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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chemtrails To Blame For Bad Time Past Few Days?

my friend just pointed out that there have been chemtrails in the sky all day. i was too agitated to notice.
Its strange i felt fine a week ago and now train riders left ( they dont put up with any bs from racial intimidators or anyone else for that matter. whenever they are in town i personally find any area i am in peaceful. ) when they left and over past few days its sucked and i have been. annoyed pissed aggrevated.


Medawar said...

Vapour trails are affected by conditions in the upper atmosphere, and the same conditions affect the way that RF radiation is reflected and distorted by the upper atmosphere.

It could be that vapour trails are articifically enhanced purely to calibrate RF sensors and weapons.

It's very hard to see how some of the claimed RF effects are achieved without some pretty accurate real-time data on the upper atmosphere near the target.

Anonymous said...

When you say 'train riders', do you mean this group?

If so, thats interesting that they dont perp you.