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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thread On Gang Stalking As Paranoia

I think I tackled this thread before and basically did a rip up job concerning actual TIs with reliable motives for being targeted being harmed by the generalization.
What bothers me about this now is that reading it, looking over these peoples behaviors its hard to judge exactly what their situations are.

Its not every car that goes by. Youll know a perp becuz they do specific things to.stand out from normal people. The purpose of doing a tactic is to get the Targets attention anyway, as the perps are conditioning the Target with behavioral psychology and must form.patterns order to use repitition to brainwash the Target. Patterns are formed with each perp coming into contact with Targeted Individuals. Normal, random occurences and free association are broken up by gang stalking activity. (at this juncture in this post my phone cut dead and shut off and now again on this site trying finish this post, paragraph bar wont work I cannot type with phone sideways and backspace now destroys entire words not individual letters with one press of bitton. ) I was writing about when I had home invasions baxk at Washington St Brighton MA I knew someone had been in my place. The gas was left on, or important papers were gone through and lefy in places where I would notice they had been moved. There was one video i made and it caught an intruder entering the apartment but the video camera was digital and before the face could be seen, the vid mysteriously goes into alot of times (x) magnification, so the image cant be made out nor a face either. (paragraph): I have heaed truck drivers tell stories about a place where their equipment does such things and radios malfunction or change stations by themselves etc: Area fifty one (isnt letting me use number keys either) in New Mexico. TIs are full well aware of such interferences with electronics or technologies. Many of us have been unfortunate enough to be plagued with the white vans and bkack helicopters. Many of us have experienced MILABs which have nothing to do with littke gren men. This is a particularly sick and very powerful faction of the military playing games. Often its thought to be occultists within the military who have akot of power, resources,and access. Its also connected to human experimenration black projects and other activities that these factions would like to keep quiet and have thw public only see such things as science fiction. (pp) But its a definate program of psychological warfare . Its not vague and the Target wont be mistaken about what is going on.


  1. Here is the source of the one page I posted.


    A former area 51 worker is revealing that we might be facing an attack from extra-dimensional demon-beings.Be aware that many of these similar cases are taking place in this world but are being s-i-l-e-n-c-e-d,anything which concerns TRUTH.

    He talks about "extra-dimensional beings" at 0:55-1:00. One theory is they could be some people from a future military invading us (in the past). Who knows. But he really sounds shaken. Before that, he said he had been "running across the country". Maybe he was gangstalked and messed with severly with tech. After all, he did work for Area 51, which had heavy CIA involvement and interest.

    1:15-1:20 he says these "beings" have invaded a lot of aspects of the military, "particularly Area 51". (sounds like he was messed with because he knew and witnessed some of these experiments there and who knows what else.)

    He says Disasters are coming. At 1:47, he says "they want the major population centers wiped out".

  2. Here is an interesting "account".


    One explanation is that the both of them were given doses of something, e.g. a hallucinogenic drug, which made them "experience" all these events, including the creatures, etc. And the part about mis-identifying Jupiter is interesting, too. Sounds like an effect such a drug would have, i.e., making Jupiter appear to be a bright burning aircraft of some sort hovering around.

    Second explanation: people of the future are invading the past and doing experiments on their ancient ancestors. I'd like to think this was plausible, but kind of far-fetched. See, they have proven to have the technology NOW to see 1 day or less into my future with astonishing clarity and accuracy, and presenting it back to me in various forms (psy-ops, whatever). And if certain factions doing experimentation can do this now in the present day, then perhaps people in the distant future, from a different time, are going to be invading us, masquerading as aliens, to try to study us.

    A third explanation is that they were making it up, possibly under orders from some powerful faction.

  3. I have experienced this while I was sleeping or coming out of a sleep. They seemed to be using something other than sound, but rather their tech to simulate a binaural beat played through a speaker. Possibly done via satellite delivery.


    I felt like they were using this to hypnotize me and get some valuable info via hypnosis. The hypnosis was also done via the same tech.

  4. extra dimensional demon beings, can be possible, but I like to work on hard facts, or at the least believable. E.T's from another dimension or space to an everyday person would sound totally delusional, and would discredit any claims you are being gangstalked by humans. If it appears to be dimensional it is most likely hidden technology, or drugs that humans are controlling/using on you. However if this is actually other worldly, or even earthly advanced beings, I believe it to be apart from gangstalking. That would be a far reach for me to believe that these beings are controlling what humans say and do around me. I believe humans have free will because ultimately we make our decisions, even if we get manipulated, convinced, tortured, influenced, still choice is ours.