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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Mind Control Of Individuals Or The Masses Is Possible Through Technologies

This explains the early concepts for mind control of large populations laid out by major players in the US military decades ago. Originally only used in warfare, psy ops and campaigns on foreign soil, this has according to many witnesses and whistle blowers, become utilized domestically in the United States of America.

The technology dealt with in this video is used on Targeted Individuals very specifically, very much in the same way the paper regards treating enemies to either destroy or convert them.

Michael Aquino:

Col Paul Vallely:

Regardless of what Aquino writes in this paper, many TI's do indeed get CIA-like chemical war fare against them, though for purposes of foreign psy ops it seems he was trying to pitch the tech as more effective. Aquino is formerly involved with the Church of Satan and former high priest of the Church of Set. The powers behind the NWO are using Satanism in part as a religion or culture of brain washing as a way to establish thier order. It seems that much of what is marketed to the public is less like Satanism and more like communist mind control and fascism. I think Satanism just works as a means of mind control. Much of Satanism doesnt resemble the enslaved, collective, hive mind type world they are trying to create.
Looking at MK Ultra and CIA connected experiments into cult mind control like Jim Jones's People's Temple are much more relative to what the elite are trying to pull off with mass mind control. Satanism seems to be just a vehicle and of course worldly, elitist type Satanists of high orders are going to be involved or want something like this. It may be more about Secret Societies of any number or order as Kennedy warned before his assassination.

Its unknown to me as an activist if perhaps these things were mapped out long ago and powerful non military entities simply took control or bought out the tech capacities such as huge corporations, banks etc. The military industrial complex is considered private sector like DARPA and contractors.

There are steadfast rules of thumb or constants that hold true Ive discovered as a TI when dealing with these things. One way of perceiving this that is helpful in trying to understand it is that The Public or common people have been left in the 20th century whereas the elite and their agents and helpers if you will, are existing fully in the 21st century with all its advanced in science. In this way, they've actually created a sort of modern feudal system like the Dark Ages in Europe where we are merely peasants living under a huge castle on the hill with elite rulers who live in ways we never see and know nothing about, beyond our comprehension. Ignorance is what kept that system in place for so long and its what is being used now. Many common people in certain countries only knew of thier king in myth, they never saw him or the way he lived.

The public are being kept ignorant by a controlled media that, if you do research you can plainly see its become owned by just a few key players or companies. What info the internet does offer, most people are led to believe its all the work of conspiracy theorists or alarmists. Officials doing propaganda for the power structure artfully deceive the general public that such info is the work of 'wing nuts'. They wont try to use mental disorders as labels outright becuz this would cause a challenge or questioning of theories presented, which they dont want.

When you become targeted or if you wake up to the reality that these technologies and even chemical influences mentioned (used by other entities like the CIA) are being used as part of a mass mind control program-then it matters to you.

There are various websites, video material, books, lectures etc available on this subject done by reputable scientists as well as victim witnesses. The science is complicated so they take advantage of that to mislead people. Its easier to disbelieve than to have to work hard at understanding how it works. Its also very unnerving to some people to accept that their are powers that great that rule over thier lives who now have this much advancement on thier side.
The masses have always been ruled in such a way by those in power. The only difference now is they have methods of potential control that give them a very unfair advantage.

This is what many of us are doing activism against not the abuse of power. That has always been and wont cease. If you are aware of what is possible in this new century, you can at least consider it as a potential abuse of power instead of being completely decieved.

Electromagnetic pollution is the cause of much physical and mental illness in modern society which Big Pharama and psychiatry as well as the medical field dont want you to know, which is why they are part and privy to the deception. Industries with big lobbies make this possible. America will be the last to admit to cell towers not only creating damaging electrical fields for some people but that such towers could potentially be utilized to piggy back a microwave signal used for actual mind control of human beings. Many of the companies involved in mass mind control or targeting individuals for harassment even death are military contractors who also provide products to the citizenry.

One such example is Cysco Systems. They make wifi routers for private home use as well as are major military contractors. Imagine the implications if you are a whistle blower that threatens the complex by exposing these issues. You are going to be hit with weapons of war originally created by the military yet they can be used against you for that purpose in any civilian environment. That is exactly what is happening.

Fascism has taken over our country. The military secretly influence our lives through these technologies. One of Bush's elections was won by the use of mass mind control on the American public forcing people to vote Republican.

What if you were in power and could have a fascist dictatorship but still uphold the perception that it was a 'free country' or democracy? You'd have a peaceful take over and still be able to rule the masses completely.

Alot of people now know whats going on worldwide and in this country. This activism matters as much as 9-11 Truthers,WikiLeaks,Bradley Manning, Snowden or any of the people who are aware of how deceptive and power hungry authorities and the elite have become in this modern age. Its all tied in. Many people are aware of what I am writing about but are focused on trying to get the public to accept just how much corruption is at hand and being covered up, as then perhaps they will accept such abuse of power is possible.

However, when the masses are under mind control through tech and chemical influences as well as being diverted by wars or the economy or media circuses and bribed by media, personal technologies and psychiatry its difficult to get people to wake up again.

It may even be impossible. The public falling under this kind of control is the actual New World Order. Its the core of it. All the trappings you see in the media are merely the psychological warfare and cult mind control methods used to further gain the public's compliance.

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