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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friend One Era, Foe The Next

Doesnt pay to play ball with the system, the shadow rule is unpredictable.

Notice how in news reports he couldnt believe he was no longer in control. Mind control, even of the best, largest and greatest in our world. He probably never thought he was expendable.

No one is safe from this creation of the NWO. Getting rid of dictators and banks just paves the way for a one world government, the creation of peace and total equality the promise.

How can a country like America or any other democracy torture and harass its own citizens for such selfish ends and be capable of peace or into Equality? Equality itself a deceptive concept.

As long as the public focuses on OTHER leader's human rights violations and war crimes, and they refuse to look at the covert systems that make America great, they will continue to believe breaking down other countries is a stellar idea, not understanding whats really going on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, probably just a misdirection play, like when the QB in a football game fakes handing off to the RB and then throws a big pass downfield. Luckily, some of us aren't asleep at the switch. Those of us have been studying their moves, using your blog and other info out there (after sifting through and bearing in mind there is a ton of disinfo). It just looks so much like getting rid of the "Evil" Saddam. But Saddam was only a threat to his own people; we had no business being over there in the first place. But we, the US, insist on playing World Cops. Also, I have seen some footage of his capture, and I can only say UGH!! Wow, he looked like a vulnerable human being picked on bullies instead of a mighty dastardly dictator.

Also, these captures and torture/killings of such dictators are surely a scare tactic to scare TI's into compliance, to show us that mighty people are expendable. It's also to show us that we have it relatively good as TI's, that we are well-protected and have a lot more comfort and freedoms. And of course it was important to have this televised, to show the pain and suffering of this poor, vulnerable human -- the once mighty leader -- as a further tactic of psychological warfare to get us under control and show us what "could happen" to us, but they are "protecting us". All we have to do is put up with some misinformed ignoramuses playing roles and mind games with us and harassing us. You know, the usual perps, but they are supposed to be a minor inconvenience compared to what could happen to us little people. But we shall not suffer the physical brutal killings and torture of the mighty leaders.

Seeing the death of Quadaffi, right now I'm feeling like it's amazing me. Seeing him go down like a street pauper is the end of an era, for me. Like in the 80's, how we used to view him on the news in disgust, his powerful madman face is now reduced to a pathetic whimper of a broken man begging for mercy. That has to be psy warfare to get us TI's in line/under control. of course, the news is now completely in control of the operatives working for the NWO, so it does not surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to be enjoying themselves in this new, sterilized world. I'm guessing there are 'privileged' ones who are 'allowed' to live normal lives, while everyone else has to live in a sterile, cleanroom, yet depraved intensely environment. And of course, manufactured enemies, of which Gadaffi was one. He had to be manufactured as an enemy. I saw where when he was captured, they were sodomizing him. Now that was f-ing disgusting and so demeaning. Of course, the System made him a manufactured enemy, so of course, all of society has to go poking sticks in his ass and hating him.

I was just checking out some new porn, and I noticed how nobody seems to be having any fun at all. Looks like robots raping each other, and pretending that they like it. That's a good summary of what this NWO is: raping each other in a robotic fashion, and pretending like it's 'great sex'.

Those privileged few I was talking about, and of course the ding-a-ling perps getting off on their harassment of targets are the only ones truly having fun. Everyone else is robot rape fest passing off as a great orgy.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a good article. Even Russia looks upon the "west" with disgust.

Even "British MP Jeremy Corbyn said that, as Gaddafi was captured alive, he should have been treated as prisoner of war, interrogated and put on trial," but "it looks that there was an element of mob rule in this, and he was indeed killed in the back of the truck," as reported by RT on October 20.

The whole deal of verbally abusing him, sodomizing him, torturing, shooting, and then displaying the victim like a trophy sounds so much like the out of hand mob rule component of gangstalking. It's like everywhere there is a Western influence, you will find barbaric treatment of enemies of the Western State.

Justice has to be done, and we have to do something to get this "Mob Rule" component to the NWO under control. I can see parallels between Gadaffi's death and those of Jesus Christ, and I'm talking from a historic rather than a religious perspective. If you read the Gospel, you'll find that the "citizens" all wanted him beaten and crucified, and he was given the barbaric treatment followed by the display to the people (on the cross) just like what happened here with Gadaffi. Instead of being displayed on a cross, he was displayed in a freezer. All to please "the people" (the mindless mob of citizens). He too was verbally accused with humiliation tactics, like haha look at the "Son of God" now. Then the frenzied mob at the crucifixion were saying things like go ahead perform a miracle now, let's see you save yourself now "Son of God", all that kind of stuff.

Looks like the West has been influenced by some of the worst regimes from antiquity (like from around the time of Christ for example). There is something very evil in a "year 33 AD" type of way about the capture of Gaddafi and the way he was abused verbally/physically that harkens back to the days of Christ's crucifixion. It's like the spirit of those days is back again, and the TI's are being treated like Christ, too. Note that Christ had healing powers, too, like some TI's have. That's why some targets will claim Christ was a TI. I believe he was, too. Just an incredibly spiritual man who was a threat to the mighty Pontius Pilots. And he had his Judas Iscariot, too, like TI's have. You know the ones who come into our lives to hand us over to Pontius Pilot.

Of course, if this whole deal with Christ is real and not made up. It could be a manufactured novel type story meant to convey a religious ideal. I think he was real, but it's interesting to see if those others were real people. i.e., Judas Iscariot ratting him out and being responsible for him being taken away, etc. Was Iscariot even a real person?

Anonymous said...

OK, so I was wrong. Pilot did not want to crucify Jesus, but the frenzied mob demanded it, and he washed his hands of the deal as a symbolic gesture. Interesting story. The mob wanted Christ dead. Why was that? Because he had some special powers that they did not, and they were trying to equalize him with their mob powers? People never learn.