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Monday, October 10, 2011

Europe Not Free To Speak About Islam And Immigration

I am one of those people who bitches and moans about wanting to go home to Europe, the land of our ancestors. There are reasons for this, and one of them is also mass immigration of alot of cultures. Many of them Muslim, some of them from places like Haiti and Africa which is as oppressive as Islam.

However much of the problem is with African Americans. They have a deadly combo of PC from yuppies protecting them and the intimidation and persuasion of hip hop/gangster culture as well as thier typical style of physical violence to dominate any situation especially any criticism of them no matter how true it is.

This is EXACTLY the same problem as Islam is creating in Europe. And we too are basically in trouble if we say anyrhing about these total scams and actions that are destroying the poor white and ethnic desendents of Europeans.

This goes along with alot of sick race mixing propaganda and junk science to back it up.

There is a war on. I am very suspect of blacks being connected to whats going on world wide due to their connection to Islam.

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