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Friday, September 16, 2011

Using Blog's IP Address To Track Activists

O have over the years realized that one major way that i am tracked by whoever sends out gang stalkers in person is by whatever ip address shows up from a computer posting on thos blog. using my phone doesnt attract gang stalkers. just now that post with the video was from a library location in CA. I had not experienced anythig but slight tech in a college area nearby. Now walking out of that library I not only cam feel thir presence but am getting exactly what i expected: strangers dping tactics etc.

funny thwt it was quiet in this location for days up until i posted on that computer.

so i turned on my gps as i believe there is an elememt or faction that watches out fr TIs and if its poloc or govt then this would be the best method of countsring the actions of whoever the rogue elemnts are.

Recalll my expereience has often been that any and all remote influence stops dead when a police vehicle or police man or woman comes into my presence, randomly, a cop who is there or in that location for some other reaskn and is NOT involved with gang stalking.

This says alot about how criminal this really is.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that, too; everything is so damned graphic. Including shows like nCSI. But then nCSI is probably intended for targets anyways, while giving the masses something to melt their brains into mush with. Again, the characters come across like good guys who promise to get them bad guys! The Interrogation Room scenes are where the harassment seems concentrated the harshed. It seems like the characters they put in the Interrogation Room have something related to targets and their situations, and the interrogators (who are pure and Chaste good guys doing society a favor) are like, well you are slime and we are going to put you away. And there is always something about those bad guys that is intended to humiliate targets.

Still, pales in comparisons to those idiotic commercials, which try to make fun of targets, but have this 12 yo bully mentality to them.

Mike C said...

pinpointing the way they track us is difficult because I believe they use various ways depending on the situation. If you walk out of the place where you are known to live, a spotter can relay the info if you have your phone on or not, from there you will be tracked by them watching following. If they dont know where you are the phone will be used to know your location. There are probably many other ways used, more advanced facial recognition. I believe phones/computers are used much for their networking their tecniques for the day.

Anonymous said...

You're right. It's a multi-faceted system consisting of a number of components working together. One facet is the deal with the vehicular harassment of various forms. You may get a car facing away from you, and the driver might put on the brakes, in effect harassing you with the bright red color of the tail lights. Another aspect is the complete disrespect a target gets by various perps. I suppose that may be intentionally "scripted" and prescribed by the controllers to break you down as a human, to make you more pliable and easier to control, as you may realize resistance is futile. Also, it may be to keep hammering away until you break, and "turn" (work for the system).

But it's so odd living like this, because technically, none of this should be permitted, as we are living in a Democracy with courts, and due process. But here we are, with all kinds of people disrespecting us, and getting kind of brave with the harassment, etc.

Anonymous said...

Plus the FBI or NSA have access to all kinds of toys that can read minds, and hence find embarrassing moments to use against a target via walking backwards in the person's memory. Then, after locating a suitable memory in the past, I suspect they have another toy/tool/device that can visit a period in the past, to a certain year and location, ala Back to the Future. Hey, a lot of stuff you see in Sci Fi movies is actually covert reality.

I pointed out the article where the FBI paid off one or more OpenBSD developers to put backdoors in their network code. To this day, nobody knows if the backdoors are there, and where, if at all, because those things are usually coded in software very subtly.

Suppose if a person is a nonconsensual human experimentee, and the FBI has a role in this, that the FBI would do similar? Pay off writers of commercials, or have another faction give them info to put in their scripts to harass targets with? A lot of critics would say, but how does the FBI and other govt. agencies have the money to pay all of this off when the govt. is broke? Well, black budget moneys, together with funding by the illicit drug trade in exchange for surveillance/protection, between the criminal enterprise, organized crime, and the FBI.

If the FBI does it, then the CIA and NSA will do it as well. And it may not actually be THEIR money nor the taxpayers money, but money coming from overseas criminal enterprises involving prostitution (child and adult), and big-time drug deals and trafficking rings. Yeah yeah so there's a war on drugs and lot of big time deals in the news are always get busted. So what? How come the drug problem keeps getting worse and worse and worse then? The answer is that the war on drugs may be one of many cover operations where other seedy things may be happening behind the scenes.

Remember Perverted Justice a vigilante group that goes after sex offenders? It could be a covert operation to obtain child porn and access to child slaves via the "fall guys" they expose and apprehend with their operations.

The war on drugs is really a war to make a bad problem worse, and way to protect the big-time dealers at the federal level who are funding CIA/FBI/NSA illegal activities.

Aww there I went, telling the truth again! I suppose I'm going to see another commercial with psy-ops directed at me again.

Anonymous said...

Not just Chinese Mafia. There is an entire world full of these criminal enterprises. You can bet they are making deals with nations we are enemies with and are secretly being controlled by them because of this covert influence they bring. In fact, I'll bet we've been making deals with our enemies for long time, going way back to the early days of this nation. The problem is projects involving security clearances and such. It's so easy to hide anything they are working on because of National Security. Well explain then underground deals with foreign nations at high levels?

Anonymous said...

Loved the Rory Gallagher. Kinda had a calming effect. Loved the blues guitar licks. Great guitarist and musician.