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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Boring Attempt to Discredit TI's and Gang Stalking/Black Ops

Notice how this YOUNG woman has made sure that comments are disabled for this video. COWARD!!

Why doesnt she allow at least a response? A video response?

Who does this woman think she is?? What is she trying to get some grand opportunity or get her stupid poetry published?

This woman should be sued for defamation, especially of people like me who are children of DOCUMENTED survivors of human experimentation connected to the military and other state actors.

She has done no research at all. She is stupid enough to believe whatever a video or book tells her. Obviously she has no expertise in black ops or any other kind of spycraft. She is totally non political in her approach to this.

This video should be flagged until she gets off the air. By the way, nice black and red combo, scarf etc.

Anybody bored after almost ten years of ametuers like this as well as pros trying to discredit us?

Total idiot.

I am sure there are enough of you out there who have the talents to even this up. Go for it.... Get rid of this b*tch. The only reason she pissess me off so much is that she is some prissy ass poet who is also a young whippper snapper. Also being from Boston and being BORN IN CAMBRIDGE MA with my parents meeting in prestigise Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA, its hard to take her putting on aires very seriously. In fact, I have seen street kids back home in New England with more cred for being poets or sophisticated. Up yours dear.

After so many years I have simply lost my patience with this non stop flow of people doing really simple stupid things to discredit us.

The question should be, who is SHE? Why does SHE think she is this important. Most TI's actually know why they are targeted.

Shes worse than psychiatry, simply making a judgement without any logic or investigation.

Stick to flowery words honey, because scientific method and logic are not your strong suit.

Oh and stop eating all those Ho-Hos between poems. Or are you just lonely? If you lost some weight maybe you wouldnt be so concerned with other people's business.

And alot of us know that perps have jobs, many of them are successful actually, thus they are involved in vices they have to cover ass for..duh. Perps are either in need of protection or they are in want of something, or they are horribly insecure. In fact many of them are either totally skinny Beta males or fat unhappy b*tches like this example in the vid. Lets hope she is just an innocent that decided to stick her nose where it doesnt belong.

Lets give this little teddy bear a taste of what happens when she tries to stick her nose in the hive. I say she needs to be stung a bit. Of course she is avoiding reality and consequences via turning off the comments. Messaging her instead might suffice. DONT INSULT HER OR BE ABUSIVE. Just tell her like it is. Let her know this is serious business and plenty of TI's are credible people in society.

As for myself I might be easily discredited but the information I have I use to blackmail a good deal of my way out of being closed in on. Thus this is my 'cred'.

This is just another dumb kid trying to muscle in on our territory. I must say these types of attempts are getting less and less.

Also if she were to allow a video response we could at least send her the DOCUMENTED cases of gang stalking, like those two news videos on YouTube and one of them has a real life policeman (gasp!) actually talking about gang stalking existing.
Seems she did not look very hard on YouTube under "gang stalking" to find those vids or any other ones other than the vid that can be discredited that Eleanor White featured on, I think its Eleanor doing that vid actually.

Like I said, we need an anti defamation league. This is really disgusting, especially since there is testimony right on YouTube directly from the Pres Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, most informative on Marsboy's YouTube account, that plainly gives testimony to a presidential appointed committee concerning gang stalking-like harassment.

Shut this girl down, not with harassment becuz unlike the perps, we are not DESPERATE AND GUILTY, but with fact and reason. Oh how they would love it if we bought into being guilty as those smear campaigns try to make out.

Notice how she went along with the crazy approach opposed to the 'you deserve this' for some infraction on society etc, approach. Gee, how can any one TI be deserving of being both mentally ill enough to be simply imagining things as well as being bullied for life wherever they go for these supposed reasons that they 'deserve' to be bullied for life??

This shit is only going to work for a few more years. Its almost time I can tell. The only reason this EVER worked was the feeding frenzy that was created during Bush that people went for becuz they knew they could get away with it or via the fear factor that his administration created that traumatized people into being easily brainwashed.

Notice also that she never asks "WHY do you think you are important", she simply states that we are not. Gee, thats alot of people to make a generalized statement about, without any interviews or anything on her own or research. Please prove to this chick how unimportant she is really...I have seen much better attempts in my years being Targeted, and ones that were much more frightening.


Anonymous said...

She's just someone ranting about things she knows absolutely nothing about. A very typical type of person with knowledge not being one of her virtues. A common person could rarely understand why/how a person is gangstalked, because there is nothing that really sets them apart from others. Pride filled they seem to be envious that no one is interested in stalking them, often responding with comments like "what makes you so important? who has the money to follow you? what makes you so special?". So I ask her to ask herself why no one is targeting her. Answer, TOO COMMON.

Anonymous said...

I sent her a message and got "fuck off" as my answer. LOL Looks like she is a perp in actuality.

Anonymous said...

If I were you I would keep an eye on this bitch. IF she makes a video SLANDERING and/or DEFAMING you personally, you should threaten and even pursue legal action (wouldn't it be nice to get a financial comeuppance from this jerk?). She has seen your blog and is now likely to attack you personally, and I almost hope she does because she is playing with fire.

Anonymous said...

I emailed this woman and politely asked her to consider the facts, told her I think she should consider an appology to the TI community, and here is the exact response I got:


Funny, now she feels "harassed" when her very own youtube acct. gives her gmail address for comments and viewers to email her. WHO IS CRAZY NOW? In no way could my email be construed as "harassment". She is fucked in the head for sure.

Anonymous said...

Here she is:

In case she defames you at a future date over this blog, there she is.

Anonymous said...

Now this bitch won't quit emailing me, here are some of her comments, each one of them is from a separate email (I have been advised by my lawyer that I can pursue legal action if she continues with inflammatory statements like this, but I live in Canada so who cares, just think it's CREEPY the way she reacts to constructive criticism):


you're a perp
what are you going to do, I'll email you 100 times
you're a piece of shit, you fucking idiot
i wonder why, maybe because you're a fucking psycho, you're a creep and a loser, good job being a stalker
if you hate gangstalking so much maybe you shouldn't stalk other people, hope this helps you realize what a literal piece of human scum you are

So here she is calling me a perp when I simply emailed her gmail acct. that she posts for public comments regarding her erroneous bs about gangstalking. I emailed her ONCE, and she comes back at me accusing me of harassment, to which I said in no way what I emailed could be considered as such. I told her STOP EMAILING ME and then she emails me seven times after that! And I find it funny that someone who scoffs at the claims of harassment by others is so quick to play victim over the email, and then have the audacity to email me so many times with such venom. Seriously MESSED UP.