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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Criminal Minds Once Again Propaganda Covering Black Ops/Projects

The great thing about my situation is that I map everything out, provide decent reference links and never did snap, which many a Target is driven too. I also have some nice dirt on important people so taking me into custody would never be as good an idea as getting me to suicide or go postal to do a death-by-cop.

Having me marketed as nuts during a federal investigation where an untouchable madam's friends and associates were being investigated, a madam who happened to be my friend, wasnt exactly a great idea. Its a bit suspect...they really thought it would work. I am either needed to tell my story one nasty perp hissed at me: I got friends.

True I didnt know enough to really cause problems. What was done to me was more ritualistic as well as purely a power trip for many of the mobbers involved-a huge network within this nation in fact.

I noticed that with my continued tenacity and my writing becoming more popular, my being able to reveal more info years later, that these people are not so proud, so smug anymore. Perhaps they are simply done with what they set out to do-my life is ruined, my potential gone. Yet, it might also be that finally, someone can map out logically and show cause, that there is indeed a system that covers for America's civil and human rights atrocities, which are the norm in the world of covert activities; black ops, black projects and Dirty Tricks Dept.

The episode is titled "Derailed". Firstly, if someone like Ted is targeted, which indications give theres plenty of typical motive- academic, on the edge theories, worked for the government. The fact they are showing him with an imaginary person representing his paranoia is ridiculous.

The missing part of this story is simply what TIs blog and write about and do activism on constantly: the use of organized stalking and harassment, chemical warfare as well as technologies that, as a cocktail in the end can result in a person acting out the 'psychotic' episode this piece of fiction shows on tv.

The problem with our society is that the public have been rendered so insane that they will be lulled into believing this piece of fiction. In reality there is more than ample evidence to show that there is a shadow world of activity that influences events and shapes our world. One that if exposed and understood by the public, would have made an accurate explaination as to this man's actions, not using the simple psychiatric explaination, which is not just inaccurate but untrue.

The main character, poor tormented Ted the physicist didnt have to end up shot. He wouldnt have had to suffer the unkind cruel words of an uppity, ignorant detective upon his being put into an ambulance: Ted: "Im sorry...Im sorry" Detective:"Its a bit late for that now".
He could have done alot worse...if only our uppity detective knew what TIs really endure.
As one little sicko said to me in St Louis years ago: "Women from Boston might be beautiful in their hearts and their minds...but a person can take only so much".
The arrogance of this scum of society, typical for the gang stalking system to utilize as they have no qualms about killing or torture-they are confident in the fact that most human beings will succumb to prolonged torture-ending usually in suicide or homicide, or both.

Ted could have been dealt with according to the situation that made him as sick as he had become. Perhaps trying to understand how many times he had been dosed with what kinds of drugs, most likely psychedelics and other mold based LSD like drugs and other horrible chemical erosion of the mind and body. What tech might be being used to assist in driving him to a psychotic state- maybe even taking him underground or to a Faraday Cage like environment. Also, who says hes NOT chipped? The problem is that we, the audience are never informed of the fact that many TIs have hard evidence that they are chipped. X-rays and more.

The information given to the audience is not just incomplete, but false-a deception. Yet this is what most forms popular opinion concerning such matters.

Criminal Minds has a track record of psy ops activity concerning specific TIs and this episode illustrates their continued support of disinformation, the agenda and being part of the propaganda machine.

Good, patriotic Americans to some....scum of the earth to those who must suffer, and be part of the human price of the hidden world of covert activity that gives most Americans such a high quality of life.

Remember that next time you go to Disney World...but isnt that just why you go? So you never have to deal with reality, what really makes up the world you exist in?

As far as I can see, every Target, like Ted was in this story perhaps, is far more fortunate than the people who believe what the trash in Hollywood tell them.
But of course....Ted was above average. Bettet to see as far as the human mind can be taken and go mad, than to exist within a child's dream. The secret is to understand how their tricks are done.


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