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Monday, September 5, 2011

Black White and Red Vid YouTube

I only watched the beginning. One mistake is the star next to Yoda he speaks of is a pentacle not a pentagram. Pentagram is inverted. At least I have some validation for my noting this nation wide as a color combo worn by people in a gang like or cult fashion.


Anonymous said...

I noticed those color combinations back in 2006, at one of the peaks of my harassment. There, I'd see joggers and walkers wearing red when I was coming into town. Upon exiting the town a few hours later, I noticed they were wearing black. Or vice versa. They also were using some brighter colors, such as yellow, or blue, or blue and black. I have noticed the use of colors back then. Now I haven't noticed this too much, but maybe I have just been desensitized, or they shelved the color tactics?

So what significance would blue or yellow be, or perhaps orange?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this could be a key to their usage of colors.