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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Survivors May Be Slaves Of The Elite, But Its Better Than Being Common

I think I understand more each year why the elite, as we like to refer to them, are so intent on harassing Targets. I realize that the true danger lies with the common people. In a way the elite are perhaps trying to get us to see we are more like them than the common people we deal with many of whom are involved in gang stalking simply out of jealously to 'prove' somehow that we are not so special, that we are simply targeted due to the cover stories.

Of course the mass is utilized by the designers of these campaigns, knowing they think and behave this way and its a sort of lesson really. After years of dealing with the public in this situation you realize that many of them simply cannot grasp what is really going on. That they want you to be common like them, they want to go beyond bringing you doing to thier level, they dont even KNOW anything else is thier problem.

I see now that people who are targeted probably know more about why they are targeted and about the higher ups and thier true motivation for these campaigns than the people in on the harassment on lower levels. I now believe that they can only accept cover stories and it is thier defense against the unknown that denies we are mind control survivors, born into Ritual Abuse families, even human experimentation which is documented. They cant accept these realities becuz firstly it would make them NOT special and so they have to believe the TI is just a piece of sh*t as marketed. Secondly, they are not smart enough, talented enough..simply elite ENOUGH to comprehend such levels of existence anyway.

And setting TI's up as mentally ill even before they know what is going on is perfect. As of right now, whoever is reading this after I write and post it can simply say I am delusional, first with paranoia and then with delusions of grandeur. Its THAT simple.

I never realized how key psychiatry and the mental hygiene culture was to hiding the realities of secret societies as well as the existence of real magick in the world. This might also be why very strong cultures that believe in religion are targeted, other than Jews it seems, becuz that is a threat. When humans can find it in themselves to believe in something, the state then has less power. Especially when its a personal relationship with a god like figure or worse for them: you own god spark. They absolutely hate this and cannot allow it to exist, especially nowadays when there is this USSR/East German like obsession with handing all your power over to The State, as it were. Which isnt even the government anymore though that is who appears to be demanding servitude.

So a culture is constructed to make them the stars, make them special. American Idol, reality shows, destroy a few real talents that have to go before they start remembering or becoming powerful with age anyway (Spears, Lohan etc) to show the public THEY are the ones who rule, that MOB RULES. And they will serve the authorities forever, a symbiotic relationship, a mutual admiration society. No law, no order, no justice no true appreciation of these concepts left. Just obsession with self and instant gratification, a cult like existence.

For instance, I cannot to this day be around places like Berkeley for too long, due to there being way to many African Americans who are in on gang stalking or think they know whats going on. They cannot get past the idea that I was always more than just a Target, more than just a contracted hit or contract for harassment. They absolutely hate the fact that I turned out to be more than just some pimped out idiot as the cover story sells to the public. Blacks are very dangerous in these circumstances, not the ones who really understand whats going on and want to truly fight the system but the House Slaves, the Wannabes- the ones who are part of the huge gang networks or even COINTELPRO, however its set up nowadays- like the gang network is under CIA rule so they do thier dirty work in order to keep operating etc. Whatever the set up is these are NOT blacks who are fighting the system. They are out for themselves or some whacked out belief system such as the Black Guerilla gang I posted about last night, who has allies with the Weather Underground. Interestingly, these two gangs are allies with the Simbinese Army or whatever that is that kidnapped Patty Hearst in the 70's. WE SAW HER SUFFER FROM BEING BRAINWASHED WITH TORTURE AND TYPICAL CULT MIND CONTROL TACTICS. WE SAW THE RESULTS. THIS MEANS THAT THESE GANGS ARE FULL WELL AWARE OF MIND CONTROL.

In fact they could be the ones that were doing the experimentation, poking and probing around, kidnapping Survivors like myself messing around with that trying to find out how it works, becuz it doesnt make sense that any state actor or secret society would have to poke and probe around and experiment with a programmed person becuz they would already know how it works. Why would they have to test such things?

There was a faction involved that is very curious about programming and had what seemed like an elementary knowledge of the details, trying stupid sh*t like entering dreams trying to get information etc. During Bush the blackest projects were being toyed with. Some very nasty, awful things. And STILL they couldnt get it right.
Whoever is behind this needs to face facts: the Orders run things. You're idiots compared to these higher powers. You are a joke. You are ants. What you are doing is building a Tower of Babel, with the same results I assume.

Its like they were trying to access other dimensions or the human soul itself. It was disgusting really. Ridiculous. Well, at least you know where all that unaccounted for money goes to or money from black market activities. Wasted on trying to be gods.

I am sure they think they got somewhere too. Like they accomplished something or harvested the info they wanted to further some aspect of thier own growth. All they did was screw up the order of things as well as destroy some very special, wonderful people who happen to house souls that are here for thier own purpose one that mankind has NO business dictating or interfering with.

And all this knowledge I have, all these years of suffering and aging and physical damage due to this battle can be written off as my being mentally ill, delusional or living in a functioning delusion, as in I function well or am high functioning within the context of my being mentally ill ultimately.

All that is bullshit. I am very lucky to be able to give details about years of working with Julia as well as details about any other part of my life that other people know are true and are too close to reality to be made up. Also coming after me during a federal investigation where my untouchable former associate never got busted or questioned was a bit sloppy and provides me with more leverage, as its a bit suspect that no one realized I was soooo insane or there was never a diagnoses or a problem with my sanity until that federal investigation.

I am going to catch you. I am going to sue whoever I can and I am going to expose this for what it is. And all the backwards blacks in the world or determined gang members or wanna bes or jealous commoners or egomaniacs in show biz or at least the sexist music industry are NOT going to stop me. Using small time petty shit to first get your jollies and then cover up the most classified ridiculous human experimentation known to man during Bush is totally unacceptable. Worse than that is trying to downgrade me and minimize this situation by harassing me into the street where every common, UNspecial wannabe idiot is trying collectively to bring me down or get into my pants or whatever so that eventually even I forget who I am, what I know, who I knew and what I was supposed to be in this life that has been altered.

You WILL NOT make me forget who I am and you can keep it up with the commoners constantly trying to make me out to be nuts, yet all the while they salivate just to be seen in public speaking to me to get a name for themselves.

I am going to pay you back for making me live among these people, for surrounding me with peasants while I should have been up in the castle.

I dont mean other travelers and other special people, I dont mean folk and family, of which there are all races, etc. I mean the idiots who so often are around those scenes that we all have to deal with. They suck. And this society makes sure that we have to deal with them constantly in order to get any kind of needs met like showers etc. This is all done on purpose to further bring down the very special, spiritual and naturally psychic perhaps magickal people who hit the road, knowing that 'normal' society is not welcoming to them, especially nowadays.

And if any one psychiatry person wants to question any of what I do or write with nonsense about 'magical thinking' I can start naming clients, important ones, professors etc and start telling how my own psychiatrist f*cked me over for this campaign and we will see how harsh reality about organized crime and crooked cops etc stands up (and crushes) made up bs like psychiatry.

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