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Monday, October 10, 2011

An African American Blog Brings Clarity About Methods Of Slave Building

This is exactly what is done to mind controlled slaves, most of us white, many of the women deemed expendables from poor single mothers who are themselves from comprimised pedophile families.

The slave making processes are exactly what all mind control and programming Survivors describe as our common shared backgrounds. Every mind control Survivor of programming ends up describing the same set of circumstances.

What is so shocking is that African Americans would be so deeply involved in the breaking process or as with me I realize, they have been trying to "break a civilized nigger" with torture.

The problem with this is that no one acknowledges we are telling the truth. Also its unpopular to claim that former victims of such treatment that's historically documented are involved in playing extreme House slave in covert activities connected to slavery.

One also has to realize that there have been many other kinds of slaves in history just as the Jews are not the only Holocaust.

The danger of one group making claim to exclusive suffering is that it becomes almost like part of the marketing angle for their people, then when other groups claim to suffer such injustices at their own hands, no one wants to believe the culture marketed to suffer so, exclusively, would do such things to another group.

Yet by logic, one learns to abuse well enough from their abusers.

Black pimping is an example lessons well learned about slavery, though they are not exclusive in being pimps.

People are going to have to face that slavery is a well thought out long in use system, and it exists covertly in our and other free Democratic societies, thus the need for it to be covert in nature.

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