Arrival (2016)

Trigger warning: just stay aware and centered. Can be helpful but must avoid overall effects of this movie such as strange dreams and what seems like an opening to psychic experience but it actually resembles hypnotism on a mild level. Its a pleasant diversion at any rate. Those of you who have an affinity for language or are verbal will appreciate this movie.



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Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Testimony For A World Wide Prison

First time I have seen this link I believe.
So this is what I have been trying to describe eslecially through experiencing it first hand.


Anonymous said...

Staying mad: I feel it's important to a TI's survival to stay mad at
them. Too often, they try to placate us, or offer us "perks" if we
allow them control.

I wonder what's going on inside their little Castle of theirs? Here's
what I think: you know all those guys who get arrested for having sex
with 11-15 year old girls? I'll bet some of those perps get fixed up
with a teenage girl like 13-15, and they get paid off on top of that.
I envision their Castle as having this Orgy/Banquet, just like they had
in Rome. And they can do illegal stuff there, and get rewarded with the
Grapes of the Vine. Others like me and you, we are the grapes that are
getting stomped with the feet of these Feasters, and they are making
wine they are sipping at their Banquet. That's why I am hearing
examples of my ideas and life moments and personality even being used in
popular art/music/movies. That is the wine that they are squeezing from
the grapes (you, me, select other TI's).

So back to these perks: I suppose they at some point will allow me into
their castle, and allow me to feast on some of the scraps and drink a
little bit of their wine they squeezed from me. They have hinted they
will allow me some of this, for being a good slave and allowing them
some control over me.

It's like the one young woman I knew: she wanted to have sex with me, refused. She came into my life, and she got some info out of me, as well as the occasional photo of me. And I did allow some of these perps to take photos of me. At some point, I saw her again, and told her about how unfair it is for me to be suffering and driven to suicide like this, while she goes around having sex with my students. She gets to taste the Nectar of the Gods, while I get info squeezed out of me and harassed constantly. I feel that a lot of this Illuminati is a bunch of dirty cowards, like the dirty gangsters you see hanging in the alleys.

I will definitely get harassed in retaliation for my opinions, but there is a freedom of speech clause in the Constitution for a reason. That could be what our Founding Fathers was trying to curtail: harassment for speaking out about corruption, to protect us who speak out and blow the whistle on corruption. That's how I see it.

They can talk and harass me all they want, but I will never give The Network any part of me, which is what they want. I refuse to be a whore for them and their "ho's" (the perps informants shills operatives whatever).

Anonymous said...

I think they are getting bitter, and we are seeing the brunt of their
anger, because we are DENYING them what they want from us. It's like
the person who desperately wants to sleep with a hot woman, and the
woman refuses to give the strange man what he wants. So we resist, the
man gets mad and starts throwing a tantrum. There are plenty of men and
women in this network, I feel. I feel them getting really red in the
face when I refuse to have sex with any other their "members".

Just keep denying them, and they will keep getting madder and madder,
and that is when they send more of their dullards after us to provoke us
harder and harder. They have a passive aggressive personality, and that
is why they send more and more goofy types who they program with the
idea that they have "won". This whole laughing at us and saying they
won bit is just them getting red in the face because we refuse to give
in to them and sleep with them and their whores.

And I hate to put it that way, but... [mind blanking] I guess being the
intrinsic artist type, I have this disdain for other "normal" humans
anyways. "They" say they are trying to guide me down the right path, and
I get "guidance" from "them" all the time. Like, they'll ask me if I'm
doing the right thing by taking either of these two full-time jobs whose
offers are still pending. Things like that. I was looking at the staff
composer jobs in Hollywood, but I get the impression there are too many
perps and opportunists there, and that those that do make it have to
sell out and kiss ass of the system and other people. So I can forget
that. The way I'm feeling now, I'd rather get a regular boring
full-time job (if I can even get one due to my target status), on
principle, than have to kiss ass with the system and others in Hollywood
and elsewhere to get heard. It seems a select number of the
performers in the pop music biz are fully aware of my compositions.
Others who are complete strangers but are operatives seem to know the
music I am improvising on guitar in my house here without even me
publishing it. So what would the point be?

At least I know what "this" is all about. It's like when I logged onto, I clicked on one section, and the headline had a message in the form of a headline which I feel was meant for me to be seen by "them": it said "Welcome to the Big Show". I know this is Big business.