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Saturday, October 15, 2011

How Safe Is A Political Event Like OCCUPY For TIs?

The point is to always let the bad elements in, gs could not exist without these present.

Its true what one older seasoned TI told me, that getting into activism connects you with either decent people or even other Targets.

During the day tue elements are just that description.
Tonight I heard a drunken Native woman talking to an old white homebum and it was the kind of talk that people who know something about either the cover story or the gang stalking talk aboit.
"Thats the girl right there?" and more whispers and pointing.

Just like every other time you know its gs related.

The last few nights have been ridiculous with the noise and out of control drunks being present. Its turned late.night into just somewhere for homebums to sleep.

Many of.these types are NOT there doing anything for the OCCUPY during the day. Some of the drunk Natives actually are involved in the OCCUPY activities, and they are usually the least beligerant drunks by evening...just noisy thats all.

But as usual I have to wonder if the chaos isnt on purpose like either purposely more chaotic thsn usual or allowed to become a mess.

I learned this also from a fellow TI pointing out that staying at the airport back home worked to avoid being harassed becuz the kinds of people who got hired there had to be clean and of a decent character, at least professional, mostly due to stringent standards due to anti terrorism.

During the day the people that are here becuz they care about the cause are positive.
That unsavory element is around at night.

So it proves true repeatedly that gs is very dependant on character.

We have alot of people driving heckling us. Whats interesting is that there are different cars repeating the same phrases. "I kill people" and "I love war" are prominent. There was not this pattern of.heckling last night.

I say gang stalking or harassment by professionals, or at least people on the take, of protesters and activists.

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