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Monday, October 3, 2011

Gang Stalking/Covert Ops Denier Vid Makes You Tube Featured Video


This is the YouTube channel for this awful young woman who has posted an extremely irresponsible video on organized stalking and harassment. She has not allowed comments on this video AND its now a featured video on YouTube.


Also I tried to comment on her channel, but when I signed in to do so, the comment box was no longer visible.

She is normal looking and a female as well as deals with things like rape and its social impact etc on her channel. This is not good becuz she is far too credible and seemingly sympathetic.

However she is immature as well as ignorant about politics as she totally avoids approaching the subject with any consideration.

This is yet another put down, another attempt at disillusionment and to induce doubt.

Its part of the bullying and don't allow it to get to you.
She's either got her own deep seated issues she can't deal with or she's knowingly a provocateur.

Many talented, successful artists are in on this, and people involved in media and higher education.

Just look at my perps. Gheppetti was an art teacher at Museum of Fine Arts School Boston, Jeanette Angel who wrote two books ghostwritten partially with my old friend/associate Julia was a BU professor and author (which Julies less valued friends were never told), and countless powerful men associated with the latter have been in on this.

Jake and his little buddies from the music industry.

Recall how hard I was harassed at Emerson College Boston?

Anyone who does not have the sense or the guts to simply look at the vids of the Pres Advisory Committee On Human. ..Experiments to plainly see that organized stalking and harassment are par the course in being a victim witness is not worth listening to.

Perhaps make videos responding to this or countering her TOTALLY IGNORANT rant on this subject matter.

What is she going to deny behavior mod next or any other form of brain washing?

This is more than ignorance, this is on purpose.


  1. Did you not get my email or previous comments about this bitch on your other post about her?

    I suggest you look at them.

  2. When I emailed this "lady" she told me simply to "fuck off" over FACTS. Don't waste your time with her.