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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RE-Brain Washing As a Counter Move Against the GS System

One way a TI can fight the brainwashing that takes hold of us is by RE brainwashing our selves.

I know I have shown this vid before but its a good example and with limited pc time lately I want a quick example. Find a video you find to be somehow inspiring. I dont mean faintly inspiring, I mean something that seems to totally destroy or take you out of the defeated state that the stalking, harassment, tech remote influence or chemical influence has put you into.

That Mike Tyson video does this for me.

It may seem odd to watch something over and over and over...repeatedly until most people would be sick of it. Yet, THAT IS WHAT BRAIN WASHING IS. THAT IS WHAT THE GS SYSTEM HAS DONE TO YOU OVER MANY YEARS OR MONTHS TIME. All you are doing is exactly what the oppressor's brain washing system has done, in fact you are UNdoing it with this method. Who gives a sh*t what others think.

In fact if you DONT pull such counter methods like this, you might no be able to think at all after a while.
Sometimes, someone puts a goofy little piece of work on YouTube or elsewhere and they think its just thier little thing. I would say this is one of the most productive uses of so many people involved in putting stuff onto the internet.

Men at war often have pin ups that keep them sane, or other things for inspiration. In WWII it was cheesecake pin ups and painted on the sides of planes etc. In Vietnam, some soldiers would play Hendrix's aggressive music before storming forward.

Whatever you find, make it so its pure magic on your nervous system. It rises the Vril, your fighting energy, whatever you want to call it.

Also note that using EMF on the public is part of a campaign that seems to be trying to destroy or reduce such naturally occurring energies in human beings.

This also works seeing as how totally isolated many TIs are.

That one piece of media, the one that works for you, look at it not as merely media. Whatever is laid on it, the music to the video, the work of its Creator, see it more as a code. A magician's spell. A formula. And whoever laid thier vision, creativity and ENERGY on that piece of Pre Recorded Light and Sound has made a code which triggers, somehow, your energy to be released or empowers you. USE IT.

Also understand that, especially among we mind control Survivors, another con job or cover story is to try to make us seem like we are Autistic from birth. If we are as such, its only after what THIS SYSTEM and the people around us have done to us. So watching something over and over again can give a perp or someone ignorant of whats going on, the ammo they need to believe or say we are Autistic. Which is utter bullsh*t and we know it or should. If I was ever caught rocking back and forth you can bet 100% it was from trauma, not some 'disorder', and this system came after me when I wanted to heal, to go through those child hood memories and clear that trauma through my system, only creating much worse wounds and trauma.


Anonymous said...

Kept seeing wimpy perp stunts all day. Like cars driving slow and pausing for a long time just to get a reaction. And the flacid limply holding their hand out the window. Got two apparently retarded young girls doing the checking the wallet tactic. Just because I won't drop my drawers and drool all over their unspecial asses.

Very unmanly things being pulled. But since their group is very destructive, their unmanly actions really count as manly because of the groups immense power overall. Then some middle school girl was screaming "I hate you wimpy!" to her friend across the street as soon as I was entering KFC. And this girl thought she was the shit. I guess screaming insulting things in a public place makes one very hard and tough. Just because some asses were dropping their hands out the window and I noted their behaviors and tactics as "wimpy". So now they require that I suffer retaliatory harassment because I dared think their truth. But OTOH, this is supposed to be a prison. How now is someone who never takes the easy way out supposed to be "wimpy", but some strange sheeple belonging to the flock isn't, just because said person is screaming her head off in a public place with lots of people and getting away with it? Are these people really that jealous and aggressively idiotic?

All this because some poor corrupt entity with lots of power is afraid of exposure. Oh my, so I have to be subjected to this massive farce.

Anonymous said...

And she was with her mommy and daddy, as she wasn't old enough to drive, so they had to haul her stupid ass around. But she was doing the screaming when her parents weren't around, and there was like a ton of people around. And you know the overall power of the group is something a person like me should bow down to, right? And who are these people? I could probably beat that girl at whatever sport she plays, despite her being that young. I know I could. It just gets me all mad and angry and frustrated. A ton of people guided by a corrupt system need to do psy-ops like this all the time to make themselves the powerhouse, when this entire structure is basically nothing with little wimpy cowards who encourage scrubs who get driven around by mommy and daddy who actually should get cited for disorderly conduct to harass a target and show off their immense stupidity.

And of course, females, like always. It's amazing how an almost 43 yo man can get little girls' panties in a knot like this, little girls reaching puberty who need to vent their frustration because they know I am better than they despite the big age difference. And I could beat this girl at whatever sport she plays, and do it faster too. Just like the little cunt next door screaming shit and not getting cited because they're protected by the little doing wimpy things to get a reaction mob? Wimps. They are all pussies, from the bottom all the way to the top.

Anonymous said...

As a TI, I'm finding the system is finding ways to flatter and appease me in the midst of all the harassment, and I'm not sure why. It could be that the psy-ops people are human, and feel that I'm being hammered pretty hard, and are throwing me some respite. Or, perhaps they are doing this out of necessity, and is part of their brainwashing tactics: to give me the occasional perks, to keep me from wanting to wriggle off of their fishing hook they've thrown me.

And I get some advice from people in the know that I should just ignore the creeps who are harassing me, like it's as simple as just ignoring the perps. Well, I can say that it isn't that easy, because a TI is constantly bombarded with perps wherever he or she goes, so it isn't that simple. Or third, it's an excuse, because they themselves are going along with it, to minimize what is done and make it sound simple to overcome. And besides, ignoring in-person jagoffs always gets me compensatory remote influence harassment. So it's impossible to overcome, because this system's controllers were smart enough to have redundancy built in. How can a person overcome harassment, other than not living a life, and moving to an underground concrete bunker? Even if it were possible, that's not a way to live a life, and they still win, because the TI is in an underground prison, which is worse in many ways to putting up with gangstalking pricks.

I know there are a lot of opposite sex perverts trying to get into my pants by doing the harassment. That much is opposite. I've noted that 90% of my harassment is from opposite sex perps. A formula that is true for many TI's.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess I really needed to get out of town here to experience these other tactics. Just yesterday afternoon, was in another town, got some church types hounding me, giving me fliers about their Lutheran church, and the guy was hounding me about do I think I am going to get to "Heaven" whenever I am gone? I told him "I do whatever I can". I help others, visit people who need company, etc. Have done this for years. Never turned anyone in need down. However, this guy would NOT get the hell away from me. He told me to read the pamphlet and that the pamphlet described the verses in the Bible I need to read to get to Heaven.

That is a constant thing with preachers, always telling people that certain verses tell you how to get to Heaven. It isn't enough to live a good life and help others.

Whatever. I told him I really need to get the Hell out of there, because I need to go places and get things done. Well, I didn't say it in those exact words, but it would have been funny if I did. :) Or maybe I should have told him I want to get the Hades out of here, which would have insulted his religion.

I mean, I did read your posts on this very subject. And one of the three Lutheran "salesmen" were waiting for me on another street (!!!) after I got back. Got stalked by Jehovah's witness types, but I don't know what they were. They were older mean in suits, handing out pamphlets. And I got steered right into it with blocking harassment on detour streets