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Friday, October 28, 2011

Obama's Pastor Aligns 9-11-01 With Colored People's Revenge...The Other Parties Style Of Fear Mongering

Only a weak minded total loser who has been driven to psychosis by repeated best downs in society and made totally powerless as a human being, specifically a male, would utilize 9-11-01 as an 'example' of retrobution from African American peoples for oppression. Also wake up and realize skin color or 'race' is irrelevant, CLASS is more the issue with opression of certain peoples. Has this man never heard of the Boule? He probably is a stooge for them and doenst realize it.
His words are akin to that of a terrorist.

I thought this was about the Middle East and extremist factions? What does hue of skin or amounts of pigmentation have to do with this? Unless he is aligning hinself with Muslim extremists.

Well Obama is clever enough anyway to consort with EXTREMISTS who are not 'lone extremists', which is a phrase he uses frequently to write off oddities such as lone shooters and anyone else singled out and driven insane by parties unknown.

Also, if one looks at the brush strokes of this art work before us now, one can see the genius is ensuring Obama is associated with this weakling, this racist fanatic who bashes Bush- while Obama himself simply carries on the agenda for the same powers that be.

This pastor is more than just akin to an embarassing uncle, as Obama has put it.

Today's Republicans and Democrats dont really leave much choice do they? Each has thier own tactical and methods for terrorism to control the population. Americans now consistently live under terrorist rule, psychological imprisonment. It doesnt matter who gets into office.

Seen Hillary lately? Shes literally an Obama-bot. She looks youthful and blonde once again and seems to imitate Obama's style of speaking and even body language. Her publicly dissing Mr Clinton and turning to Obama was the symbolic gesture of leaving the white man to be in the care of a black man in power.
Why did this joining of forces have to consist of allowing the public to view her dissing her husband publicly? Becuz this symbolic act, part of the intimidation and brainwashing, had to be made to look as if it were a willful choice of a scorned woman, then simply political and platonic. Yet if it were truly professional, the exhibition of her private affairs would not have been necessary. Its as if in order to be trusted she had to betray the white male and be taken under the care of the black male.

Racial issues as such figure far to prominently in the modern definition of what a Democrat is.

These mind games are designed to keep the public under the control of one oppressive system, between two parties, both abusive to the public in some way.


Anonymous said...

Heard some hateful comments from students out in the hallway. First I heard "he's probably gonna play with himself" and "I don't even wanna even know" like he's talking about something serious. Idiots. I was in the physics lab trying to get things done, and with those talking dummies verbally masturbating out in the hallway, I got pissed enough to leave. I caught a glimpse of the dudes doing this, and they were two kinda scroungy little boys. We're talking community college, so they were adults cronologically. I swear, construction workers get this thing where supposed to be dumb macho woman ogling ogres, but the construction guys I saw outside as I was leaving (after the second comment by ugly weasly male students, as if I expected anything different) were a lot more mature than those dumb hater boys, and they were nice. It goes to show you how times have changed. They're letting in any stupid piece of trash into colleges and universities, as long as the play along with the system. Fucking ugly looking dickheads, too. Like weasly boys who can't seem to figure out what soap and deodorant is. I was trying to get stuff done, but apparently, the corrupt piece of shits had other plans. They can't leave us alone, can they? And upon driving home, saw an operative walking along the road, looking kind of blank and spaced. It probably was a theater to respresent the fact I was kinda drained. And yet they let the weasles do their thing and attack. I'm seeing a lot of trailer trash males at colleges these days. Remember when college boys used to be clean cut gentlemen? Well now they're puerile idiots with infant brains who hate to get a reaction. I guess trolling for a reaction is all the ability they have. More hate and jealousy.

Anonymous said...

Stalkers ruining the economy?

Sounds like it makes sense. And all of that so cretins can ride around and smirk at targets. Got heckled by three drunk idiots planted outside a bar. And then 2 women running their traps like the drunk men.