was not a central database linking personal information of every individual. Obtaining products second-hand may help, but I guess there really is no way to avoid this entirely.

The Faraday cage method SHOULD block any EMP (electromagnetic pulse). When your SD card is not inserted, I recommend you wrap it in some insulation (to cover the contacts so there will be no short circuits) and then completely in something like tin foil.