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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Criminal Minds Once Again Propaganda Covering Black Ops/Projects

In my theoretical situation, I map everything out, provide decent reference links and try to stay balanced.

I noticed that with my continued tenacity and my writing becoming more popular, my being able to reveal more info years later, that people are not so proud, so smug anymore. Perhaps they are simply done with what they set out to do-my life is ruined, my potential gone.  It's always bettet to silence someone who knows too much or just keep them down or discredit them as opposed to attract attention. There's probably good reason many people who 'derail' don't live long enough to speak out or be examined or aren't allowed to speak to the press and are kept drugged.


The episode is titled "Derailed". Firstly, if someone like Ted is targeted there's usually plenty of the typical motives. The fact they are showing him with an imaginary person representing his paranoia is ridiculous. It could simply be the final result of unbelievable pressure, psychological pressure along with various other factors like druggings, electromagnetic influence even programming or microchipping. Testosterone has a major part in people 'snapping' especially in death-by-cop or 'lone shooter' situations.

The missing part of this story is simply what TIs blog and write about and do activism on constantly: the theoretical  use of organized stalking and harassment, chemical warfare as well as technologies that, as a cocktail in the end can result in a person acting out the 'psychotic' episode this piece of fiction shows on tv.

The problem with our society is that the public have been rendered so insane that they will be lulled into believing this piece of fiction. In reality there is more than ample evidence to show that there is a shadow world of activity that influences events that shapes our world.
A reality that if exposed and understood by the public, would have made an accurate explaination as to this man's actions, not using the simple psychiatric explanation.

The main character, poor tormented Ted the physicist didnt have to end up shot. He wouldnt have had to suffer the unkind cruel words of an uppity, ignorant detective upon his being put into an ambulance.

Ted: "I'm sorry...I'm sorry"
Detective: "Its a bit late for that now".

He could have done alot worse.
As one alleged perp said to me in St Louis in 2008:
"Women from Boston might be beautiful in their hearts and their minds...but a person can take only so much".  In other words-we can get to anyone, regardless of your value or your goodness.

The arrogance of this scum of society. they are confident in the fact that most human beings will succumb to prolonged torture-ending usually in suicide or homicide, or both if not at least being discredited.

Ted could have been dealt with according to the situation that made him as sick as he had become.

The information given to the audience is not just incomplete, but a deception.
Yet  this is what most forms popular opinion concerning such matters.

Criminal Minds has a track record of media psy ops as well as out right propaganda and this episode illustrates their continued support of disinformation, the agenda and being part of the propaganda machine.

An insult  to those that must suffer and be part of the human price of the hidden world of covert activity that gives most Americans such a high quality of life.

Remember that next time you go to Disney World...but isnt that just why you go? So you never have to deal with reality, what really makes up the world you exist in?

As far as I can see, every Target, like Ted was in this story perhaps, is far more fortunate than the people who believe what the trash in Hollywood tells them.  Better to see as far as the human mind can be taken and go mad, than to exist within a child's dream.

The secret is to understand how their tricks are done.

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