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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Public Enemy Warn Of Obama Deception

I know damn well that the blacks that come after me are COINTELPRO house slaves or gang members working for their CIA drug overlords. And I know that poor black America wants and needs different things than poor white America, (whether they are aware of that or not) but when it comes to what is going on with the NWO and trying to enslave ALL mamkind or perhaps a good amount of the population, many of us agree and see the same things occurring.

The sad thing is that alot of people seem happy even through this economic slump.

Truth has become something inconvenient even distasteful. Things that are self evident are no longer worth considering.

The powers that be have shown their muscle over any possible rebellion or the internet exposing all corruption or uniting peoples against power structures. They have shown us, simply that ignoring the People or laws even and invalidating internet activism is all that is required to overshadow any true threat to thier power.

They simply appeal to people's greed and need for power tripping. In this they have found a great ally, one that will most likely never abandon them.

That and human fear and cowardice...something I have seen so commonly under the past two administrations it makes me sick to be human.

As long as the public are stuck in a 20th century mentality they will never believe that 21st century methods and technologies exist that are being used to control them and falsely shape their worlds.


Anonymous said...

Or by simply claiming something is true, even if it plainly is not, and forcing/having all of their sheeple yes-men agree. Strike up the loud chorus of "this is true because it isn't" type logic. And then having said sheeple laugh at the people who know said thing is not true, just for disagreeing with the sheeple and the controllers who decided it was true anyways.

Hey, some of us can not help it if we don't agree with things that are part of their 'pretend reality', which are re-inforced with electronic torture and mind control devices. Either the reality is false or it isn't, and I am not about to start caving in just because they are using mind interference to mess up my train of thought when I post something I believe is 100% factual in your blog. And they like to also put words into my mouth, like have an image of a man screaming coincident with their electronic torture. I get to decide when I want to scream. Can I help it if I am not in total awe at their stockpile of impressive torture toys floating around in space and mounted on towers? I don't have to let the torture bother me. So they put an image of a man screaming anyways, and the image may have other psy-ops in there. They get real mad if I don't accept their BS they are forcing on me in this manner, and cry "wrong!" instead. Always they have to have the sheeple agreeing with the wrong things that are part of the psy-ops and the false realities too. That in itself is a psy-op. Getting mind interference again. Not gonna let them impress me with that.

Anonymous said...

Another reason some of us are targeted is to get the population focused on what bad people we are made out to be as per the slander campaign with all kinds of bad traits and habits, to divert the population from discovering the evils they are indulging in. That way, the mindless sheeple never figure out that the CIA is engaging in international law breaking, like internatinal drug trafficking between governments/nations, etc.